Love Cheng Family – an initiative to show love and donation to late Mr Cheng’s Family

Mr Cheng Teck Hock, a taxi driver and a sole bread winner, died in a fatal accident on 12 May 2012 when a red Ferrari crashed into his taxi.

As a result of the tragedy, Mr Cheng’s eldest daughter, Stephanie Cheng was reported to have to put on hold her dream of going to the university. Her brothers might need help to catch up with their studies and to finance their education.

The family has to suffer the loss of a loving husband and father. In addition, they face a difficult and uncertain future.

This tragedy broke the heart of our nation. A lot of people have attended the funeral, many of whom have stretched out their hands to offer support and assistance.

I started this initiative to show that we have soul in Singapore. There is love, compassion and kindness burning in our community.

This initiative is started by a group of businessmen purely out of compassion and love for the family of Late Mr Cheng. We do not represent any organization, companies or interest groups.

More about Love Cheng Family initiative – http://

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MTE 企业家面对面慈善文艺演出 – 16/01/2012, 星期一

MTE 企业家面对面慈善文艺演出
16/01/2012, 星期一

三十多位独当一面的企业家,一同协手积极的向新加坡企业推动企业所应持有的社会责任,这些企业家所供同持有的一信念是,只要大多数的企业能率先注意並推动 企业对社会的责任,就能给新加坡缔造一个人人都能受益的一个充满着责任感的社会了。 因此,这三十多位企业家,积极的支持着由陈福记老板许耀元策划的一项命名为MTE(企业家面对面)的慈善文艺晩会,各显神通的"说学逗唱"來引起企业界的 共鳴,全面的突出此活动的口号:推动企业责任,缔造企业社会。

1. 本地知名律师所带来的,自己填词,广东版本的HERO,來歌颂企业家的英雄士气。
2. 本地知名电脑企业家所唱的海阔天空,来鼓励育身处困境的企业家,坚持伩念的去追求自己的目标。
3. 本地最大的房地产中介商人为大家说英语式的单口相声。
4. 众位企业家明星模仿表演,表现出企业家不拘一格的特别精神和能力。
5. MTE 乐队给收益机构带来的You’ve got a friend 和 “別问我是谁”等等。
6. 两个受益机构也各自呈现节目来感谢支持他们的各界人士。

MTE慈善文艺晩会得到了新加坡共和国总统陈庆炎博士的赞赏,並为此活给予书面赞赏。出席当天晚会的知名人士将包括国会议员,各国大使,陈清木医生和企业团体。 MTE慈善文艺晚会筹得的款项,扣除场地费后,一分不减的将款项交给以下的团体:
1. Club Rainbow 彩虹俱乐部(新加坡) -(协助有慢性长期病的小孩和家庭)
2. Dignity Kitchen厨尊 (协助残缺人事通过厨艺的培训找回尊严)

本活动的时间地点为: 日期: 16 / 01 / 2012 时间: 7pm – 10pm Serangoon Gardens Country Club ( Kensington Ball Room) 22 Kensington Road 网页

联系人: 许耀元 82828203 颜福材 91115215

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Meet the 14 speakers in Learn-a-thon 2011

Boyd Au

  • “Boyd Au turns zero into zeroes. From Salvation Army waif to executive chairman of a listed firm…….”   SPH – The Sunday Times ,
  • In 1984, Boyd with his partner started the company, Enzer with S$10,000, where he was the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Enzer became a world renowned brand with products sold in 33 countries and won the Superbrands award for 3 consecutive years. The company was listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange in 2001 and sales turnover reached  S$ 80 million in 2006.
  • In mid 2007, Boyd decided to retire and sold his entire interests in the company to devote more time for God’s work.

Arthur Carmazzi

  • Founder of the Directive Communication™ Methodology and Ranked as one of the Global Top 10 most influential Leadership Gurus, Arthur is a best-selling author specializing in psychological approaches to leadership and organizational culture transformation.
  • He has advanced organizational development with innovative techniques and tools like the CBCI (Colored Brain Communication Inventory) and HDMA Emotional profiling tools used for “Psycho-Productivity” management as well as the CCEE (Corporate Culture Evolution Evaluation).
  • His book titles include: “Lessons from the Monkey King”, “The Colored Brain Communication Field Manual”, “Identity Intelligence”, “The 6 Dimensions of Top Achievers”, and “The Psychology of Selecting the RIGHT Employee”.

