7 Great lessons I have learned in my Entrepreneurship Journey

1. Who makes the biggest difference in your journey? Invite a mentor, hire a coach or form a mastermind group?

  • A Coach is responsible for your Performance. He is looking for results.
  • A Mentor is interested in YOU as a person. He is looking for relationship.
  • A mastermind group is interested in Raising Your Game. It looks for Strategic Alliance.

2. The most precious asset : Database is 2nd to your cash flow.
3. The longest wait : Between Sowing the reaping
4. The best business friend : The Media, no not social media
5. The toughest call : Moving on (new phase)
6. The hardest part : From Ideas to Implementation (creativity and innovation)
7. The easiest marketing : Personal Branding

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3 Tips you should action TODAY

3 Tips you should action TODAY

Business is the concept of having value and then leveraging that value. To leverage means to magnify or multiply that value. Let me explain it in this very email. Here are 3 tips which you should action today (the value).

  1. Networking is so ‘last decade’. The next time you go to a networking event set an intention for exactly who you need to meet that night and set one or more high quality questions to get right to it. IE.

‘Hi I’m Jenny, tell me why specifically did you come to this event tonight? (Listen to the answer and see if you can help them). I specifically came with just one intention. The person I am trying to meet is … (name the qualities and role of who you are looking for). Do you know anyone personally who fits that profile? (If no..then move on..if yes then get introduced)

  1. Search Engine Optimisation. If you haven’t heard of this term then you are missing the boat big time. The modern consumer goes one place first. The Internet. Go to your own search engine and do a historical search of what you have searched for recently. You will find it’s not straightforward. If you wanted a holiday in Thailand chances are you didn’t type ‘Thai holidays’. You are more likely to have searched something like: ‘Thai holiday packages Phuket’ or ‘Best deals in Phuket 5 star hotels’ The clue to SEO is to take statements that people use and focus on them. The right SEO person is worth gold and $ in your business. It’s time you were in tune with 2012 buying habits.
  2. Gone in 60 seconds. Great movie but in our world it’s not about cars. It’s about pitching you and your business. You have a maximum of 60 seconds to gain attraction and have people wanting to engage you and know more. It’s not the quantity of what you say. It’s not even what you do. In fact it’s why you do what you do. That’s what will create all the attraction for you. If you are going for a job, it’s why you do what you do as well. People are much more attracted to purpose than they are to great ideas.

So now I have given you three pieces of ‘value’. So now it’s time to leverage by magnifying or multiplying. I am going to choose a little of each.

Some people I respect as great business minds, up to date, fun, engaging, and always connected to their hearts are running the most profound day. It’s called The ‘X’ Factor – Quantum Business Success and I am recommending that if you got value from the three tips from above then you will get immense value from the day.

Click here and find out if you have the ‘X’ factor Use the discount code XFACTOR059 when booking and you will be pleasantly surprised. I have organised an incredible discount and stunning bonuses for you)

In fact it’s not just a day. To really engage you, they are multiplying the value on the day by giving away absolutely free to my clients and friends, a series of webinars and a masterclass and some other really exceptional value so make sure you fully understand all the ‘X’ factor potential you have for being a real success and fast tracking your desires in 2012.

Success = value x leverage

Via the ‘X’ factor you will receive amazing value, through the add ons that value is leveraged to make sure you receive the maximum opportunity to receive and implement that value.

Click here and find out if you have the ‘X’ factor Use the discount code XFACTOR059 when booking and you will be pleasantly surprised. I have organised an incredible discount and stunning bonuses for you

PS: In each city there are a handful of VIP seats, which include lunch and the opportunity to one on one with the speakers.

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My first time meeting Dave Rogers

Let me tell you about my first time

The first time I ever attended an event with Dave Rogers (Asia’s leading entrepreneur coach) and Mike Handcock (best selling author, award winning speaker and entrepreneur) I was captured by their generosity, heart and truly wanting to share information with the audience.

I want you to take a day out of your 2012 and spend it with them and some other awesome entrepreneurs but first a bit more about them so you know WHY?

