What must be included in a corporate social media usage policy?

1. Purpose – it must be done to reflect your corporate beliefs, culture & philosophy. 2. Scope– These guidelines include, but are not limited to, the following forms of social media like Social & Professional Networks, blogs, Micro-Blogs, Content, Social Bookmarking, Opinion Site, Multimedia Sharing, Virtual Worlds  and Social Aggregators Disclaimer  which includes Code of […]

Identify the main difference between Mass Media and Social Media

  Though mass media and social media may seems like a odd couple, they are made for each other if you want a hybrid communication strategy to reach out to all levels of target audience and gain meaningful engagement Pin It

Identifying Enneagram Types on Social Media

For simplicity, Enneagram Profiling System is the identification of personality using 9 types. Each type has their characteristics in secure and stressed situation. To catch a glimpse of the personality of your social media friends and connection, the following article should give you some valuable insights. When you finally meet them one day, you will […]

How do I know if my company is ready for social media?

There are 8 key categories of concern for all company to be assessed before embarking on social media journey. 1.      Their Senior Management must be interested in leveraging Social Media as a new marketing channel and  understands that Social Media is a long term priority  2.      Social Media Knowledge Level of the Company which includes […]

Why companies are not adopting social media?

There are 10 main reasons why many companies are not embracing social media as part of their business strategy. Interestingly, they all begin with the letters which form the word SOCIAL MEDIA S – Strategy. Companies do not have a clear game plan, not sure of their target audience and objectives of being on social […]

Using social media as a recruitment platform for HR Managers

In the near future, no resume is complete without your Linkedin account.  These are networks which Professionals, Executives, Business Owners and Technical specialists (PMETs) deposit their resume and connections online. Branding as a Choice Employer. Make it a standard practise to have all level of management on professional social network like Linkedin. Encourage senior managers […]