7 Great lessons I have learned in my Entrepreneurship Journey

1. Who makes the biggest difference in your journey? Invite a mentor, hire a coach or form a mastermind group?

  • A Coach is responsible for your Performance. He is looking for results.
  • A Mentor is interested in YOU as a person. He is looking for relationship.
  • A mastermind group is interested in Raising Your Game. It looks for Strategic Alliance.

2. The most precious asset : Database is 2nd to your cash flow.
3. The longest wait : Between Sowing the reaping
4. The best business friend : The Media, no not social media
5. The toughest call : Moving on (new phase)
6. The hardest part : From Ideas to Implementation (creativity and innovation)
7. The easiest marketing : Personal Branding

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Colour of the Year (2000-2012)


  1. 2000
    • According to Pantone, Cerulean Blue is the colour of “the sky on a serene, crystal clearday”.
    • The colour was chosen as consumers were seen as seeking inner peace and spiritual fulfilment in the new millenium
  2. 2001
    • This colour was drastically different from the sky blue Cerulean that was chosen the year before.
    • It was more exciting, refreshing and feminine
  3. 2002
    • True Red was a different variation ofthe previous years reddish colour.
    • True Red was chosen to symbolise the impact of the September 11 attacks2003
  4. 2003
    • 2003 saw the return of a blue hue.
    • Pantone chose the Aqua Sky colour as a cool colour was meant to restore hope and serenity.
  5. 2004
    • Orange became the hip colour, according to Pantone.
    • The colour orange was given a touch of exoticism
  6. 2005
    • 2005 saw a reversal to a blue colour again.
    • But this time in a more calming shade
  7. 2006
    • Instead of red, blue or orange hues, Pantone chose a neutral colour.
    • The neutral shade symbolised concern over the economy.
  8. 2007
    • After a neutral shade, its back to a red hue again.
    • Chilli Pepper was chosen for its”pizzazz and sophistication”.
  9. 2008
    • Back to blue but this time with a tinge of purple.
    • The mix of purple and blue suggests dependability and magic.
  10. 2009
    • Mimosa yellow remains prevalent in todays clothes and accessories
    • The colour was chosen because it is warm, cheerful, and sparks imagination and innovation.
  11. 2010
    • It was a return to turquoise in2005
    • The colour was chosen because it is an inviting, luminous hue in spiring soothing thoughts and tropical water.
  12. 2011
    • The pink hue is extremely feminine but not too over the top.
    • Honeysuckle was chosen because it is uplifting and optimistic.
  13. 2012
    • Orange has grown in popularity among designers and consumers.
    • The reddish orange Tangerine Tango was chosen to provide the energy boost needed to recharge and move forward.
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Movie Launch : Friends with Benefits (21 Sep 2011)

Event : Friendship with Benefits
Offering : Buffer Dinner, Wine and Movie!
Date : 21 Sep 2011
Time : 6.30pm – 9pm (Wed)
Movie : Friends with Benefits
Price : $30/pax, $55/pair if signed up with a friend.
Venue : Cathay Cineleisure Level 6 – Preview Lounge

Program (subject to slight change) :

6.30 – 7.00 – Welcome and Cocktail
7.00 – 7.20 – Ice Breakers (Vanessa)
7.20 – 8.00 – Dinner & Social Networking
8.00 – 8.30 – Talk on Love Yourself, Embrace Your Body Shape (Vanessa)
8.30 – 9.00 – More Social Networking
9.00 – 9.15 – “Destiny Draw”
9.15 – Movie starts

** Please bring lots of namecards as we are expecting more than 100 pax

RSVP : andrew@andrewchow.sg with “Name/Mobile/Gender

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IDEAMART : A Portal built for Exchange of Ideas about the Marketplace


Main portal page : IDEAMART

Finally after more than a year, I have created the portal I envisioned. A place where a community of social media savvy people can come together for exchange, testing and brainstorming of ideas for the marketplace.

IDEAMART, which is the portal named after my company for Brand Communication purpose, has the following features:


a. Membership profiling

b. Network structuring

c. Content Management

d. Activity Feeds

e. Advertising Opportunities

f. Anti-spamming features

g. Private Messaging

h. Membership Billing (option only)

i. System admin tools

j. Browse and Search

Additional Plug-ins : Members can enjoy the following

1. Album

2. Blog

3. Events

4. Groups

5. Forum

6. Chat/IM

7. Video sharing

8. Music sharing

9. Classified

10. Polls

11. Mobile version

IDEAMART makes diverse styles of social networking possible. You decide how your own community of friends will connect, share, and interact with each other. The objective is to share and exchange ideas to bring us to the next level in our business journey in the marketplace.



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44 guests invited for 44th celebration of life, friendship and opportunities – Andrew Chow

Business and Pleasure Mixer

These 8 pictures were taken within 3 min and I myself am amazed of the different kind of hand gesture I can create :)

( The left froggy was done by the wonderful staff of Jean Tan from Aago Pte Ltd :D)


I can’t remember the last time i organised a networking event for business friends whom I know for opportunities. I can remember the last time I celebrated my birthday in a party was 23 years ago when I turned 21. I couldn’t decide what to organise and end up doing a hybrid event – Business and Pleasure Mixer on 18 Feb 2011.

Details: My email invitation in a previous post


Venue : Smartspace Singapore - a multidisciplinary co-working space based in Singapore. We aim to provide a zero to launch platform in Singapore for student entrepreneurs, start ups and non-profit organizations by taking care of their work space, office furnishing and business support services for their core business at an affordable cost.