Ken Chee

  • Ken is the CEO and Co Founder of a private investment company, 8 Investment Pte Ltd, which focuses on business, equity investments and education.
  • His strategies allow his students to generate well between 11% – 67% annual return apart from massive passive income from their stock investments and in some cases, bought a house from their 400% profits within just 3 months applying what Ken has taught.
  • Ken honed his unique investment style after learning the ropes of value investing from various mentors and by modeling the investment strategies of Warren Buffett – even to the extend of meeting Warren Buffett in person back in May 2009.
  • Today, Ken is very much dedicated to pay it forward by educating the public to take charge of their own financial health.

Andrew Chow

  • Andrew Chow is a certified Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author. Founded IDEAMART (S) PTE LTD in 1994, Andrew was an honouree for the Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2008 and the Successful Entrepreneur Award in 2010.
  • Since 1994, he is always on top of his game for several industries like MICE, Social Development, and Training.
  • A much sought after trainer in many academic institutions and business associations, Andrew’s forte is in social media strategy, public relations, entrepreneurship, creativity and personal branding.
  • Fondly known as “ideasandrew”, he has also founded several social networking portals with over 10,000 profiles.

Mike Handcock

  • Mike Handcock is an entrepreneur who currently owns no less than 4 businesses. He has been a senior manager with New Zealand’s leading financial services institution and has a background in financial planning.
  • Mike has written nine books, now released in numerous countries including best sellers. Mike also writes a regular column for an international magazine that distributes to 15 countries.
  • He has been called one of Asia’s top ten coaches, and Asia’s leading Edu-tainer, and as a musician he has no less than 9 albums to his credit.
  • Mike has appeared on television, radio and various articles. In recent times Mike has been nominated for three Extraordinary Lives awards, is in the movie ‘Dreamcatchers’ and various television projects and was applauded by President Bill Clinton for his charitable work in India and Cambodia at the recent Clinton Global Initiative.

Adam Khoo

  • Adam Khoo is an entrepreneur, a best-selling author and a peak performance trainer. A self-made millionaire by the age of 26, he owns and runs several businesses in education, training, event management and advertising, all with a combined annual turnover of $30 million.
  • He is the Executive Chairman and Chief Master Trainer of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd and a director of seven other private companies.
  • Adam conferred the NUS Eminent Alumni Award in 2008 for being one of Singapore’s most prominent business leaders

Wendy Kwek

  • Wendy Kwek is the co-founder of Executive Directions Pte Ltd, a dynamic education organization aimed at helping individuals develop entrepreneurial spirit and achieve financial freedom through solid investments.
  • She currently owns more than 50 properties in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia, France, Germany, U.K. and U.S.A. She is astute in sourcing and negotiating on behalf of investors good, high-yielding properties.
  • Ms Wendy Kwek is the Master Trainer of highly acclaimed Property Investment Program.  Her goal is to help average people own multiple properties and to help them build lasting wealth. She has also supported the investors in structuring deals where they can buy properties with little or no money down.

Jaz Lai

  • Jaz is unlike the typical Internet Guru that you encounter today.
  • On first impression, he appears to many as somewhat laid back when he takes a stroll in a relaxed swagger, sporting faded wash jeans and half fitted shoes.
  • No one in the least would expect that he is actually an ex-fashion designer who used to own a chain of retail stores, but is now recognized as one of the best International Internet Marketing gurus out there.
  • Jaz is indeed a perfect example of someone who overcame all odds to be successful in a field he have no knowledge on.
  • Now, with 7 years of experience of Internet Marketing underneath his belt, Jaz has put together a PROVEN strategy of creating a 5 to 6 figure income into anyone’s mailbox within a short period of time. And it’s almost as easy as pushing of a button.

Dave Rogers

  • Born in Canada, Dave did his first deal at 14, when he rented his parents house out to friends while they were away. He never looked back. Moving to Japan in his early twenties he quickly rose through the ranks of the bank trading floor to be managing a $1.2billion dollar portfolio during the Asian crisis in 1997.
  • After relocating to Hong Kong and eventually Singapore Dave studied communication, entrepreneurship and ancient techniques from some of the incredible Asian & Indian masters.
  • In 2001 he co-founded what became the most significant group of entrepreneurs on the planet, culminating in him winning the 2007 Singapore Spirit of Enterprise award. Dave is a philanthropist, father, husband and highly sought after coach.

