My 1st interview on Malaysia Business Radio – BFM 89.9

On 26 August 2010, under the kind arrangement of my KL counterpart, I manage to have my 1st ever interview on Malaysia radio. I was introduced as the Dating Coach from Singapore, who will also be on the Singles Cruise Asia from 6-10 Dec, 2010, set sail from Singapore.

The radio station looks very much like an original office from the outside as you can see from the picture. There is no security counter or pre-arrangement of NRIC verification like Singapore’s mediacorp.

BFM launched in September 2008, and is a 24‐hour independent radio station focused on business news and current affairs. Core programmes include the latest business news and stock market reports from Malaysia and other financial centres, interviews with business personalities, financial analysts, entrepreneurs, technologists and marketers.

BFM also offers business education programmes spanning areas like marketing, finance, technology and business productivity to raise the management proficiency of the Malaysian business and professional community.

BFM targets business executives, business owners, investors and people who aspire to personal and professional success. There is no specific age target as this audience spans all adult age groups. It is their interest in success that defines the listenership, not their age.

My questions from the DJ Angeline Chong were :

  1. Falling in love, getting married and companionship is quite important to many. You’ve met many people from different places. Enlighten us on the differences in dating mindsets between Malaysia and Singapore, for example.
  2. What are some of the indications that one is ready to date?
  3. How does one start looking for a date?
  4. What are some of the best places to meet potential candidates?
  5. What are your thoughts on Internet Dating?
  6. With that, I’m sure everyone has a set of expectations / criteria for someone they’d like to date. And for those who are single, I am sure they are often being told that they have “high” expectations. What are your thoughts on balancing expectations and being realistic?
  7. How about those who are just comfortable with text messages during this modern era? Is that acceptable as a basis for dating and getting to know someone? After all, some profess to be better communicators when not confronted face-to-face. What do you think?
  8. Speaking of shy, for those who are painfully shy, talking to someone of the opposite sex can be such a painstaking task. What are some conversation starters?
  9. Tell us about appearance. When meeting someone for the first time, should someone go all out to dress to impress? What if that person isn’t the dressy sort, or not one who enjoys wearing makeup or high heels? Would that person lose out in any way?
  10. What are some warning signs that indicate one should not continue dating the other party – for oneself and also for the other party?
  11. How honest should one be when dating? What are no-no topics and how should one handle oneself if he or she chooses not to disclose certain information e.g. how many ex-es?
  12. We could on and on about dating, so in summary, what are some effective dating tips for men?
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A Gathering of Regional Business Development Directors of d’Oz International

On 23 Aug 2010, I was honored to speak for an hour in between d’ Oz International Pte Ltd‘s regional training of business development directors from Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, India and Singapore.

Increasingly, regional client have requested for workshops/seminar on social media and branding. The talk on “Social Media 101 for Business 2.0″ have cleared many doubts about its business viability.

The Q&A session has also provided insights on how social media training can be weaved into corporate consultancy in various disciplines.

d’ Oz is led by Angeline V Teo (extreme left), the Principal Consultant and Coach of many regional CEOs and Business Leaders.

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Charity Auction of 3 Oil Painting of F1 Drivers : Hamilton, Alonso & Webber

  • To celebrate the 3rd F1 event in Singapore on 24-26 Sep,  Ocean, a British citizen; mother of 3 in Singapore would like to donate proceeds of her oil painting in a F1 Charity Auction. The adopted charity will be Teen Challenge.
  • After 6 months, Ocean has just finally completed 3 canvas each 1.6m x 1m of:
    • Fernando Alonso (2008 Singapore Champion),
    • Lewis Hamilton (2009 Singapore Champion)
    • Mark Webber (2010 runner-up leader in standing)
  • Ocean looks forward to connect with Singapore GP to make this event successful and bring a Corporate Social Responsibility element to the Grand event.
  • We would like to any parties to explore assisting the following:
    • Press Release of Charity event (details will be discussed and finalized by Ideas & Concepts). Ideas & Concepts will do it jointly with interested parties
    • Organize the event in a Auction cum Cocktail event in either Hilton or Four Season
    • Link up with the designated hotel to display the oil paintings about 7 days before the auction
    • Assist to have the 3 drivers to make a cameo appearance to sign on the canvas
    • Invite high profile or VIP of Singapore GP to attend and participate the auction
  • All net proceedings will be donated to the adopted charity after the event is over.

