7 Great lessons I have learned in my Entrepreneurship Journey

1. Who makes the biggest difference in your journey? Invite a mentor, hire a coach or form a mastermind group?

  • A Coach is responsible for your Performance. He is looking for results.
  • A Mentor is interested in YOU as a person. He is looking for relationship.
  • A mastermind group is interested in Raising Your Game. It looks for Strategic Alliance.

2. The most precious asset : Database is 2nd to your cash flow.
3. The longest wait : Between Sowing the reaping
4. The best business friend : The Media, no not social media
5. The toughest call : Moving on (new phase)
6. The hardest part : From Ideas to Implementation (creativity and innovation)
7. The easiest marketing : Personal Branding

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Social Media 247 : Book Launch at National Library (Singapore) on 8 Nov, 2012 – 7pm


Book Launch on “Social Media 247” (pre order – www.social247media.com)
  • Social Media 247 is about taking social media management and development as a lifestyle, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Social media is increasingly used by both big and small businesses to help them create business success in areas like branding and crowd sourcing, networking and referral, sales and marketing, publicity and crisis management, and internal communication.
  • However, social media is not a one-size-fits-all business strategy. At the core of it, a change of business mindset is needed. It is a new way of operating your business socially. To generate great content, you need creativity. To engage in great conversations, you need continuity. And to build great community, you need good collaboration!

About the speaker

  • Andrew Chow is a social media & public relations strategist, certified life coach, entrepreneur, speaker, and author in Singapore. Andrew has spoken in many conferences to business leaders of South-east Asia and civil servants in the Middle East and North Africa regions.
  • His insights on social media strategy, media management, and personal branding have made him a choice selection for workshop leaders. His dynamic presentation style and thought leadership make him a frequently sought-after keynote speaker.
  • Graduated from Thames Valley University, Andrew is fondly called “ideasandrew” in all his social media connections. He has also founded several social networking portals with over 10,000 profiles. To date, he has done more than 250 personal interviews, features, and was quoted in more than 40 local and regional media.
  • This session is free however registration is required. So sign up now by clicking ‘Add to cart’ button above and enter your details in your ‘Shopping Cart’ or register via our eKiosks available at all libraries to reserve a seat.


Date: Thursday Nov 08, 2012
Time: 07:00 PM – 08:30 PM
Venue: Multi-Purpose Room in Central Public Library
Lang: English
Note: Registration is required without payment.
Fees: Free for 1 seat(s)
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Andrew Chow : Speaker One Sheet

As a professional speaker, I am often asked to submit my bio and profile by client who wish to hire me for key note or training. In the past, I used to send them more than 10 pages of professional speaking history, testimonial, pictures of past speaking engagement, etc. These can be generated entirely from Linkedin or created from frequently updated material.

In the past, I thought the more details I provide, the higher the chance of being hired. Nothing is further from the truth. What most client require is a Synopsis usually in one or two pages of One Sheet.

How do you stand out among so many professional speakers especially when you become to the Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore (APSS)?

The details you should consider having on that One Sheet are:

1. Name and your designation

2. Five key points about yourself

3. Media Appearance

4. Book Written

5. Major and Recent Client

6. Signature Program

7. Standard Key Notes

8. Social Media / Email contacts

9. Interesting quotes

10. Client Testimony

11. Community or Charity Involvement

12. Brand Ambassadorship

13. Awards / Accolades

The purpose of Speaker One Sheet is for Personal Branding. It tells your target audience your unique value preposition. It answers their question as to Why should they be hiring you.

The design should be Clean, Crisp and Creative.  Design your personal logo if possible. Stick to your usual colour, align it with your name cards, website, blog or postcards.

Below are two of my One Sheet, one from Richard Gavriel Speaker Management and the other my own design.

Andrew Chow Speaker One Sheet

View more documents from Andrew Chow

Andrew Chow Speaker One Sheet

View more documents from Andrew Chow
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Love Cheng Family – an initiative to show love and donation to late Mr Cheng’s Family

Mr Cheng Teck Hock, a taxi driver and a sole bread winner, died in a fatal accident on 12 May 2012 when a red Ferrari crashed into his taxi.

As a result of the tragedy, Mr Cheng’s eldest daughter, Stephanie Cheng was reported to have to put on hold her dream of going to the university. Her brothers might need help to catch up with their studies and to finance their education.

The family has to suffer the loss of a loving husband and father. In addition, they face a difficult and uncertain future.

This tragedy broke the heart of our nation. A lot of people have attended the funeral, many of whom have stretched out their hands to offer support and assistance.

I started this initiative to show that we have soul in Singapore. There is love, compassion and kindness burning in our community.

This initiative is started by a group of businessmen purely out of compassion and love for the family of Late Mr Cheng. We do not represent any organization, companies or interest groups.

