IDEAS and CONCEPTS won the tender to become the 1st Managing Agent of Romancing Singapore Festival

More than 2 months have passed since we submitted the Proposal to Social Development Unit (SDU) on 2/2/05.
The instruction was to select the 3 best proposal and invite all vendors for a final presentation to award the tender.
Nothing was heard. No email was sent. No letter received. No phone calls were made. Nothing at all from SDU.
We thought the tender was given to someone else.
We logged on GEBIZ and found our name as the winner of the award! We contacted SDU and were told only 3 companies submitted the proposal out of an initial 10 companies which went for the briefing on 19 Jan 2005
One company was disqualified as they sent the tender by post instead via GEBIZ.
A 2nd company didnt adhere to the instruction given in the tender.
In the end, IDEAS and CONCEPTS was the last company standing and was awarded 2 days ago on 12 April, the same day as my niece was born!

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