Social Media adds value in Customer Relations Management

Social Media adds value in Customer Relations Management

You get customer sentiment about your latest policy within days and able to make adjustment very quickly if needed. (chat)

Customers and prospects can sign up your mailing list with just their Facebook account and you get more information automatically than just a name / email. (Open ID)

To use social media for customer service, a change of business mind-set is needed.

Social Media won’t be a one-size-fit-all business strategy, it is not a special channel to reach out to the younger customers.

It is simply a new way of operating your business socially.

Think Content instead of beating Competition.

Think Conversation instead of just rolling out Campaigns.

Think Community instead of small groups of Company.

To have great Content, you need Creativity.

To have great Conversation, you need Continuity.

To have great Community, you need good Collaboration

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The role of social media in Public relations & Crisis Management

Public relations

Journalists from press and media are looking for you because they find your stories interesting online from search engine like Google and

Your book/publication on your specialty sells as low as 99 cents and attracts as many as 50,000 download worldwide on App store within 3 months.

Your press release can add multimedia content like linkedin profiles of key persons, corporate profile can be elaborated via youtube video and more archive pictures can be shared by platforms like Flickr.

Your news or feature on TV/Radio created new topics of conversation about your product. (Discussion)

Interaction with Mass Media is now possible with feedback and discussion done real time via Facebook page and Twitter. Even most of the mass media are using social media to share their content and solicit feedback.


If you are going through a crisis and scores of others are speaking up for you before you even make an official statement yourself, you have created a faithful brand community on social media.

You can keep everyone updated of the latest happening without issuing a press statement or organise press conferences subsequently. (Twitter)

Lastly, do remember that all social media fire must be put out by social media water.

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Social Media as a Marketing Channel

  • Social Media marketing is about marketing your products and services in a social manner.
  • Increasingly, more people will be buying from you because 4 out of 5 of their friends have said you are reliable and enjoyed a great experience with your brand. They help you to sell by giving you their “likes” and “recommendation”
  • If you require new insight about your market and target audience, your market survey can be created easily and shared to millions of people. The insight can be obtained within a very short period for you to position yourself much better than before.  A poll can be easily done through social media-ready platforms like
  • Social media Celebrities with huge following can become your brand ambassadors by sharing about your products and service through their blogs which may enjoy tens of thousands of page views daily.
  • Printing new brochure can be a challenging task. On social media, your brochures are viewed and downloaded on a server, shared by many who do not even know you from platforms like  Slideshare
  • Professional corporate video can be created within minutes with just photographs, royalty-free soundtrack and good script, disturbed on the 2nd most popular search site in the world from platforms like Animoto.
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Networking and Referral via Social Media

  1. In offline networking, world of mouth is great. On social media, word of mouth is enormous, which is “Word of many mouths almost all at the same time”
  2. This is the what is commonly called the social media effect
  3. Your prospects; some of them you do not even know,  are telling others about you even if they are not prepared to buy from you yet. (sharing)
  4. The general public who are social media savvy are telling you when and how many times they have visited your business venues through location based platform like foursquare. If you are a venue owner, get on such platform and claim your venue to unlock the magic of location based marketing.
  5. Your sales staffs are having inquiries daily because they are making new contacts without much offline networking on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  6. B2B or B2C partners may be coming to you with proposal to create new channels and markets on platform such as  Linkedin and Plaxo
  7. Finally, you get to test out a foreign market and gauge its potential without physically going there. Due diligence can be achieved without physically being present at different countries.
  8. In conclusion, networking is the primary objective of going social on different media platforms, and you will develop precious social capital eventually.
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How can social media support your branding and crowdsourcing?

Social Media serves as a powerful brand communication platform especially for B2B Business.

  • People from all over the world give your ideas on how you can improve your products and services (free consultation)
  • Your website has more visitors and staying online much longer than before? (meaningful engagement)
  • You are a charismatic employer which PMETs want to work for and become to become your staff (recruitment strategy)
  • More people are aware of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and join your causes through interest groups on social networking sites like Facebook (perception)
  • More customers are forming so many interest groups revolving your brand that you have lost track of them. (fans)
  • Others in the same industry are emulating what you are doing for your company.  (Thought leadership)
  • Others write about you objectively and it becomes an entry  on the social encyclopaedia (Wikipedia)
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Building your Community on Social Media

There are generally 3 main types of communities within your social media network

Thought leaders of your industry are the influencers of your brand.

They set the tone and premise of conversation.

Your peers may be your competitors or strategic partners in the business.

Their presence and participation will help to build a more comprehensive understanding of your brand.

Your customers will eventually form your brand community.

Engage them qualitative by inviting them to join your web portal in a social network environment similar to platforms like Facebook or Myspace.

Consequently, the essence of developing different communities is to draw them back to your brand and become your advocate in the long run.

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Master the Art of Social Media Conversation

There cannot be a good campaign without good conversation online.

Many brands are too eager to use social media as an alternative to broadcast without listening to what the market want.

Gather the market sentiment by following thread and other conversation.

Create survey or quizzes to build new databases and study the insights for new trend.

Draw your conclusion on market demand and expectation.

