15 CEOs in Singapore (from rags to riches)

Necessity is the mother of invention.

This saying, which may sound trite to some, resonates resoundingly with the stories of these CEOs, who have all risen from humble beginnings to conquer the business world – and their personal circumstances.

Thanks to a combination of innate smarts, hard work, and a bit of luck, they have turned their life around to become successful entrepreneurs who can well serve as inspiration for a new breed of businessmen.

So who are these homegrown towkays who went from rags to riches?

15 CEOs in Singapore who went from rags to riches

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100 Great Blog Post Ideas

If you are ever hit a wall on what to write on your corporate blog, you may modify some of the following suggestions to come out with new inspiration.

1 How I Use Facebook
2 Ways I Embrace My Audience
3 Should My Town Use Social Media?
4 A Community I Love
5 Technology That Empowers Me
6 How Flickr Did it Right
7 How Best to Comment on a Corporate Blog
8 Ways to Save a Bad Time at a Conference
9 How I Find Blogging Ideas
10 Somebody Has to Say It
11 My Children Will Do it Differently
12 How Schools Could Use Social Media
13 The Best Parts of Marketing
14 Presentation Skills for a New Conversation
15 How I Find Time to Make Media
16 Empower Your Best Customers
17 After the Event- Carrying the Conversation Forward
18 Just Jump Into Podcasting- Heres How
19 My Community and How You Can Engage It
20 Twitter Jaiku Pownce Facebook- And Then What
21 Making a Miniseries
22 If I Were an Advertiser Today
23 My Mother is On Facebook
24 Does a Big Brand Need You
25 Books I Want to Write
26 Serving the Deep Niches- How I Do It
27 How Women Use Social Media
28 A Hard Look at My Media Habits
29 If I Were a Television Producer
30 Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
31 Elements of a Marketing Campaign
32 Social Media Campaigns are NOT Traditional Campaigns
33 Idea Making and How I Make Something
34 What I Spend Money On
35 Do Rock Stars Need Social Media Strategies
36 How I Use My Website
37 Book Shopping- Buy These Books
38 MTV Changed the World in the 80s- Here is What Comes Next
39 How I Process Blogs and What I Do With All That Info
40 Ten Guilty Pleasures
41 The Internet Application I Havent Seen
42 If I Worked for a Venture Capital Firm
43 My Day Job Versus My Passion
44 The Difference Between Fark and Truemors
45 Fixing Conferences
46 Making Marketplaces for Media Makers
47 When I Feel Frustrated
48 Branding Strategies I Use
49 Your Ideas And My Ideas- How We Play Together
50 Friends I Cant Wait to Meet

51 The Art of Chaos
52 Telling My Boss About Social Media
53 Could I Quit My Day Job
54 When to Cut Back on Web Habits
55 Breaking Down My Favorite Blog
56 Explaining Social Media to Your Chamber of Commerce
57 Non-Internet Equivalents to Internet Tools I Use
58 Considering Media for the Rest of the Globe
59 Twitter is Too Simple- Twitter is Just Right
60 The Future of Podcasting
61 Video Made Simple
62 Facebook Applications I Love
63 You Are Here
64 Blogging Tactics- How to Keep it Fresh
65 I Want to Brag A Minute
66 Who Says What About Your Brand
67 Tools for Blogging
68 WordPress Plugins I Use And Why
69 Media Topics That Need More Coverage
70 Comments versus Blog Posts
71 How I Drive Traffic to My Site
72 News- Is it Useful and How I Might Fix It
73 Which TV Network Gets Videoblogging and PodCasting
74 Franchising My Media
75 Handling Critics
76 My Audio Tricks
77 Ning Sites I Like and Why
78 Controlling My Brand
79 Sharing and Contributing
80 How Twitter Improved My Blog
81 Email After Twitter
82 Facebook Video Improved My Social Network
83 Letting Go
84 Downtime- What I Do Offline to Recharge
85 How I Went From Very Shy to Less Shy
86 The RIGHT Number to Track for Podcasting
87 PodCamp Has to Change
88 Shaking Things Up
89 Joining A Network- Things to Consider
90 Newspapers and How I Would Change Them
91 Interview With a Veteran
92 The Countries of My Social Media World
93 Giving it Away
94 Consulting Strategies for Social Media Experts
95 Turning Media into a Business Card
96 Podcasting on a Budget
97 For Every Excuse a New Strategy
98 Just When I Think I Am Done
99 Buying Gear- My Shopping Tips for Podcasters
100 When is Free Better- When Not