More about Love Cheng Family initiative – http://http://lovechengfamily.wordpress.com/

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Interview : Richard Gavriel, the best Speaker Manager in Singapore

Grace Tan, the star blogger in STOMP and her own famous blog – Working With Grace, interviewed Richard Gavriel, my Speaker Manager.

If you like to find out the his answers to the following questions, check out this post.

1) How did you make the transition from Wedding Planner to Speaker Manager, and what do you love about what you do?

 2) Share with us about how you balance the demands of your work and time for your family. Which comes first – work or family? Why?

3) What are some of Life’s lessons that you’d want to share with your daughter as she’s growing up? 

4)      You’ve mentioned your Christian faith as being a huge factor for your success. How have you applied Christian principles to your work and life, and how has that made a difference? 

5) Share with us some tips on people skills, from your experience of working with people from various walks of life. 

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Small Talk, Big Returns

Small Talk, Big Returns


This is a relatively new program produced by Bharati Jagdish. The slot is is Monday – Friday, 7.48am

If you wish to catch the repeat broadcast on Monday, 5.20pm, Saturday, 12.10pm, 2.10pm, 6.10pm, 8.10pm, 10.10pm

Small talk is defined as light conversation for social occasions. But instead of talking about the weather, let’s talk about how you can translate talk into action for career and business success. How can you cultivate a service culture in your organisation, market your business with limited funds, work more efficiently and network effectively for business success. Join Bharati Jagdish and her guests as they take small talk to a new level on “Small Talk, Big Returns”.

My chat with Bharati Jagdish will be aired into a few segments from 19-25 April 2012.

  • 20 April – DIY Public Relations for Small and Medium Enterprises – How you can craft your key messages in a more compelling fashion in your media release and communications
  • 19 April – DIY Public Relations for Small and Medium Enterprises – How to get maximum publicity with limited funds
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3 Tips you should action TODAY

3 Tips you should action TODAY

Business is the concept of having value and then leveraging that value. To leverage means to magnify or multiply that value. Let me explain it in this very email. Here are 3 tips which you should action today (the value).

  1. Networking is so ‘last decade’. The next time you go to a networking event set an intention for exactly who you need to meet that night and set one or more high quality questions to get right to it. IE.

‘Hi I’m Jenny, tell me why specifically did you come to this event tonight? (Listen to the answer and see if you can help them). I specifically came with just one intention. The person I am trying to meet is … (name the qualities and role of who you are looking for). Do you know anyone personally who fits that profile? (If no..then move on..if yes then get introduced)

  1. Search Engine Optimisation. If you haven’t heard of this term then you are missing the boat big time. The modern consumer goes one place first. The Internet. Go to your own search engine and do a historical search of what you have searched for recently. You will find it’s not straightforward. If you wanted a holiday in Thailand chances are you didn’t type ‘Thai holidays’. You are more likely to have searched something like: ‘Thai holiday packages Phuket’ or ‘Best deals in Phuket 5 star hotels’ The clue to SEO is to take statements that people use and focus on them. The right SEO person is worth gold and $ in your business. It’s time you were in tune with 2012 buying habits.
  2. Gone in 60 seconds. Great movie but in our world it’s not about cars. It’s about pitching you and your business. You have a maximum of 60 seconds to gain attraction and have people wanting to engage you and know more. It’s not the quantity of what you say. It’s not even what you do. In fact it’s why you do what you do. That’s what will create all the attraction for you. If you are going for a job, it’s why you do what you do as well. People are much more attracted to purpose than they are to great ideas.

So now I have given you three pieces of ‘value’. So now it’s time to leverage by magnifying or multiplying. I am going to choose a little of each.

Some people I respect as great business minds, up to date, fun, engaging, and always connected to their hearts are running the most profound day. It’s called The ‘X’ Factor – Quantum Business Success and I am recommending that if you got value from the three tips from above then you will get immense value from the day.

Click here and find out if you have the ‘X’ factor Use the discount code XFACTOR059 when booking and you will be pleasantly surprised. I have organised an incredible discount and stunning bonuses for you)

In fact it’s not just a day. To really engage you, they are multiplying the value on the day by giving away absolutely free to my clients and friends, a series of webinars and a masterclass and some other really exceptional value so make sure you fully understand all the ‘X’ factor potential you have for being a real success and fast tracking your desires in 2012.

Success = value x leverage

Via the ‘X’ factor you will receive amazing value, through the add ons that value is leveraged to make sure you receive the maximum opportunity to receive and implement that value.

Click here and find out if you have the ‘X’ factor Use the discount code XFACTOR059 when booking and you will be pleasantly surprised. I have organised an incredible discount and stunning bonuses for you

PS: In each city there are a handful of VIP seats, which include lunch and the opportunity to one on one with the speakers.