Ken Sapp

  • Successful Internet Marketing Expert, Youth Mentoring Specialist
  • Just a few years ago, because of increasing financial responsibilities, Ken had to give up his passion. He set aside his dreams of helping youth and began to toil his life away as an employee in a full time job, living paycheck to paycheck. Then, when he had the time and energy, which wasn’t very often, he did what that he was passionate about – helping youth to discover and pursue their dreams.
  • Then, in a strange turn of events he found himself in a conference that planted a thought in his head that he could make money doing the things that he was really passionate about instead of toiling his life away as an employee in a job. He learned a few simple strategies that turned his passion into a profitable online business that makes more than 3000 USD in a month on autopilot.

KC See

  • KC See is an entrepreneur, having started his first business at 19 before going back to school to qualify as an accountant and eventually started the Quest Group a corporate training and consulting organization with offices in 4 countries.
  • In 1997 he founded MasteryAsia, with its flagship Money Mastery Mentorship program mentoring over 8000 people from all over Asia Pacific on creating wealth and multiple sources of income.
  • He is also well known for his Certified Professional Trainers program, which has trained more than 600 professional trainers in Asia. He writes for the “SME and Entrepreneurship “magazine.

Jerome Tan

  • Mr. Jerome Tan is the author of ‘From Bankruptcy to Multi-Millions in 7 Years’.
  • Armed with little formal education, he has risen from being bankruptcy to creating great success and thereby inspiring many others to achieve great heights.
  • He is known to be successful as street-smart entrepreneur.
  • It is now his mission to coach people to think ‘out-of-the box’ and to start and grow business starting with little or no money.

Jim Khoo

  • Jim is a Founder Member of the John Maxwell TEAM. He is personally trained by  John Maxwell & his Faculty Members and have been certified as a trainer to help individuals on personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods.
  • Leadership is described as the process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task.
  • Jim has helped many individuals reach their purpose and goals through an intentional plan of development.  Working together through accountability he can facilitate positive and profitable change, improve productivity and create the atmosphere that is necessary for effective leadership

Yang Po Tan

  • Yang Po has both the mindset of a millionaire business woman and property investor.
  • A savvy investor, she has managed and invested in more than S$300 million worth of properties. She is also a co- developer in a new S$207.26 million waterfront residential and commercial project in Danga Bay.
  • As a businesswoman, she has started businesses in virgin markets and grew it into multi million dollar businesses. She has also managed international luxury brands such as Montblanc and Kenzo. At Montblanc, she was instrumental in executing Montblanc’s boutique concept in Asia.
  • Yang Po was also the Director of Yves Saint Laurent Beaute, Asia Pacific where she oversaw the business operations in 22 countries, including China, New Zealand, and Hawaii.   Based on her experiences, Yang Po has also authored the book, Cash Your Passion: What Text Books Don’t Teach About How to Start and Manage Successful Businesses.


Deborah Torres Patel

  • She performed for millions of people on radio, TV, Broadway and international concert stages since she began her first career as a singer, dancer and actress at age 4.
  • She shared the stage with Sammy Davis Jr., Kool & The Gang, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and many more international celebrities.
  • For the past 26 years Deborah has dedicated herself to helping hundreds of thousands of clients find their “Million Dollar Voice”.  She has taught people to speak, sing, present and communicate with confidence, power and authenticity in 66 countries.
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My Top 10 Most Memorable Moments in 2010

What’s your top 10 moments in 2010?

Before you set new resolutions for 2011, it is always wonderful to reflect on the year and celebrate every wonderful moments so that we can grow from strength to strength.

My very best Top 10 Most Memorable Moments in 2010 are:

10. “The backup Plan” movie launch

On 29 April, Sony Pictures and my company (Table For Six) jointly organized the Back up Plan Movie and Dinner event. Our company conducted a survey on Singapore’ ladies’ backup plans should they remain single for the rest of their lives. The results were insightful and the press/media given us a lot of coverage.