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Top 30 Most Valuable Brands in the World for 2011

The Brand Finance plc. Global Intangible Financial Tracker League Table (GIFT), which normally releases global brand rankings in January, updated their list as of last month due to these conditions.

Financial brands were the hardest hit, with banking brands losing about US$$25.9 billion (S$32.1 billion) of their brand value from January this year. HSBC has become the world’s most valuable bank brand keeping a steady position at 10, while Bank of America saw its brand value fall by S$$5.3 billion.

Technology brands flourished, with Apple, Microsoft, and Google taking over the top spots. Apple has increased its value by 33%, making it a more valuable brand than Microsoft for the first time.

Samsung is another notable performer, increasing the value of its brand by 24 per cent to US$26.6 billion. This is due to a stronger hold on both the TV and smart phone markets.

The automotive sector has also performed well in the last six months, with Japanese brand Toyota re-entering the top 10 with a value of US$28.8 billion.


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Colour of the Year (2000-2012)


  1. 2000
    • According to Pantone, Cerulean Blue is the colour of “the sky on a serene, crystal clearday”.
    • The colour was chosen as consumers were seen as seeking inner peace and spiritual fulfilment in the new millenium
  2. 2001
    • This colour was drastically different from the sky blue Cerulean that was chosen the year before.
    • It was more exciting, refreshing and feminine
  3. 2002
    • True Red was a different variation ofthe previous years reddish colour.
    • True Red was chosen to symbolise the impact of the September 11 attacks2003
  4. 2003
    • 2003 saw the return of a blue hue.
    • Pantone chose the Aqua Sky colour as a cool colour was meant to restore hope and serenity.
  5. 2004
    • Orange became the hip colour, according to Pantone.
    • The colour orange was given a touch of exoticism
  6. 2005
    • 2005 saw a reversal to a blue colour again.
    • But this time in a more calming shade
  7. 2006
    • Instead of red, blue or orange hues, Pantone chose a neutral colour.
    • The neutral shade symbolised concern over the economy.
  8. 2007
    • After a neutral shade, its back to a red hue again.
    • Chilli Pepper was chosen for its”pizzazz and sophistication”.
  9. 2008
    • Back to blue but this time with a tinge of purple.
    • The mix of purple and blue suggests dependability and magic.
  10. 2009
    • Mimosa yellow remains prevalent in todays clothes and accessories
    • The colour was chosen because it is warm, cheerful, and sparks imagination and innovation.
  11. 2010
    • It was a return to turquoise in2005
    • The colour was chosen because it is an inviting, luminous hue in spiring soothing thoughts and tropical water.
  12. 2011
    • The pink hue is extremely feminine but not too over the top.
    • Honeysuckle was chosen because it is uplifting and optimistic.
  13. 2012
    • Orange has grown in popularity among designers and consumers.
    • The reddish orange Tangerine Tango was chosen to provide the energy boost needed to recharge and move forward.
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MTE 企业家面对面慈善文艺演出 – 16/01/2012, 星期一

MTE 企业家面对面慈善文艺演出
16/01/2012, 星期一

三十多位独当一面的企业家,一同协手积极的向新加坡企业推动企业所应持有的社会责任,这些企业家所供同持有的一信念是,只要大多数的企业能率先注意並推动 企业对社会的责任,就能给新加坡缔造一个人人都能受益的一个充满着责任感的社会了。 因此,这三十多位企业家,积极的支持着由陈福记老板许耀元策划的一项命名为MTE(企业家面对面)的慈善文艺晩会,各显神通的"说学逗唱"來引起企业界的 共鳴,全面的突出此活动的口号:推动企业责任,缔造企业社会。

