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“It is an interesting challenge to say who you are in less than 15 words as an self-introduction in any networking event”

– Andrew Chow


“Success to me is always a moving target. I am energized by the journey and not the destination. I envision a destination and how to get there. By the time I get there, I would  be thinking of the next destination in terms of business”

– Andrew (interview after winning Spirit of Enterprise in 2008)

“I do not think anyone is too old to look for love. As long as you believe there is someone out there for you, you should never stop looking. That special someone is also looking for you”

– Andrew (while managing Romancing Singapore Festival in 2008)

“Your Revelation  shapes Your Vision.  Your Passion drives your Action.  Your Attitude determines your Altitude.”

Andrew on the Art of Life

“In Mass Media, they set the rules, the news makers decide the stake. In New Media, you set the rules, the customers decide their take.  The smart fusion of these two will create Smart Publicity “

Andrew’s perspective on how to use social media and mass media together

“If your life is a beautiful story, will you be the one writing it, or just a ordinary cast with a given script.  If your name is like a scent, will everyone else love it or run away? If your specialty is out of this world, will you still re-invent it?. With power personal branding, you rewrite the rules, and the rest emulate you”

Andrew on What is Personal Branding

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