  • Dave is the 2007 winner of the Singapore Spirit of Enterprise Award, co founder of one of the largest entrepreneur networks in the world, an ex billion dollar bond trader who between 2003 and 2011 has coached more entrepreneurs than anyone else in Asia.
  • Mike is 100% committed to ensuring people reach their full potential in life. With 11 books, over 150 workshops and events each year, being on the board of three charities in India, Australia and New Zealand, mentioned by President Clinton for his work there, and he is the chairman of a group of companies.

Together and with some amazing experts they will be hosting a one-day event called: The ‘X’ Factor – Quantum Business School

Click here and find out if you have the ‘X’ factor Use the discount code XFACTOR059 when booking and you will be pleasantly surprised. I have organised an incredible discount and stunning bonuses for you.

I am personally recommending this event because I know it will be brilliant. Simply by attending it you will learn up to date, 2012 relevant information as recent as the day before the event that will effect the way you think about your business and life. Things like:

  • Quantum Networking – building a playground
  • Social Media and making money on the internet
  • Pitching your business and gaining attraction in 60 seconds
  • Dealmaking and negotiation 2012 style
  • The scale of success – the flow of business and seasons
  • The ‘X’ factor – what is it and how do you engage it
  • How people buy – 2012 decision making and the forces behind it

These guys travel the world, work in over twenty countries regularly and have some of the biggest personal networks I have come across. You wont be disappointed and because I know them I have got a superb deal for my clients and friends. Even the bonus webinars and masterclass they are putting together is worth way more than the ticket price itself.

Just do it – as NIKE says. Buy a ticket and one for a friend today.

Click here and find out if you have the ‘X’ factor Use the discount code XFACTOR059 when booking and you will be pleasantly surprised. I have organised an incredible discount and stunning bonuses for you

PS: There are a handful of VIP tickets in each city that give you lunch and a one on one opportunity with the speakers. Maybe you should grab one of those.

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Andrew Mason has “X” Factor!

Do you know who Andrew Mason is?

You have probably never heard of this guy right? Well here is his claim to fame:

  • He graduated Northwestern University in 2003 with a music degree
  • He had a delivery service called Bagel Express
  • He was a failed webdesigner who returned to being an engineer in a recording studio

Oh and by the way – He’s the Entrepreneur and Founder behind Groupon (a group buying company), which started in November 2008 and in less than two years was turning over $800m and is currently valued at around $12 Billion

So what did Mason have?

One thing for sure – initially not that many business skills – but a good idea and the ‘X’ factor.

There has been a global recession for the past two years, but even so luxury car sales are showing an increase in numerous markets. There is new wealth out there. New business success – WHY?

Here are three simple tips from some people I respect about ‘quantum business success’.

  1. No one who is a great entrepreneur has all the answers, but what they do have is seriously brilliant questions and a very good network of people to ask them to. Do you?
  2. By year three in university 50% of what you learnt in year one is obsolete. Awesome entrepreneurs constantly keep up to date with new trends and education in business and wealth creation.
  3. It’s no longer good enough to be great at what you do and how you do it. Business now wants you to be incredible at why you do it. That’s what causes all the attraction.

If you want to be up to date – at the cutting edge of what is going on in 2012 then I recommend you click on the following link. This is ‘not’ something I am hosting. It is a superb event being put together by international experts and an organisation committed to creating a new wave of really successful entrepreneurs and wealth creators. It’s fully designed to share with you what the ‘X’ factor of people like Andrew Mason is:

Click here and find out if you have the ‘X’ factor Use the discount code XFACTOR059 when booking and you will be pleasantly surprised. I have organised an incredible discount and some excellent bonuses for you.

I love to be entertained, enlightened, learn new things that I can apply immediately and be ahead of the competition. By attending this event, that’s exactly what I expect and what you should expect as well – profound new wisdom and techniques for 2012 and beyond that is cutting edge ‘X’ factor material.

