15 CEOs in Singapore (from rags to riches)

Necessity is the mother of invention. This saying, which may sound trite to some, resonates resoundingly with the stories of these CEOs, who have all risen from humble beginnings to conquer the business world – and their personal circumstances. Thanks to a combination of innate smarts, hard work, and a bit of luck, they have […]

100 Great Blog Post Ideas

If you are ever hit a wall on what to write on your corporate blog, you may modify some of the following suggestions to come out with new inspiration. 1 How I Use Facebook 2 Ways I Embrace My Audience 3 Should My Town Use Social Media? 4 A Community I Love 5 Technology That […]

Top 30 Most Valuable Brands in the World for 2011

The Brand Finance plc. Global Intangible Financial Tracker League Table (GIFT), which normally releases global brand rankings in January, updated their list as of last month due to these conditions. Financial brands were the hardest hit, with banking brands losing about US$$25.9 billion (S$32.1 billion) of their brand value from January this year. HSBC has […]

Colour of the Year (2000-2012)

Colour of the Year (2000-2012) View more presentations from Andrew Chow   2000 According to Pantone, Cerulean Blue is the colour of “the sky on a serene, crystal clearday”. The colour was chosen as consumers were seen as seeking inner peace and spiritual fulfilment in the new millenium 2001 This colour was drastically different from […]

MTE 企业家面对面慈善文艺演出 – 16/01/2012, 星期一

MTE 企业家面对面慈善文艺演出 16/01/2012, 星期一 三十多位独当一面的企业家,一同协手积极的向新加坡企业推动企业所应持有的社会责任,这些企业家所供同持有的一信念是,只要大多数的企业能率先注意並推动 企业对社会的责任,就能给新加坡缔造一个人人都能受益的一个充满着责任感的社会了。 因此,这三十多位企业家,积极的支持着由陈福记老板许耀元策划的一项命名为MTE(企业家面对面)的慈善文艺晩会,各显神通的"说学逗唱"來引起企业界的 共鳴,全面的突出此活动的口号:推动企业责任,缔造企业社会。 表演项目包括: 1. 本地知名律师所带来的,自己填词,广东版本的HERO,來歌颂企业家的英雄士气。 2. 本地知名电脑企业家所唱的海阔天空,来鼓励育身处困境的企业家,坚持伩念的去追求自己的目标。 3. 本地最大的房地产中介商人为大家说英语式的单口相声。 4. 众位企业家明星模仿表演,表现出企业家不拘一格的特别精神和能力。 5. MTE 乐队给收益机构带来的You’ve got a friend 和 “別问我是谁”等等。 6. 两个受益机构也各自呈现节目来感谢支持他们的各界人士。 MTE慈善文艺晩会得到了新加坡共和国总统陈庆炎博士的赞赏,並为此活给予书面赞赏。出席当天晚会的知名人士将包括国会议员,各国大使,陈清木医生和企业团体。 MTE慈善文艺晚会筹得的款项,扣除场地费后,一分不减的将款项交给以下的团体: 1. Club Rainbow 彩虹俱乐部(新加坡) -(协助有慢性长期病的小孩和家庭) 2. Dignity Kitchen厨尊 (协助残缺人事通过厨艺的培训找回尊严) 本活动的时间地点为: 日期: 16 / 01 / 2012 时间: 7pm – 10pm Serangoon Gardens Country Club ( Kensington […]

MTE (Meet The Entrepreneurs) Charity Concert 2012

MTE (Meet TheEntrepreneurs) Charity Concert 2012 16th of January 2012 @ Serangoon Gardens Country Club, 7pm 35 Singapore Entrepreneurs perform on common platform for the first time in Singapore, to promote     Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Charity concert and dinner to raise funds for two local beneficiaries. Multiple performances by award winning entrepreneurs of Singapore. […]

@ideasandrew is ranked 20th of Top 50 Business Coaches to Follow on Twitter in Dec 2011

According to @EvanCarmichael – 51December 2011 Top 50 Business Coaches to Follow on Twitter #1) @tonyrobbins9292 – Tony Robbins (Up from #3) #2) @BrianTracy4447 – BrianTracy (Up from #10) #3) @pamslim5656 – Pamela Slim (Up from #12) #4) @AliBrown6464 – Ali Brown (Up from #14) #5) @mombizcoach6261 – Lara Galloway #6) @coach_marketing2525 – Naomi Johnson […]

Romancing the Media (How speakers and trainers can create a buzz in the media)

January Meeting: Thursday 12 January 2012 VENUE:Rendezvous Hotel, Bras Basah Road, Singapore6.00 pm ADDED-VALUE SESSION CHRISTIAN CHUA: Reading Body Language for Speakers and Trainers 7.30 pm MAIN MEETING ANDREW CHOW: Romancing the Media SHARON CONNOLLY: Dressing for Success on the Platform ================================================================== Presentation #1 Romancing the Media How speakers and trainers can create a buzz […]

Positive Business Minute : Social Media Corporate Strategy (22 key notes on radio 938live)

Category Date Topic Introduction Jan 2 What is social media in 2012 Jan 3 The importance of Content on Social Media Jan 4 The art of conversation on Social Media Jan 5 Building your social communities on Social Media Business Applications Jan 6 How can social media support your branding and crowd sourcing? Jan 9 […]

What will Social Media be in 2012?

Remember the time in the late mid 80s where computers are taking over typewriters, and job advertisement of secretaries say “computer knowledge is preferred but not compulsory”? Then in the late 80s, computer knowledge became extremely important in securing well-paid and demanding jobs Today we are in the same cross road for social media. It […]