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My first time meeting Dave Rogers

Let me tell you about my first time

The first time I ever attended an event with Dave Rogers (Asia’s leading entrepreneur coach) and Mike Handcock (best selling author, award winning speaker and entrepreneur) I was captured by their generosity, heart and truly wanting to share information with the audience.

I want you to take a day out of your 2012 and spend it with them and some other awesome entrepreneurs but first a bit more about them so you know WHY?

  • Dave is the 2007 winner of the Singapore Spirit of Enterprise Award, co founder of one of the largest entrepreneur networks in the world, an ex billion dollar bond trader who between 2003 and 2011 has coached more entrepreneurs than anyone else in Asia.
  • Mike is 100% committed to ensuring people reach their full potential in life. With 11 books, over 150 workshops and events each year, being on the board of three charities in India, Australia and New Zealand, mentioned by President Clinton for his work there, and he is the chairman of a group of companies.

Together and with some amazing experts they will be hosting a one-day event called: The ‘X’ Factor – Quantum Business School

Click here and find out if you have the ‘X’ factor Use the discount code XFACTOR059 when booking and you will be pleasantly surprised. I have organised an incredible discount and stunning bonuses for you.

I am personally recommending this event because I know it will be brilliant. Simply by attending it you will learn up to date, 2012 relevant information as recent as the day before the event that will effect the way you think about your business and life. Things like:

  • Quantum Networking – building a playground
  • Social Media and making money on the internet
  • Pitching your business and gaining attraction in 60 seconds
  • Dealmaking and negotiation 2012 style
  • The scale of success – the flow of business and seasons
  • The ‘X’ factor – what is it and how do you engage it
  • How people buy – 2012 decision making and the forces behind it

These guys travel the world, work in over twenty countries regularly and have some of the biggest personal networks I have come across. You wont be disappointed and because I know them I have got a superb deal for my clients and friends. Even the bonus webinars and masterclass they are putting together is worth way more than the ticket price itself.

Just do it – as NIKE says. Buy a ticket and one for a friend today.

Click here and find out if you have the ‘X’ factor Use the discount code XFACTOR059 when booking and you will be pleasantly surprised. I have organised an incredible discount and stunning bonuses for you

PS: There are a handful of VIP tickets in each city that give you lunch and a one on one opportunity with the speakers. Maybe you should grab one of those.

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Luxury car sales up in 2012 – Who is making all the money?

Luxury car sales up in 2012 – Who is making all the money?

Yahoo auto and Autonews have both reported a significant increase in the sales of luxury cars in the first quarter of 2012. So who is making all the money?

Forbes magazine is stating there are now 793 billionaires globally up from 691 and there net worth has risen from an average of 2.2B to 3.3B. Here are the top 5 wealth creating industries accessible to most of us as at right now.

  1. On line gaming
  2. Franchising
  3. Internet – Cloud Computing
  4. On Line Retailing
  5. Health, supplements and techniques

Even if you have a good idea that is just the start, what do you need to gain the ‘X’ factor that will take you to the top of the industry.

  1. You simply have to understand who you are. Your strengths, weaknesses and what you will and will not be motivated to do. You have to know you and most people do not.
  2. You have to be connected. If you don’t understand social media, use Facebook, You Tube and other portals you are missing out on connecting with the world.
  3. You have to get out of your neighbourhood. Think local – Act Global. More than ever before the world is a village and you have to be part of the world or someone will come into your neighbourhood from another country and set up.

Coming up, I am really excited to introduce you to an incredible one-day event. Two international experts who have coached millionaires and billionaires, plus local experts to share with you the trends of today, where the money is and how to get it. It’s called The ‘X’ Factor – ‘Quantum Business School’ and seriously, every one of my clients and friends should come. I don’t want anyone to miss out on this:

Click here and find out if you have the ‘X’ factor Use the discount code XFACTOR059 when booking and you will be pleasantly surprised. I have organised an incredible discount and stunning bonuses for you.

Here are just five of the sacred techniques you will learn:

  • What the cycle and flow of all business is
  • The key to wealth, which is not at all a technique or gimmick. In fact it’s available to everyone, but 99% of people never do it
  • What’s new in social media and how people are making money on the internet in 2012
  • How to analyse your current business and industry in five minutes and know what to do
  • How to make sure you choose the right opportunities and don’t waste time on the wrong ones.

Go and have a look at the event, the calibre of presenters, who they are and what they stand for and make sure you book now and cancel anything else you have on for that day.

Click here and find out if you have the ‘X’ factor   Use the discount code XFACTOR059 when booking and you will be pleasantly surprised. I have organised an incredible discount and stunning bonuses for you

I appreciate you and this is why I want you to get some incredible insights and set up 2012 to be your best year ever.

PS: In each city there are just 12 VIP tickets where you get to have lunch and one on one time with the speakers.

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