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Everything you want to know about Invisalign Mid Course Correction (MCC)

  Background of my journey. It has been a long time since I last updated my journey on Invisalign Treatment. The truth is I have a Invisalign Mid Course Correction (MCC) and the whole of 2015 was reset. MCC is Invisalign Mid-course correction (mCC) is an option to order new aligners during treatment if clinical […]

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“Life is Beautiful” – An Interview with Celine Chan

“Life is Beautiful” – An Interview with Celine Chan I always believed that a fat investment and good marketing strategies are enough to make any business successful. But I was proved wrong after meeting Celine Chan, the owner of My Cozy Room, a boutique spa located in a shop house in Orchard Road. Warm and […]

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Andrew Chow’s Invisalign journey (Part-3)

Time flies, i am on number 15th of 47 for my Invisalign journey and being a seasoned user now for 6 months  I have the following to share on Part 3 of Invisalign journey. (Photo with Tony (L) my hairstylist) When you become a patient for Invisalign, i.Dental will give you the following instructions Official […]


My Cozy Room is my kind of SPA (4-in-1)

SPA treatment is no longer a luxury’ it is a must in today’s fast paced and highly stressful lifestyle.  In the past, it will be a crazy idea to have a Back Scrub, Hot Stone Back Therapy, a full body massage and a Eye Massage in one session! Not anymore, the award-winning boutique spa – My […]

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Andrew Chow’s i.Dental Invisalign Journey (Part 2)

As of 23 Jun 2014, I have been wearing Invisalign for over 2 months now and it is a great time to give a summary update, share my unique experience and my personal advice to all mature people out there if you are considering Invisalign Quick recap on why I want to wear Invisalign: My […]

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Andrew Chow’s i.Dental Invisalign Journey (Part 1)

I have never thought i will be on this journey. i.Dental Invisalign came to me at a time i needed it most. To tell its story, i must tell you mine. What is i.Dental Invisalign and how does it work? i.Dental Invisalign is a new approach to having straighter teeth, utilizing a custom-made series of aligners […]

Top 10 Moments in 2013

Not in any order of merit, this is my list of the top 10 moments of my life in 2013. What a year it has been! (I say this every year!) #1 – 1st China training trip : In March 2013, Richard secured the first ever China training done in “bi-lingual” at Suzhou with Jensen. […]

Social Media Case Study #1: The launch of SUCCESS Book (Part 1)

Scenario In any launch of a brand new book by a new author, the pre-launch publicity is more important than post-launch publicity and promotion. Social Media can be used to support both the pre and post launch. It will be deployed alongside with public relations, event management, and other sponsorship. The book – “SUCCESS” showcase […]

13 Social Media & Mainstream lessons from Riot in Little India

What this article is NOT about: 1. Why did the riot happen? 2. Who is responsible for the riot? 3. What should have been done to contain the riot? 4. Where should we go from here in terms of labour policy? 5. How long should we ban the sale of alcohol in Little India? 6. […]

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What Asia Authors ask about Social Media 247

                Original Posted on Asia Authors – Andrew Chow is the author of Social Media 247. As a speaker, he has delivered keynotes on social media strategies in conferences throughout Asia. He has won multiple business awards and accolades; Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2008, Successful Entrepreneur […]