Here is what one of the international serial entrepreneurs that will be at ‘X’ factor has to say:

“Teenagers don’t wait for anything these days – why should we? It takes people years to get a degree and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars. What we share at The ‘X’ Factor – Quantum Business School will cut through the fog and bring you wonderful new information that will fast track you to a greater level of success in 2012. Why wait – I won’t” – Mike Handcock (Award winning speaker and international best selling author)

Click here and find out if you have the ‘X’ factor Use the discount code XFACTOR059 when booking and you will be pleasantly surprised. I have organised an incredible discount and some excellent bonuses for you.

OK if you haven’t realised this is something you absolutely should attend and cancel whatever else is on – at least thanks for reading this far.

OH – and there are just a handful of VIP tickets which gives you lunch with all he experts.

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IDEAMART : A Portal built for Exchange of Ideas about the Marketplace


Main portal page : IDEAMART

Finally after more than a year, I have created the portal I envisioned. A place where a community of social media savvy people can come together for exchange, testing and brainstorming of ideas for the marketplace.

IDEAMART, which is the portal named after my company for Brand Communication purpose, has the following features:


a. Membership profiling

b. Network structuring

c. Content Management

d. Activity Feeds

e. Advertising Opportunities

f. Anti-spamming features

g. Private Messaging

h. Membership Billing (option only)

i. System admin tools

j. Browse and Search

Additional Plug-ins : Members can enjoy the following

1. Album

2. Blog

3. Events

4. Groups

5. Forum

6. Chat/IM

7. Video sharing

8. Music sharing

9. Classified

10. Polls

11. Mobile version

IDEAMART makes diverse styles of social networking possible. You decide how your own community of friends will connect, share, and interact with each other. The objective is to share and exchange ideas to bring us to the next level in our business journey in the marketplace.



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Spirit of Enterprise Award 2008 Interview – Part 4


