The Story of Table For Six LLP

Not many will believe a company with less than 2 months from incorporation will make news in the media. Ardor LLP is one company which has done that and more….

Date of registration : 16 Jan 2009

Wan Bao – 13 Feb 2009

Lianhe Wanbao about SBC – 8 March 2009

** Ardor LLP ( was featured on-air, online, on-print, in total about 8 times in the first 60 days in business.

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What comes to People’ mind when they think of YOU?

Are you a…..
A personal brand is a unique set of attributes or characteristics that differentiate you from others These characteristics can be ‘functional’ (like having a particular degree or proficiency in typing) or ‘perceived’ (like being a go-getter or thought leader) Remember, ‘unique’ means that there aren’t lots more like you!

What does People around you think of you (or associate you with) whenever your name is mentioned?

Type 1 w 9 = “the Idealist”
Type 1 w 2 = “the Advocate”
Type 2 w 1 = “the Servant”
Type 2 w 3 = “the Host/Hostess”
Type 3 w 2 = “the Charmer” …Andrew…woohoo!
Type 3 w 4 = “the Professional”…BOING!
Type 4 w 3 = “the Aristocrat”
Type 4 w 5 = “the Bohemian” …What’s a Bohemian??
Type 5 w 4 = “the Iconoclast” …another big word…
Type 5 w 6 = “the Problem Solver” …my fav ppl.
Type 6 w 5 = “the Defender” …hero!
Type 6 w 7 = “the Buddy”
Type 7 w 6 = “the Entertainer”
Type 7 w 8 = “the Realist”
Type 8 w 7 = “the Maverick”
Type 8 w 9 = “the Bear”
Type 9 w 8 = “the Comfort Seeker”
Type 9 w 1 = “the Dreamer”

Enneagram not only identifies personality and integration point, it lays the foundation of personal branding.

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About Andrew Chow

Andrew Chow founded IDEAMART (S) PTE LTD since 1994. He is a certified Life Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker/Author and Modern Match Maker. He won the Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2008

Andrew had more than 50 interviews and features about him and his business since 2005. During the same period, numerous valuable experiences are drawn from managing the press and media (Channel News Asia, News 8, 938Live, Business Times, Zao Bao, Berita Harian, Today, The New Paper, My Paper, STOMP, FEMALE, HER WORLD, PEAK, SHAPE, Lifestyle, etc).

Andrew is also one of the choice interview candidates for Singapore lifestyle among foreign media like Canadian TV, Swiss Radio, German TV, AFP.

This blog is to share many of my insights about Life, and Business


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