9. Authorised Training Provider for NCSS

In early Jun, I was informed by National Council of Social Service (NCSS)  that I am granted the status to be the Authorised Training Providers for Charitable organisation and VWOs under the VCF Training Grant. I created courses:

  • Developing a Winning Social Media Strategy for NPOs
  • Social Branding for NPOs
  • Getting Sponsorship for VWOs and Publicity for Business
  • Coaching and Developing your Volunteers

8. Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment – Certification.

From 9 Apr till 15 June, I took 6 modules, get through the assessments under Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF). With this Advanced Certificate, I am able to Develop, Train and Assess courses under WSQ framework from WDA.

7. Singles Cruise Asia

Many people would have heard of Dating@Sea since 2007 where it is only open to singles from Singapore. It was all along done with Star Cruises as our cruise partner. Finally from 6-10 Dec, the 1st ever Singapore-Malaysia social event (Single Cruise Asia), a 5D/4N cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Legend of the Seas was organised.

6. Interviewed by Ian Wright for Discovery Channel

It’s not everyday you get to be interviewed by a host from a international media, much more a international celebrity host – Ian Wright. He was in Singapore in May to do a special 10-part episode on Singapore. At the very last part, there is always the angle of singlehood issue in Singapore. I was contacted to create a social event where his team can film the entire event with interviews about myself and some of my participants.

Picture with Ian Wright & Vernetta Lopez

5. Marrying Charity with Art

I had always wanted to do my bid for charity in forging strategic alliance between charities and business entities. I am glad in 2010 I have helped my good friend Ocean Wang to launch her career by painting 3 portraits of F1 drivers : Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber. The Alonso portrait was successful auctioned silently for $4000 in the charity dinner of Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS) with the kind planning and organising service of Annie Chan.

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

Ocean’s blog – The Hand over ceremony is done on 24 Nov


4. 938live guest speaker for Positive Business Minute

3. 1st Malaysia media exposure

Though I have enjoyed more than 120 media and press interview and coverage of myself, business or events in Singapore and international main media, Malaysia was not one of them. This changed in August where I was invited to be interviewed on Malaysia radio BFM 89.9. From then on, i enjoyed 4 weeks of NTV 7 Breakfast show as a regular guest, 2 Newspaper features about being a Dating Coach for Singles Cruise Asia

2. Hosting 200 friends for Walking with Dinosaurs

Walking with Dinosaurs is the most successful and money-making family entertainment theatrical production in the world. For the first time ever, it came to Singapore from 1-12 Dec for a 10-day 20-show performance. My company won the tender to manage the social media marketing platform. One of my deliverables was to raise social brand ambassadors. I was given 200 tickets for the very first show and I invited charities and brand ambassadors to be the first few people to watch it. The turnout was 4000 so I had 5% of the stadium on 1 Dec.

1. Successful Entrepreneur award 2010

Since receiving the Spirit of Enterprise award as an honoure in 2008, this is the 2nd business award I have received in the space of 3 years.

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My 1st Successful Charity Project – linking Lutheran Community Care Services and Ms Ocean Wang

After months of conceptualizing a art project which will charity organisation with the passion of a racing sport – F1 Grand Prix, the Lutheran Community Care Services Gala Dinner puts a wonderful full-stop to a beautiful journey.

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

Almost a year ago, my good friend Ocean Wang were in advanced stage of pregnancy, and decided to paint portrait of famous people. I suggested F1 drivers as Singapore was preparing for our 3rd Night Race since 2008.

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

Believe it or not, we chosen Lewis Hamilton (not in picture), Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso months before F1 comes to Singapore. Little did we know the same 3 drivers were on top 3 driver standing vying for the ultimate driver championship. Though it went to Sebestian Vettel, it was a fun journey.

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

Ocean had always wanted to impact the society in her unique ways, though she didnt know exactly how her paintings at that time will achieve that objective.


At about the same time, I was giving training to many VWOs, one of them was Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS) where I met Rev Daniel Ang, the Executive Director. He was convinced that the new media is the way to go in engaging the public and the client they serve.