16. When was the moment you realised the business would work and support you?

I think every businessman will set out to think the business will be self-sufficient and supporting. I never allow myself to have any safety net.
17. What are some of your proudest business achievements to date? And why are they so important and meaningful to you?
In 2000, my MICE company was ranked worldwide as the 5th best due to our excellent services, networks and track records. In my Dating and Matchmaking business, I was also proud that in 2005 when the Government wanted to give up ownership and responsibility in their industry to the private sector, I was awarded the tender to manage Romancing Singapore and the private sector pioneer to drive and lead this falling industry to greater heights. We went to create milestones events such as Dating@Sea, a 3-day event which included speed dating, treasure hunts, seminar on relationship management for the singles. We also had other popular dating concept such as Love in a Capsule, First Impression, Table For Six (T46), and Night Around Singapore Car Rally (NASCAR)that changed many Singaporeans mindsets towards social networking events. I am also very proud that NLB have identified RomancingSingapore websites, information and events to archive in their database. This shows that what I do has a place towards Singapore history, culture and future.
18. How do you differentiate your business from your competitors? Please provide specific examples.
As I mentioned earlier, for my MICE business, I focus on importing premium supplies for customers who want quality, concentrating on margin instead of volume. For my dating business, I created various brands for the various target groups. I can have a supermarket-type service that anybody can come in, for example by registering in our website, www.romancingsingapore.com. I also have boutique services for more specialised group of people, people who can better afford. I also have brands such as Table For Six (T46), Loveboat.sg, First Impression, Beulah, Goodlooks.sg, Highfliers.sg, couples.sg, Two To Tango to target the niche areas. For people who are less-networking savvy, I can arrange a table for six for you. I can also be flexible enough, such that I can have up to 3 tables, and the guys can swap tables. At the end of the day, 9 guys get to know 9 ladies and vice-versa. For the more networking savvy, I can arrange huge events like Night Around Singapore Car Rally (NASCAR), of 5-6 hours for say 150 people. However for such big events, there is a huge tendency whereby although people get to know each other quantitatively, but there is no quality. This resulted many guys forgetting the names of the ladies they met, and also vice-versa for the ladies on the guys names. Therefore, I can arrange for events stretching over a longer period, such as Dating@Sea, where we combine travel with social networking for 2 full days or more. People will have the chance to meet 120 other like-minded singles. There will be ample time for quality interaction, and bonding, which require some warm-up time. If you do not want too big or too small a crowd, and would want some excitement and personal feedback, I can introduce First impression, which combine speed dating concept with feedback elements. You will be able to talk to each participant of the opposite sex, and at the end of the day, not only everybody get to know everyone, each will also receive a personalised private feedback report, which would not be easy to get from the participants. For really niche customer base, I have brands that cater only to Christians or brands that cater only to “good-looking” people. Most Christians would want to marry someone who is the same faith as him/her. Similarly, most good-looking people would also like to meet people who are good-looking. In my line of business, I have to think long and future steps as I actually met with competitors “copying” my products and services. Therefore I always need to be able to come out with new innovate methods continually. In fact when people copy me, I am happy as this shows that what I am doing is right. I also ensured that I continually do new things, innovate to meet customer demands and create unidentified needs in my range of products and services. By doing so, my customer base will continue to follow me. I like to stress that continuity is very important, especially in my line of business.
19. What are some business ideas you have implemented that created great results in your business?
We have many well documented events, such as Cruises, First Impression, Love in a Capsule, Car rallies in the day and night, that generated huge media interest as well as helped people to open up to themselves and others. For example, our Dating@Sea event was a huge success. Not only there was huge media coverage, it is also one of the most important milestones in Singapore dating and matchmaking industry. This event is made happen by 4 competing agencies! Everybody got their fair share of media coverage which improves their business, and most importantly, we are encouraged by the overwhelming response and mindset change by Singaporeans. Another good example is “Love in a Capsule”, where we brought in a refreshing idea of meeting people, and to create a unique dating experience. This event is jointly organized by us and Cliquewise, participants paid $199 each for a ride on the Singapore Flyer, followed by a Chinese-Western dinner at Labrador Villa. Therefore who says a “blind date” should be boring? This not only provides a refreshing approach to meeting new people of the opposite sex, but also allows the participants to take scenic pictures, and clink champagne glasses while enjoying the glittering night view from the 42-storey high observation wheel, the world’s tallest, and Singapore’s pride! Our recent “survivor-style” dating competition, First Impression, received much publicity and compliments too, by the public, media and even my competitors! We had overwhelming demands for more of such competitions in future. Instead of personally marketing my services, getting my participants as spokeman is also a great idea. For example , Ms Joyce Tia, a Chief Financial Officer to speak to the media; she was the rated Most Popular lady along the guys for 2 consecutive rounds. This hugely helps in building trust and awareness in my business. In fact, in Joyce’s case, this is a 4 parties win-win case, because it benefited Joyce, my business, media, as well as Joyce makeup-artist’s company. Of course with branding, you need to screen, to bring the “right people”.For example, I set a standard for clients interested in my “Good-looking” brand.
20. I have read much about the success of 2 of your events, “Ready Steady Shop”, “First Impressions”. In fact, there was a interesting debate , both in the media as well as in the internet. Can you elaborate on the events and the rationale in them?
Ready, Steady, Shop is an event organized by us and supported by the Social Development Unit (SDU) and Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to create platforms for social interaction opportunities for the fun-loving and adventurous. This event is targeted to add a new dimension to late night shopping, by incorporating a quintessentially unique component of a team shopping race spanning 5 shopping malls in Orchard Road. Ready, Steady, Shop is not only an escapade that enables singles to expand their social network while having fun. In “First Impression”, indeed many people, including the media regarded it as the “most extreme” dating event in Singapore’s 4-year-old modern private sector driven dating industry. In this competition, there are a few rounds. In round 1, singles chat with each other for 8 minutes in a round-robin fashion, as in the norm in speed dating. Both men and women are tasked to rate and score each other based on 1) First Impression and 2) Personality. Participants ranked in the top 50% will advance to the next round to meet top 50% of other groups. All results and feedback will be e-mailed to each participant 2 days after the event. The voting continues throughout rounds 2 and 3 until the final 6 (3 men and 3 women) are determined, after which they will enjoy a free fine-dining activity together as a reward for surviving till the end. This is a competitive dating concept, which I like to stress, not with others but you yourself. I emphasized again that the secret is being the right partner rather than looking for the right partner. This event offers the personal feedback element into speed dating, something which we all needed but seldom obtained. We want people to think and possibly reflect and avoid making the same mistakes over and over again in dating. How did I get this business idea? Singles complain about the quality of events in the market, which tend to be formulaic and monotonous. My concept will help weed out insincere or undesirable personalities. The natural selection process will raise the quality of participants, thereby raising the quality of our events. The elimination process is always on the person mind whenever it comes to dating. Some are totally shocked to see their low scores, which did not reflect the positive body language shown (or so they thought) and the friendly conversation exchanged during the speed dating. This proves a point that the unseen feedback is often different, different from what you think. But all is not lost for those eliminated. They will still be notified on the mutual matches and their contract details as a consolation prize. And if they want to improve in their grooming and etiquette in order to excel in future dating events, we also can offer professional coaching and personal development services to them. In fact, I received praises even from my competitors, for example Ms Claire Chiang, a well-established business women and Ms Violet Lim of Lunch Actually.
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Spirit of Enterprise 2008 interview (Part 2) – Andrew Chow


