Social Media 247 : Book Launch at National Library (Singapore) on 8 Nov, 2012 – 7pm Book Launch on “Social Media 247” (pre order – Social Media 247 is about taking social media management and development as a lifestyle, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Social media is increasingly used by both big and small businesses to help them create business success in areas like branding and […]

Small Talk, Big Returns

Small Talk, Big Returns This is a relatively new program produced by Bharati Jagdish. The slot is is Monday – Friday, 7.48am If you wish to catch the repeat broadcast on Monday, 5.20pm, Saturday, 12.10pm, 2.10pm, 6.10pm, 8.10pm, 10.10pm Small talk is defined as light conversation for social occasions. But instead of talking about […]

My first time meeting Dave Rogers

Let me tell you about my first time The first time I ever attended an event with Dave Rogers (Asia’s leading entrepreneur coach) and Mike Handcock (best selling author, award winning speaker and entrepreneur) I was captured by their generosity, heart and truly wanting to share information with the audience. I want you to take […]

Luxury car sales up in 2012 – Who is making all the money?

Luxury car sales up in 2012 – Who is making all the money? Yahoo auto and Autonews have both reported a significant increase in the sales of luxury cars in the first quarter of 2012. So who is making all the money? Forbes magazine is stating there are now 793 billionaires globally up from 691 […]

Andrew Mason has “X” Factor!

Do you know who Andrew Mason is? You have probably never heard of this guy right? Well here is his claim to fame: He graduated Northwestern University in 2003 with a music degree He had a delivery service called Bagel Express He was a failed webdesigner who returned to being an engineer in a recording […]

MTE (Meet The Entrepreneurs) Charity Concert 2012

MTE (Meet TheEntrepreneurs) Charity Concert 2012 16th of January 2012 @ Serangoon Gardens Country Club, 7pm 35 Singapore Entrepreneurs perform on common platform for the first time in Singapore, to promote     Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Charity concert and dinner to raise funds for two local beneficiaries. Multiple performances by award winning entrepreneurs of Singapore. […]

Positive Business Minute : Social Media Corporate Strategy (22 key notes on radio 938live)

Category Date Topic Introduction Jan 2 What is social media in 2012 Jan 3 The importance of Content on Social Media Jan 4 The art of conversation on Social Media Jan 5 Building your social communities on Social Media Business Applications Jan 6 How can social media support your branding and crowd sourcing? Jan 9 […]

What will Social Media be in 2012?

Remember the time in the late mid 80s where computers are taking over typewriters, and job advertisement of secretaries say “computer knowledge is preferred but not compulsory”? Then in the late 80s, computer knowledge became extremely important in securing well-paid and demanding jobs Today we are in the same cross road for social media. It […]