5 Phases of Strategic Approach to Social Media

According to Social Computing Journal, a strategic approach has 5 phases: Phase 1 – Discovery In this phase, we explore three variables: 1.    People: Who are your prospects and customers, and how do they feel about your brand, service and products online? 2.    Competition: What are your competitors doing online? Where can we overtake them? […]

10 Keys to Social Media Success

Experiment different platforms. Experiment different platforms personally before doing it professionally Try a variety of social media tools Be yourself, make some friends, and share your content Device a strategic approach to social Media (more on this in the next segment) Research and Listen Find out where your audience is engaged in  and identify the […]

The Return on Investment (ROI) of Social Media: Is it Measurable?

The ROI of Social Media must be measured from your online presence. Firstly, in order to measure ROI in Social media, your brand needs to create its own fan base. Next, your company website must act as a portal where customers give feedback and obtain latest information. Thirdly, you must leverage on other social media […]

Interesting Statistics about the Social Media

Let me share with you some interesting statistics regarding the pervasive reach of social media in Singapore and the world. There are 2.4million facebook accounts registered in Singapore It will take you 500 years to finish watching all the videos on youtube today 1 in 8 married couples in America met through social media sites […]

Introduction to Social Media 101

It is online social conversation from any content generated by people using different tools or media. Communication via social media isn’t a one to one or one to many conversation, but many to many. It is a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. The stake holders involved in such conversation can be your customers, […]

The Don’ts of Media Management

– Do not comment on political or economic issues except within the bounds of stated company positions. – Do not disclose private company information without approval from the top. – Do not presume, comment on, or explain any position of the company relative to laws, regulations, economic issues, or government policy. – Do not disclose […]

Effective Media Crisis Management Skills

No company will ever be fully prepared for any crisis that impacts their business. The key is to develop a standard contingency plan to keep the public informed through the media on how your organisation is handling the crisis. There are Ten Questions a Reporter Will Want to Know in a Hard News Situation: –          […]

Organising a Winning Press Conference

Choosing a date Try to obtain as much information as possible about internal deadlines of the media you are targeting, and schedule your press conference accordingly Try to avoid a date parallel to other events that are likely to attract considerable public interest Choosing and preparing a location: Make sure the location is easily accessible, […]