6. What are some interesting stories you have about your first few customers/first few years in business?

When Ideamart first started, although I am one of the founders, I actually look upon my partner, Mr Andy Lai as my mentor, and I always seen myself “working for him”. I was still green then, and Mr Andy gave me a lot of valuable information and lessons on being an Entrepreneur. I learnt a lot from him, and we went through hard times together, for example the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis in my 3rd year. And at the end of 1998, when the economy is recovering and we are also improving, Mr Andy wanted to focus on his other businesses. That was then I decided to buy over his share. Therefore, you can take it as I am taking over a company I was working for. Around year 2000 when China joined the WTO, everybody started to look into China for cheaper goods. This was then I made one of my biggest decision in life without my mentor participation. I wanted to address the premium market, people who prefer premium quality goods with more QC and standards. Therefore, I went for the top 20% of the market, while leaving the rest of the 80% to my competitors. As a result, I had a better margin but a lower turnover. I learnt then that in my line of business, margin is more important than volume.
7. What was your childhood dream? When did you decide that you would strike out on your own instead of working for someone else?
I actually dreamed to become a doctor when I was very young. I find that saving lives and making a difference in the society is something very satisfying. I decided to become an Entrepreneur after finishing my regular term in the army at 26.
8. How different is it being your own boss compared to working in the army or a company
In the army, I learnt basic rigid structure, learnt to obey ranks and files. The system in army is a good training for me. However, I recognized some of the fundamental weakness of the army system. For example, when I started out, avoid making mistakes like blind obedience to orders, etc. Therefore, one of the major difference being your own boss, is you have to be very flexible, but in the army, you have to be very regimented and obedient. In a big company, you have all the policies in place, for example staff policies, sales, production, distribution channels. All the system administration and policies are in place. You are just one of the people in the company that makes these systems work. However as an Entrepreneur, you have to start from scratch, and create these systems. This is one of the greatest challenges of Entrepreneurship. You need to be visionary, to start from scratch. You also need to be hands on. That is why many people after working for a long time for people, who come out on their own to be their own boss, thought that since they are able to earn $300,000 a year in their company, they should have no problems earning enough to support themselves. However, many of them are shocked that they could not even make $30,000. This is because none of the proper infrastructure are in place yet.
9. What are some of the challenges you faced when you first went into business?
The challenges was not to have my mentor to guide me anymore, I am on my own since 1998.There are a lot of decisions in the past where I can seek an opinion or consensus. Now it is all up to me. In my dating business, the first huge challenge is to break the social stigma of singles social events. People had negative mindsets about singles, and the phrase towards these social events organized by SDU and SDS are for “single and desperate” people. In fact, it is a taboo for many people, and even they attended such events, no one likes to talk about them.
10. How did you overcome these challenges? Please share some specific examples of the action you took to overcome the challenges.
Credit (MICE). In my MICE business, credit line from the bank was an issue as previously the bank has granted credit facilities to the company based on goodwill of my mentor. After I took over the company, I had to use my personal saving to back up the credit facilities, By doing so, that seriously affected my company’s cash flow. I had to shorten my terms to my customers and negotiate suppliers and vendors for a longer credit term. Social Stigma (Dating Biz). To overcome the social stigma in my dating and matchmaking business initially, I introduced creative dating angles for media stories. The media is always very interested in new and unusual concepts. When the media and press talk about it often, my comments through the interviews will serve as an encouragement to many singles who are seeking for the one but are just too shy to come out of their comfort zone of meeting new people
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Spirit of Enterprise 2008 interview (Part 1) – Andrew Chow