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

Intuitively, I visualise the linkage between F1 racing and the youth (client of LCCS). Ocean and I shared the same concern that the the problems youth are facing today are like challenges F1 drivers are facing. There decisions to be made and dangers to risk. There is a need for pit stop and the staff and volunteers of LCCS are like the crews of the team to help refuel, change the wheels and strategise for the rest of the race. This process is termed “Changing Stories, Transforming Lives” – the tag line of LCCS.

Finally on 19 Nov 2010, during the inaugural Charity Golf and Gala Dinner organised by LCCS in Orchid Country Club, we managed to put up the 2 paintings for silent auction.

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110
Ocean was very excited!

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

The guest of Honour is Mr Ang Mong Seng, MP for Hong Kah GRC (Bukit Gombak)

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

Yes! We sat at table 24!

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

Ocean is awarded with the Certificate of Appreciation from LCCS and she is gracious enough to share the limelight with me. :)

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

We did a silent auction of both painting during the dinner to raise funds. At the time of this post, I heard there is a gentleman by the name of Peter who got the highest bid for Fernando Alonso’s portrait. Many thanks for Annie Chan, who coordinated all the event schedule and the wonderful hosting by Sebestian Sim.

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110


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Make Birdies When Organizing Charity Golf










One of my VWOs’ participants for Social Media Training approach me today for some advice on organizing a Charity Golf. Both her organization and herself has zero knowledge about golf. The draw to organize one is try something new besides organizing yearly movie events.

Here are my suggested approach:


This will need to be selected nine to twelve months in advance. Pick a golf country club that is willing to provide you with a concession for holding the event (discounts,  etc); you will have some bargaining power as your event will promote their club. Agree on prices for two types of attendee. Firstly you will need to accommodate golfers; they will require breakfast on arrival, golf and dinner for the evening. The second attendee will be for the non golfers only requiring dinner. Use the golf clubs facilities in your planning of the event – their golf professional will be able to advise on scoring, set up of the event and team or individual games and they can organize scoring for the golf cards etc.


You will need helpers, both for planning and preparing for the event and on the day, so recruit early! You will need to get together regularly to brainstorm ideas, set a timetable for completing tasks and create a budget. From this you can determine your entry fee by what your target market can afford and plan your expenses around that, such as food. It will be a long day for the golfers so you will need to think about what food is provided in the cost, and when you will begin the day. Your venue will be able to provide guidance.  Entertainment can vary but an after dinner speaker who will also compere the evening is ideal, as they can run an auction too.

Selling sponsorship can provide guaranteed income, prizes and promotional materials. The key to selling sponsorship is to convey that they are getting their money’s worth. You could design various levels of sponsorship:

• Title – company name could appear on all event marketing materials, tee sponsor signs and reception signs
• Supporting – company name could appear on all event marketing materials
• Hole in 1 – company name could appear on one tee; you could also offer this sponsorship to family and friends.

If you are employed by a large company you could start by asking them as well as local businesses, don’t forget to encourage them to enter a team. If you are mailing local businesses concentrate on industries that are linked e.g. Insurance, Legal, Property. You will be amazed at what a small local business world it can be!


The more exposure your tournament receives the more participants and sponsors you will get. There are many ways to market your event including local press, radio, websites (free listings websites), council run calendars of events, press releases, signs and banners (place these in highly visible areas), flyers and posters which can be displayed in offices, community halls, the venue, local shops etc.

Your invitation is your most powerful promotional tool so ensure it is appealing and contains essential pieces of information such as name of event, date, time, sponsors logo, entry fee, entry deadline, what’s included in the fee, prizes, participant(s) details, handicap etc.


A maximum of five or six items is recommended as people will lose interest after that. Ensure there are lower value items as well as one or two key prizes and make sure you choose a good auctioneer. Consider hosting a silent auction as well with smaller prizes where the items (or a description of the auction item) are placed on display throughout the evening, and guests write their bids on open forms next to each item. This continues throughout the evening, with each person bidding higher than the previous one – especially successful after a drink or two! Prizes you source could be signed sporting goods, golfing holidays, golf equipment however they can be non golf related too. If these cannot be donated don’t be afraid to ask for the items at ‘cost’ price.


Don’t forget to pre order fundraising materials such as banners, balloons, collection boxes, paper work for the auctions etc.  On the golf day you will need to register your golf teams, furnish them with score cards and a programme of events that should include an itinerary and a list of sponsors (speak to a local printers who may donate the programme), keep a scoreboard, ensure a timetable is kept too and ensure promotion of the fundraising activities is maintained.