Any interested parties, please contact Andrew – by 5pm, Wed, 1 Sep 2010

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Brand Communications via Social Media Public Relations

[slideshare id=5075137&doc=brandcommunicationsviasocialmediapr-100828064832-phpapp02]

On 24 Aug, I was invited to speak at strategic online PR and Media Relations Forum organised by T.U.N. International Pte Ltd on Brand Communications via Social Media Public Relations.

  1. Content – Management of information on different platforms
  2. Conversation – Social Media PR best practices
  3. Community – The importance of creating social networking portals for online PR
  4. Power, Influence and Reach : Mass Media vs Social Media

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Do Singles in Singapore need another Campaign to settle down?

There was a time 5 years ago, a foreign press reported a story about Singaporean being the best in the world in terms of competitiveness, efficiency and high-standard of living. The headline was “Singaporean can do anything except dating!”

My initial reaction was a rush of anger because there are plenty of dating going on, just not many of them wanting to settle down.

Singletons in Singapore must start dating early in their lives to order to have higher chance of finding a life partner. The older one a man or a woman get, the harder for him/her to be motivated just by a TV ad or a campaign. Expectation changes but the management of that expectation hardly.

Singles must realise that there is no perfect one out there. The key is not to find the right one but to be the right one when the suitable one comes along.

The first 10 years after the inception of SDU from 1984, they have enjoyed great success in pairing singles up (commonly known as success rate). That was also the time where there were no mobile phones, MSN, SMS to go along. Choices were limited, decision-making were simple.

From 1994 till 2004 with the booming of internet age, technology has made communication channels more accessible. Ironically, we didn’t communicate any better. With online dating sites, the choices are bountiful, the playing fields are bigger, more dating going on but less marriages.

Romancing Singapore came around that time hoping to use media and campaign to encourage more sparks among the singles. In 2005, with the help of the private sector, it has been a festival to be celebrated once a year. Eventually it becomes a social networking style through the emergence of a portal riding on the wave of the social media.

Social media is the new age of social interaction. We do not need another campaign, we just more encouragement to the Gen Z (1990 –onwards) to settle down early in life.

We have come a long way moving away from the government trying to do their part in solving the ageing population problem. Having another campaign now will set Singapore 5-8 years back. Is this campaign Romancing Singapore 2.0? if yes, why was Romancing Singapore obsolete in the first place?

Most singles in their 20s do not feel the sense of urgency to settle down, they only do when their friends are all married. When you are in the 20s, you are in demand, when you are in middle 30s, you join the supply curve. We are always told that singles are just too busy to socialize and they need help. Being in this line for 5 years, I find that the opposite is true. Many singles have too many opportunities meeting other singles but somehow just cannot find the right match for whatever reasons.

The private personalised dating agencies are doing a great job organising events and arranging dates based on criteria. The government should be looking into coaching social match makers to develop good advocates. Using the right social media content and conversation, the mindset can be changed hopefully in the next 5 years.

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Dinosaurs coming to Singapore in Dec 2010

The idea for Walking with Dinosaurs started in 1996. At the time I was a science TV producer at the BBC and knew they were looking for a big series about paleontology. In particular they wanted it to appeal to the widest possible audience, to bring the subject alive. This was only a couple of years after Jurassic Park had come out which set a new bench mark in dinosaur imagery, so rather naively I suggested we use the same techniques to make a series of prehistoric natural history programmes. I had an image of a small raptor trying to catch dragonflies in the evening light of a Cretaceous summer – one of these extraordinary animals doing something quite normal and natural. Overall the aim was to create an immersive experience that was both spectacular and informative.