This series of posts are repost from my long interview for Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2008


Andrew’s extensive experience in the MICE industry enabled him to have huge networks from people of all industries which helped him when he entered the dating and matchmaking industry. In 2005, he was appointed the role of Managing Agent for Romancing Singapore by SDU, to lead a new era of private-led initiative in this industry.

Address: 140 Robinson Road, #06-06 Chow House
Website: http://www.romancingsingapore.com/

Interview with Mr Andrew Chow
by Victor Tan Suan Howe on 21-May-2008. Student can be reached at VICT0003@ntu.edu.sg
Business Profile:
Since 1994, IdeaMart(S) has been the leading exhibition service provider for exhibition project management services, from conceptualization to installation using portable architecture and technology. In 2005, IdeaMart won the first ever tender to manage Romancing Singapore as a lifestyle platform solely embraced by the private sector.
Interviewer’s Comments:
Andrew strikes me as a passionate, visionary and philosophical entrepreneur, who is dead-set to create a new thrilling era for the dating industry, which has been a taboo subject for a long time. I could feel his excitement and sincerity as he shares his vision and mission and charts a roadmap of true love for any single that looks for him.
1. What is the nature of your business?
The name of my company is Ideamart Pte Ltd, and my business started 14 years ago(1994) and I was then in the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibition) industry. The company was founded by my partner, Mr Andy Lai whom I regarded as my mentor and me. We created a platform, a business marketplace, where we facilitated business transaction and business networking. In Feb 2005, I started to spin off into other areas, to dating and social networking. In a sense, my dating and matchmaking business is similar to my MICE business, as we can be regarded as a corporate facilitator and matchmaker.. Today, I am more involved in my dating and matchmaking business, and spend 85% of my time in my dating and matchmaking business, and 15% in my MICE business 