1. 本地知名律师所带来的,自己填词,广东版本的HERO,來歌颂企业家的英雄士气。
2. 本地知名电脑企业家所唱的海阔天空,来鼓励育身处困境的企业家,坚持伩念的去追求自己的目标。
3. 本地最大的房地产中介商人为大家说英语式的单口相声。
4. 众位企业家明星模仿表演,表现出企业家不拘一格的特别精神和能力。
5. MTE 乐队给收益机构带来的You’ve got a friend 和 “別问我是谁”等等。
6. 两个受益机构也各自呈现节目来感谢支持他们的各界人士。

MTE慈善文艺晩会得到了新加坡共和国总统陈庆炎博士的赞赏,並为此活给予书面赞赏。出席当天晚会的知名人士将包括国会议员,各国大使,陈清木医生和企业团体。 MTE慈善文艺晚会筹得的款项,扣除场地费后,一分不减的将款项交给以下的团体:
1. Club Rainbow 彩虹俱乐部(新加坡) -(协助有慢性长期病的小孩和家庭)
2. Dignity Kitchen厨尊 (协助残缺人事通过厨艺的培训找回尊严)

本活动的时间地点为: 日期: 16 / 01 / 2012 时间: 7pm – 10pm Serangoon Gardens Country Club ( Kensington Ball Room) 22 Kensington Road 网页:facebook.com/MeetEntrepreneurs

联系人: 许耀元 82828203 颜福材 91115215

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MTE (Meet The Entrepreneurs) Charity Concert 2012

MTE (Meet TheEntrepreneurs) Charity Concert 2012

16th of January 2012 @ Serangoon Gardens Country Club, 7pm

  • 35 Singapore Entrepreneurs perform on common platform for the first time in Singapore, to promote     Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Charity concert and dinner to raise funds for two local beneficiaries.
  • Multiple performances by award winning entrepreneurs of Singapore.
  • Star impersonation segment to showcase the Spirit of Enterprise

Meet The Entrepreneurs (MTE) Charity Concert : More than 30 award winning entrepreneurs are coming together to jointly organize the first ever Entrepreneur Charity Concert and Dinner on 16 January 2012 at the Serangoon Garden Country Club. The private concert, a first of its kind in Singapore, aims to bring greater awareness on the need to give back to the community and the pivotal role the local business community plays in such efforts.

This novelty project is initiated by the owner of Chen Fu Ji Int’l F&B, Mr. Roger Koh.  This event has on its list of invited guests many VIP’s who include Ambassadors from the representative embassies in Singapore, Members of Parliament, SME leaders and the 2011 presidential candidate Dr Tan Cheng Bock.

The beneficiaries of the concert are Club Rainbow and Dignity Kitchen.

Except for one professional recording artist among the group, most of the entrepreneurs are amateurs performing in front of a large audience for the first time.

Some of the concert highlights:

  • Famous Singaporean lawyer to render HERO in Cantonese
  • Local Info Tech entrepreneur will perform  “海阔天空” in two languages
  • Multiple award winner and CEO of local property company to perform stand-up comedy in English.
  • MTE band to render evergreen songs
  • Sculpturing on stage to the tune of music
  • Photography with an edge

With a mission which aims at  ”Fostering Responsible Enterprise, Forging Responsible Society” this event promises to be like no other.