It’s easy to talk about yourself in advertising but the challenge is how to make others talk about your brand positively?

Sharing information beyond your organisation will position your brand as Information Centre and loyalty will be built over time.

Always share knowledge and sell only your expertise on social media.

Comment and discuss constructively.

Learn to filter out the noise and develop a Response Strategy Map within your organisation to handle different kind of discussion and inquiries.

The crux of the matter in conversation is to manage negative comments and criticism positively.

The ability to turn a crisis into a blessing will enable your brand to occupy a bigger mind share than before.

Being transparent, quick response time and engage in a personable ways are essential in communicating your personality as a brand.

Any Social Media fire must be put out by Social Media water.

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The importance of Content on Social Media

If social media strategy is a game of chess, Content will be the King on the chest board.

Broadly speaking, There are 3 main types of Content : Original, Co-created and User-generated.

In the Web 1.0 era, all commercial messages are taken in its entirety without question.

In Web 2.0 where interactivity is the key,  the social media community no longer make buying decision based on  original content like advertising campaigns, regular promotion, celebrities’ endorsement, brochures, exhibition, etc.

Social Media has shifted the power of broadcasting to anyone who can create his unique content on their own.

No longer will companies be able to dominate the market space with original content without some forms of collaboration with the social brand ambassadors.

This collaboration gives rise to co-created content on social platforms through videos and pictures. In original content, the focus is on the Product.

Co-created Content is often produced with collaboration among different stakeholders in the social media community.

There are still some levels of control over such content.

User-generated Content is the most creative and convincing content of all as it is produced entirely and jointly by different target audiences.

A company usually have no control at all of its development and extent of reach.

In all user-generated content, the focus is on the brand’s popularity.

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Top 10 Moments in 2011 – Andrew Chow

It is the time of the year again to reflect and give thanks for the past 12 months. There are just too many happy moments and breakthroughs. I will list 10 of them in 2011 and they are not in any order of importance.

  1. Speak in Learnathon 2011. In Nov, This is an amazing event, spear-headed by Mr Patrick Liew, where all the planning and coordination were mostly done on Facebook. We had almost 250 volunteers, helpers and sponsors. The meeting is only merely for updating and not discussion. We raise $135,000 for Mercy Relief for South East Asia flood victims. i learn a lot from Patrick about being the rain-maker and from Hock Chye about Corporate governance. The dedication of the entire core team really touched me. We did everything from concept to implementation in 23 days!
  2. Participate in MTE Charity. This is definitely a first for me! I thought speaking to 1100 is a good challenge for charity. Now I am going to sing solo, unplugged in front of 300-400 VIPs and guests for a private event to raise funds for Club Rainbow and Dignity Kitchen. Though the event will be 16 Jan 2012, practice and planning started in Oct 2011.
  3. Sharing my life journey  in MTE. I never really thought about connecting the dots in my life together and forms a story until Steve Job passed away in 6 Oct. On 27 Oct, I shared my life in a MTE. Knowing the co-founder Roger Koh, Raymond Ng and Ben Aw have been a great experience, not forgetting more than 130 entrepreneursmeeting, in their 12th session.
  4. Overseas Training is always fun and exciting, this year I had 3 firsts!
    1. First time to Vietnam in Jan 2011
    2. First time to Dubai, in Jan 2011
    3. First time to India, in Oct 2011
  5. In most cases of the years past, I would be happy for one radio interview once or twice a year. This year I did 4 Radio Series with 938live in Singapore and BFM 89.9 in Malaysia
    1. 9-week Enneagram from Sep to Nov
    2. 4-week relationship from May to June
    3. 4-week DIY PR from Sep to Oct
    4. 4-week Enneagram from Nov to Dec (week 2 onwards, I arranged 3 other Enneagram experts to share airwave with me)
  6. Selected by Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). The interview was in March by 4 staff, followed by a 2-hour training for 8 staff, and finally a complimentary speaking slot in a seminar in 28 July. In Dec, I was appointed to train Module 2 of SME Leadership (Strategic Marketing)
  7. Official launch of Movie – “Friends with Benefits” on 21 Sep 2011. For the first time, I organise a business networking with dinner, wine and movie event with Sony Pictures and BeTheRightYou. Besides the movie, the highlight of the night was a talk by Mrs Singapore, Vanessa Tan on “Body Shape”, her team organised the ce breakers revolving around the same theme too.
  8. Birthday party cum networking. To combine birthday celebration and networking, I organised a Business Pleasure Mixer on 18 Feb 2011. The venue is Smartspace owned by Michael Zhan and Yvonne. They are one of the nicest people I have worked with. Collaboration with them is always a breeze!
  9. After more than 5 years since its inception, finally has a feature on Sunday Times. See Yeong and Samie were always so gracious in sharing their first encounter on how they met. They are happily married with a twins just in Dec.
  10. Elected into Ex-Co of Association of Professional Speakers – Asia (APSS)  as its PR Officer in Aug 2011. In the short 4 months, I have successfully pitched for more than 12 speakers on radio on their areas of expertise and also the upcoming APSS Book in Feb 2012
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