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Social Media and Charity are made for each other

In my VCF-approved training for VWOs/Charity/NPOs, I am often told the biggest obstacle for Volunteer Welfare Organisations (VWOs) is the lack of support/approval from top management. Social Media is utilised in the west for raising awareness, encouraging volunteerism and increasing donation. The best VWO I find which is the fore-runner on the social media applications is Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS) led by Executive Director Rev Daniel Ang.

They are setting up Facebook fan pages, updating fans on their events like Charity Golf, causes, fund raising status, etc. Plans are underway to create Twitter, Youtube and Flickr pages. The latest is a campaign to auction off 2 paintings of F1 drivers – Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso

In my corporate training, I encourage them to do research on 5 international charities and these may be 5 good case studies for other charities to follow

If you belong to any VWOs and would like to explore using social media, I would be glad to design a customised training for your organisation.

[slideshare id=5690603&doc=nspcc-101106215221-phpapp01]

[slideshare id=5690599&doc=maratriangle-101106215048-phpapp02]

[slideshare id=5690598&doc=amnestyinternational-101106215022-phpapp02]

[slideshare id=5690594&doc=actionaid-101106214947-phpapp02]

[slideshare id=5690592&doc=savethechildren-101106214857-phpapp02]

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Charity Auction of 3 Oil Painting of F1 Drivers : Hamilton, Alonso & Webber

  • To celebrate the 3rd F1 event in Singapore on 24-26 Sep,  Ocean, a British citizen; mother of 3 in Singapore would like to donate proceeds of her oil painting in a F1 Charity Auction. The adopted charity will be Teen Challenge.
  • After 6 months, Ocean has just finally completed 3 canvas each 1.6m x 1m of:
    • Fernando Alonso (2008 Singapore Champion),
    • Lewis Hamilton (2009 Singapore Champion)
    • Mark Webber (2010 runner-up leader in standing)
  • Ocean looks forward to connect with Singapore GP to make this event successful and bring a Corporate Social Responsibility element to the Grand event.
  • We would like to any parties to explore assisting the following:
    • Press Release of Charity event (details will be discussed and finalized by Ideas & Concepts). Ideas & Concepts will do it jointly with interested parties
    • Organize the event in a Auction cum Cocktail event in either Hilton or Four Season
    • Link up with the designated hotel to display the oil paintings about 7 days before the auction
    • Assist to have the 3 drivers to make a cameo appearance to sign on the canvas
    • Invite high profile or VIP of Singapore GP to attend and participate the auction
  • All net proceedings will be donated to the adopted charity after the event is over.

Any interested parties, please contact Andrew – by 5pm, Wed, 1 Sep 2010

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A few Good Men & Women from Teen Challenge (735 Old Choa Chu Kang Rd)

On 5-6 August, i had the honour to conduct a social media strategy workshop for one of the leading charities in Singapore for Youth and Rehab program – Teen Challenge.

A key factor of success in the implementation of social media is always the question of corporate readiness and stakeholders’ buy-in. Teen Challenge has risen up to the challenge in devoting 2 days for corporate training of 9 key staff.

Their objectives is to use social media to increase awareness of their brand, share their mission, vision and organisation’s objectives. The increased awareness will help them to be well-positioned as a worthy cause for charities among businesses who have little or no knowledge of their existence.

With increased awareness will come increased publicity. The public will be able to identify them and be gainfully engaged through future volunteerism and fund-raising.

Situated in the wild wild west of 735, Old Choa Chu Kang Rd, TC Dare serves as a pitstop to many in the society who are struggling with rehab and addiction problems. Everyone deserves many 2nd chances. Even the best in life will make a mistake and need a pitstop in their lives. TC Dare serves that function, how far the occupants recover and integrate with the society will depend on our acceptance.

We can do our part by giving generously to their cause, please contact Adrian Tan 67937933.

As a trainer, my company – IDEAS & CONCEPTS will donate the social media workshop/training fees back to Teen Challenge as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to support what they are serving.

The other stairs

Another view of badminton court

Bright colours for street soccer

The simple but neat canteen

3m fence

For more picture, please visit –

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