2. When and why did you decide to become an entrepreneur / take over your family business? NOTE: If it is not a family business, ask: Do your parents have their own businesses too? Have they inspired you in one way or another? (Select appropriate question according to the entrepreneur being interviewed.)
I decided to become one when I was 26, finishing my first term as an army regular. My parents own a small shoe business. They have taught me some good values in doing business like integrity and on-time delivery.
3. What are your reasons for choosing to do business in this particular industry?
MICE is a very interesting industry which can link to all industries. The networking opportunities are plentiful and experiences that I have accumulated are very diverse and complete. In 2005, we venture into dating industry business using our lessons learned from “corporate match-making” in our MICE industry. The concept is about the same, but the approach will have to be more of a personal human touch. We were awarded to manage Romancing Singapore as a private sector initiative which created originally as a government campaign. We have successfully transformed the campaign into a private-sector brand which singles at large can identify our unique service with. In my dating and matchmaking business, you can say it was initially an unintentional foray, as I initially took a project in the dating and matchmaking industry in my MICE business, but when I saw such huge potential and excitement in this industry, I decided to spin off to this industry and I never look back since then. In fact, I have a huge calling for this sector, and I also believe that the market potential is still largely untapped. As long as you are single and available, preferentially of age group 21-55, if you are earnest about looking for a partner, you can be my customer
4. How did you put together all the resources needed to start your business? For example: getting the start-up capital, hiring staff, doing sales and marketing, advertising, etc.
I take over the business from my first business mentor where I work as a staff and later promoted to become a director. It was already an on-going business and I simply take it to the next level. I use my family saving to buy out my mentor’s shares. For my dating business, I do not need a lot of staff. The actual running of the event itself is not very resource straining. One people can handle 40-50 customers The actual work is little compared to the marketing and preparation you need to do. For example, in your wedding, you can plan for one year for only one day for your wedding. Most importantly, we had to bring in the right people.
5. You mentioned earlier you were in the MICE industry, and later you penetrated into the Dating and Romance industry. Are they related?
In my MICE business, we deal with corporate clients, as corporate facilitators and matchmakers. In my dating and matchmaking business, I am now dealing with singles, retail clients as a retail facilitator and matchmaker. In fact, I would say that being in the dating and matchmaking business is more challenging as now I have to deal with personal expectation and emotions. In the past, in MICE, I deal with relations with vendors, suppliers, and partners. Now, in the dating and matchmaking industry, I have to deal with human emotions as well as media. Dealing with the media is a huge challenge, as you cannot control them. However, media is a very powerful tool to business if you can manage carefully. The mileage gained from the media is stretched further than any advertising dollar can give you. In addition, in my dating and matchmaking business, I place more emphasis on branding and managing Public Relations, especially when the media is involved, whereas for MICE, the equivalent emphasis is more towards marketing. When I mean branding, I mean creating brands, or services mainly targeted at the various types of groups, such as Good Looking singles, Religious singles, etc where these brands are only for their respective niches. In fact, today I am better known as a matchmaker than a MICE businessman. Although I am still well known in the MICE industry, people do not care how you start well but rather how well you are doing now.
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1001 Questions Answered ……. for Entrepreneurship and Social Media by Andrew Chow

Tomorrow I will be invited by Ms Serene Pan, Vice-Director (BizAsia), to be one of the six entrepreneurs to the “1001 Questions Answered” event organised by NUS Entrepreneurship Society (NES)


1001 Questioned Answered by Andrew Chow

1001 Questioned Answered by Andrew Chow

This ‘1001 Questions Answered’ event aims to:

  • Provide a platform which allows the participants to meet and network with a wide variety of entrepreneurs from various industries,
  • Answer participants’ queries regarding our industries;
  • Provide the opportunity to learn and interact from the entrepreneurial experiences

Basically, this Q&A event calls for anyone with burning questions to start their business in the respective industry of interest.

Date: 25th January 2011. Venue: NLB Level 5, Drama Centre. Time: 1500 – 1700 hrs

The Program was as follows:

1430 – 1500             Registration and Briefing about the event
1500 – 1515              Group A: Brief introduction about Entrepreneur’s background and company
1515 – 1600              Q&A Session A begins

Speakers :

  • Mr Adrin Loi (Room A),
  • Mr Yap Boh Tiong (Room C),
  • Mr Ron Mahabir (Room D)

1600 – 1615              Group B: Brief introduction about Entrepreneur’s background and company
1615 – 1700              Q&A Session B begins

Speakers :

  • Mr Frederic Moraillon(Room A),
  • Mr Keith Ng (Room B),
  • Ms Tay Eu-Yen (Room C)
  • Mr Andrew Chow (Room D),
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In Business, No News is Bad News

Many small and medium enterprises do not really understand how to work with the media to generate buzz and publicity. They often have a misconception that the media publicity is exclusive to big companies having huge budget for public relation specialists providing strategic counsel.

Media relation is both an art and a science. Knowing your basics and adding some creativity and flair will produce an effective pitch.

Understanding what constitute news and knowing what the media and press want will give your company a head start in gaining publicity. Having good publicity about your product and branding will always enhance the public perception on their value.

My first book ‘Romancing the Media for your Business” is an e-book I intend to sell online on Ipad.

Your comments and feedback is appreciated at – andrew@ideamart.com.sg

[slideshare id=6599992&doc=romancingthemediaforbusiness-vietnam-110117082207-phpapp01&type=d]

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