MTE Concert and Dinner Diary note:

  • Date: 16 January 2012 (Mon)
  • Time: 7pm – 10pm
  • Venue: Serangoon Garden Country Club (Kensington Ball Room) 22 Kensington Road

For more information contact:

  • Andrew Chow, 9777 1818 (English Media) 
  • Roger Koh, 8282 8203 (Chinese Media)
  • Secretary: Sreyashi Sen, 9006 2125

About Club Rainbow: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Club-Rainbow-Singapore/83493277943

About Dignity Kitchen: http://www.facebook.com/dignity.kitchen

Andrew Chow

  • Marketing Communication Director
  • MTE (Meet The Entrepreneurs) Charity Concert 2012
  • 23A Smith Street, Singapore 058937
  • Mobile: +97771818  or  Email: Andrew@ideamart.com.sg

Facebook Page: MeetEntrepreneurs

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@ideasandrew is ranked 20th of Top 50 Business Coaches to Follow on Twitter in Dec 2011

According to @EvanCarmichael – 51December 2011 Top 50 Business Coaches to Follow on Twitter

#1) @tonyrobbins9292 – Tony Robbins (Up from #3)
#2) @BrianTracy4447 – BrianTracy (Up from #10)
#3) @pamslim5656 – Pamela Slim (Up from #12)
#4) @AliBrown6464 – Ali Brown (Up from #14)
#5) @mombizcoach6261 – Lara Galloway
#6) @coach_marketing2525 – Naomi Johnson (Up from #15)
#7) @AlexSchleber4144 – Alex Schleber
#8) @womanzworld5655 – Natalie Sisson
#9) @RichCurrie2424 – Rich Currie
#10) @grantcardone4950 – Grant Cardone
#11) @CoachTomFerry3234 – Tom Ferry (Up from #27)
#12) @emyth2625 – E-Myth Worldwide (Up from #28)
#13) @Iamamogul2730 – Charles Major
#14) @WhenIGroUpCoach3535 – Michelle Ward (Up from #30)
#15) @iandicksonbiz2323 – Ian Dickson
#16) @TanveerNaseer4949 – Tanveer Naseer
#17) @mind_steps3332 – Dr Constantin Sander
#18) @steveslaunwhite2319 – Steve Slaunwhite
#19) @TraciKnoppe1819 – Traci Knoppe
#20) @IdeasAndrew4949 – Andrew Chow
#21) @theCoachingblog3837 – Coaching Confidence (Up from #33)
#22) @womensleadershp5858 – Women’s Leadership
#23) @shultquist5151 – Stephen Hultquist
#24) @SolutionCoach2833 – Sean McCarthy
#25) @artistsedge3839 – Debra Russell
#26) @donnafeldman4041 – Donna Feldman
#27) @HarrisonAmy1141 – Amy Harrison
#28) @sreardon4143 – Skip Reardon
#29) @Jason_OToole2525 – Jason OToole
#30) @actioncoachceo1817 – Brad Sugars (Up from #42)
#31) @MPFriedman1111 – m p friedman
#32) @womensdreammag5050 – Adrienne Adams
#33) @SteveBorek3636 – Business Coach Steve (Up from #44)
#34) @valnelson5050 – Val Nelson
#35) @lifecoachamy1111 – life coach amy
#36) @coach4growth3336 – Glenn Smith (Up from #45)
#37) @CoachFeliciaLee1111 – Felicia Lee
#38) @DanteLee1119 – Dante Lee
#39) @deborahmicek1111 – Deborah Micek *Coach
#40) @flipflippen4343 – Flip Flippen
#41) @AspireShawn3127 – Shawn Kinkade
#42) @sheroldbarr4443 – Sherold Barr
#43) @ChallengerGray1111 – ChallengerGray
#44) @Howardmann2534 – Howard Mann
#45) @suzyoge1111 – Suzy Oge
#46) @dianalong1212 – Diana Long (Up from #48)
#47) @ChuckBowen1111 – Business Coach
#48) @BusinessCoachOH1111 – Dennis Willis
#49) @ActionCOACH3131 – Official ActionCOACH
#50) @MsBusine – Ms Business Coach (#50 last month)43
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Romancing the Media (How speakers and trainers can create a buzz in the media)

January Meeting: Thursday 12 January 2012
VENUE:Rendezvous Hotel, Bras Basah Road, Singapore6.00 pm ADDED-VALUE SESSION
Reading Body Language for Speakers and Trainers

7.30 pm
Romancing the Media
Dressing for Success on the Platform


Presentation #1

Romancing the Media
How speakers and trainers can create a buzz in the media
with Andrew Chow

Public relations is an art every speaker must acquire for publicity and personal branding. While social media keeps the conversation going, your exposure in the mass media can elevate your status as the authority in your subject of expertise.