As I investigated further I realised how difficult it would be to achieve. The first quote I got for creating these computer dinosaurs was 10,000 US dollars a second which was way beyond a TV budget and Jurassic Park had only about nine minutes of dinosaurs in it, we needed three hours. So my initial ideas concentrated heavily on the insects, plants and landscapes of the Mesozoic with the occasional dinosaur thrown in. Fortunately my search of UK graphics companies brought me to Framestore where I met Mike Milne. He understood exactly what I was trying to achieve and showed a flexibility and imagination that allowed us to bring down the cost of animation. Suddenly, thanks to Mike and his team, I could have a programme full of dinosaurs.

We shot a six minute pilot among some old Mediterranean pines in Cyprus and this was enough to persuade the BBC, Discovery and BBC Worldwide to fund the series. It was essential that this vision of the past was as accurate as possible even though it could only ever be based on scientific conjecture. For six months we did nothing but research – carefully choosing the moments in the Mesozoic that scientists knew the most about.

To create a complete picture of the past we needed all the information we could get. Then between the summer of 1997 and winter 1998 producer Jasper James and myself took a small production crew to some of the last places on Earth where ancient plants and trees still survive so we could capture the right backgrounds for our dinosaurs. These small patches of untouched wilderness are some of the most beautiful places on the planet and we were truly privileged to spend weeks in them filming. These included the araucaria forests in New Caledonia and southern Chile, the redwood forests in California, the beech gap on South Island New Zealand and the Labyrinth in Tasmania.

While the film crews sat in southern Pacific forests shooting lots of pretty shots of landscape with nothing in it, Mike Milne and his team of animators started work on the dinosaurs. With a lot of advice from paleontologists we built accurate models of almost 20 dinosaurs (and several other weird and wonderful creatures from the same time) and then scanned them into the computer. The team then faced a huge task. They were attempting something that had never been tried before even in Hollywood – hours of high quality photoreal animation. The first show took a year to animate but once Mike’s team have overcome their teething problems, the last five only took six months.

Once our creatures were up and running they looked magnificent and suddenly the era came alive – walking, running, feeding and fighting, a whole menagerie of creatures many of which have never been seen outside the pages of scientific journals. When I first saw the images of our polar allosaurus wandering among the podocarps of New Zealand I knew we had created something quite special. The six half hour programmes were finished and first broadcast in October 1999 on the BBC1.

Creator and BBC Series Producer ‘Walking With Dinosaurs’

Walking with Dinosaurs Singapore Show Dec 2010

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A few Good Men & Women from Teen Challenge (735 Old Choa Chu Kang Rd)

On 5-6 August, i had the honour to conduct a social media strategy workshop for one of the leading charities in Singapore for Youth and Rehab program – Teen Challenge.

A key factor of success in the implementation of social media is always the question of corporate readiness and stakeholders’ buy-in. Teen Challenge has risen up to the challenge in devoting 2 days for corporate training of 9 key staff.

Their objectives is to use social media to increase awareness of their brand, share their mission, vision and organisation’s objectives. The increased awareness will help them to be well-positioned as a worthy cause for charities among businesses who have little or no knowledge of their existence.

With increased awareness will come increased publicity. The public will be able to identify them and be gainfully engaged through future volunteerism and fund-raising.

Situated in the wild wild west of 735, Old Choa Chu Kang Rd, TC Dare serves as a pitstop to many in the society who are struggling with rehab and addiction problems. Everyone deserves many 2nd chances. Even the best in life will make a mistake and need a pitstop in their lives. TC Dare serves that function, how far the occupants recover and integrate with the society will depend on our acceptance.

We can do our part by giving generously to their cause, please contact Adrian Tan 67937933.

As a trainer, my company – IDEAS & CONCEPTS will donate the social media workshop/training fees back to Teen Challenge as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to support what they are serving.

The other stairs

Another view of badminton court

Bright colours for street soccer

The simple but neat canteen

3m fence

For more picture, please visit –

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Action and Happiness

We often hear that Actions Speak louder than Words. Many are long on talking and short on delivery.

To achieve your goal, you need to act, be active, get into action. It may not promise you any happiness, but at least you tried.

Whatever you do, it will always make you move from point to point, strength to strength. You get more perspective, it may not bring you happiness but at least it bring you a step further from sadness.

Act today in whatever you have decided to do to achieve happiness.

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