Approaching the media is just like dating. We need to do some homework, preparation and even scripts at times when we are on the way to becoming media-savvy. Being featured on radio as a frequent guest or panelist will allow you to speak to hundreds of thousands. Focusing on your content delivery and engaging in conversation with radio hosts are great showcases for potential clients who may be listening to you for the first time.

You will learn:

  • How to make connections with Singapore and Malaysia media
  • How to propose a talk-show series with the media
  • How to get invited back on radio over and over again
  • How to build rapport with the producer on air
  • How to leverage on post-media interviews for marketing
  • Which programmes in Singapore radio are suitable for you?

About Andrew :

Andrew Chow is a certified life coach, entrepreneur, speaker and a self-made news maker with over 200 interviews and features in 5 years in regional media and press. Andrew has appeared on Positive Business Minutes, a month-long programme on radio 938live, twice in 18 months.

Andrew founded Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd in 1994, won the Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2008 and the Successful Entrepreneur Award in 2010. He is fondly called ‘ideasandrew” in all his social media connections. He has also founded several social networking portals with over 10,000 profiles. Andrew is a Professional Member of APSS and also serves as a member of the Exco.

To register : email – admin@asiaspeakers.org

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Positive Business Minute : Social Media Corporate Strategy (22 key notes on radio 938live)

Category Date Topic
Introduction Jan 2
  • What is social media in 2012
Jan 3
  • The importance of Content on Social Media
Jan 4
  • The art of conversation on Social Media
Jan 5
  • Building your social communities on Social Media
Business Applications Jan 6
  • How can social media support your branding and crowd sourcing?
Jan 9
  • Networking and Referral via Social Media
Jan 10
  • Social Media as a Marketing Channels
Jan 11
  • The role of social media in Public relations
Jan 12
  • Handling a crisis via social media
Jan 13
  • Social Media adds value in Customer Relations Management
Jan 16
  • Internal Social Media can improve Internal Communication
Jan 17
  • Using social media as a recruitment platform for HR Managers
Analysis Jan 18
  • Why companies are not adopting social media?
Jan 19
  • How do I know if my company is ready for social media?
Jan 20
  • Identify the main difference between Mass Media and Social Media
Implementation Jan 23
  • What are the job functions of a corporate social media manager?
Jan 24
  • What must be included in a corporate social media usage policy?
Jan 25
  • Using social media to elevate your corporate thought leadership
Jan 26
  • 10 things you must never do for your brand on facebook
Jan 27
  • Develop a Response Strategy Map for Conversation Management
Jan 30
  • The role of social media in Corporate Social Responsibility
Future Jan 31
  • What is the future of social media in business world?
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What will Social Media be in 2012?

Remember the time in the late mid 80s where computers are taking over typewriters, and job advertisement of secretaries say “computer knowledge is preferred but not compulsory”? Then in the late 80s, computer knowledge became extremely important in securing well-paid and demanding jobs

Today we are in the same cross road for social media. It is not taking over our networking or communications with one another. Social Media merely offers a convergence of contents, conversation means and bringing different communities together through different technologies.

It is not just a new communication platform. It is not just an advertising tool. Social Media  is a new way of life which eventually will affect our future way of doing business.

What will we be seeing in 2012 for social Media?

  • It will form a bigger equation in the overall corporate communications strategy. 
  • More training will be needed for many staff of your company. 
  • Hiring the right talent with a balance of skills and Emotional Quotient will be a challenge for a Social Media Manager position. 
  • Social gaming will begin to take centre stage of many apps.
  • Corporate social media in business  strategy will enjoy some serious budget.
  • Social networking will not focus just on size but its quality of network.
  • Going global will be equal to going mobile.

Author : Andrew Chow can be contacted at andrew@ideamart.com.sg

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