  • 3 distinct zones.
  • Infinite ideas.
  • Infinite SmartSpace.

The gentleman in white is Mr Michael Zhan, the founder of Smartspace Singapore, giving a quick overview of Vision, Mission and future direction of the company. Michael is also a lawyer by training.

Wine : Angels Share Wines Pte Ltd - Angels’ Share Wines specialises in sweet, sparkling and sophisticated wines. Ancient winemakers believe that as wines age in barrels, a magical process occurs. When some of the wine evaporates, an Angel accepts it as her share, and in return, imparts many lovely, sophisticated flavours into the remaining wine.

Theme: Business and Pleasure Mixer

This nice balloon is a gift from my friend - Rachel Lee

Some of my guests captured on photo deserve special mention :

Min Zhen – a wonderful and bubbly up and coming top agent in DTL Property Network Pte Ltd, she can be contacted at minzhen75@gmail.com. She is someone I have known for 8 years and had numerous corporate experiences with leading banks of Singapore.

David Wee – CEO & Founder at Asia Speakers Bureau (ASB), David Wee can tell you how to improve corporate entrepreneurship in the New future, create new space in a crowded market, lead by serving, and let your business achieve the highest level of growth with more vibrant workplace.

Sophia Lim & Rachel Minn Lee, are consulting managers (Executive Search) of Anverson Consulting Pte Ltd

L1 : Eric Chan, Account Manager of Nanyang Tech Pte Ltd which specialises in IT Support, PC Sales/Rental and Trade-in/repair.

L2 : Charlene Ng, Business Manager of Star Fish Net

L3 : Au Yeong Yuen Mun, Strategist in Hospitality Star, a eUniversity.

George Wong – WineMBA, Founder of Wine Lovers’ Club, often described as “God of Wine” by local media. He is one of the most sought after speaker for wine in business and social events.

Gin Wong – A Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger who enjoys and love life at the beautiful moment, staying happy and constantly looking out for beauty remedy with a mixed of FUN and APPRECIATION to gorgeous things around. She is also one of the 3 lucky winners of a bottle of Moscato. Gin is the proud owner 0f Blog – Ginevi

Left : Ezen Ho – Manager of Eroma Marketing, a business for SPA, Beauty and Wellness.

Right : Yvonne Lim – Event Manager of Smartspace Singapore, she is a highly efficient event planner and organiser.

Aaron Koh – Business Development Manager of Taggo Pte Ltd, a social media channel for facebook fan recognition.

Left : Aik Boon, CEO of Crazy Bid, a online auction business. Right : Ellen Shi Min, Founder of Smart Translation, a professional multi-language translation agency.

Left 1 : Ocean Wang, the most under-rated oil painting artist in Singapore. She produced 3 oil on canvas portrait for F1 drivers in 2010 for Charity auction. Yes! she also produced 2 oil paintings of 2 Andrew Chows

Left 2 : Valerie Song, the founder of Match Resources Pte Ltd, which does ‘match great companies with great people’ and naturally ‘great people with great companies’ on a daily basis.

Left 1 : Kim Chua, Team Manager of Walton International Group (S) Pte Ltd

Right 2 : Teck Beng, Director of Performance Leadership.

Right 1 : Kent Chan, Asst Associate Manager of PropNex

Right 1 : Gavin Choo, Business Development Director of Chris Cooper Group. Together we manage the biggest family entertainment show in Singapore – Walking with Dinosaurs in 2010.

Right 2 : Richard Chew, a volunteer in Corporate Communication for Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS)

Left 2 : Serene Pan, Vice Director of Biz Asia, serenepan@gmail.com

Right 1 : Prasanna Srinivasan, the Senior Consultant of Skynapse, a Microsoft Technologies Solutions Provider. His company was the consultant to develop the website of Romancing Singapore.

Nazran Ahmad, is the producer of SUPER, dealing with events, productions and design. Nazran has helped me to co-organise many social events for singles including Dating@Sea in 2007

Douglas Quek, the Account Manager of Signetique IT Pte Ltd

Anita Ho, Programme Manager of Asian Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA)

Right 2 : Rina Neoh, Co-Founder and Director of Mercatus Capital

Lady at centre : Jean Tan, a lawyer by training but a Brand Consultant in practise. She is the managing director of Aago Pte Ltd.
[slideshare id=6599992&doc=romancingthemediaforbusiness-vietnam-110117082207-phpapp01&type=d]

I gave out 20 copies of my book in final draft. “Romancing the Media” is a business book written for the SME by the SME, equipping business owners with management skills and social media strategy.

The winners of Moscato : Aaron, Gin and Kent

Proudly sponsored by Angels Share Wines Pte Ltd

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The intricacy of Brand Identity or Image association

The concept of flying or going smooth and easy is often exploited to depict nature, speed and efficiency by many marketers.

In this case, the picture on the left is an advertisement from SMRT on GO GREEN with SMRT. The concept is “Let’s clear the air”, a great message from a great concept on its own.

However, many on the social media especially Twitter will find this image awfully familiar.

In the picture on the right, Twitter will use this picture to depict a short over-capacity (breakdown), and encourage users to return shortly.

Twitter message – “Using doves to fetch a whale is simply to much for us to handle right now”

Consequently, 2 similar images from the same concept to bring across 2 distinct messages from 2 different companies.

Brand Identity and Images are indeed very intricate.

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8 things about Managing Business Ideas you should be mindful of

8 things about Managing Business Ideas you should be mindful of

  1. Do not share your ideas with anyone unless you are prepared for it to be stolen
  2. Do not force  sell it to anyone who refuse to buy them
  3. Avoid exploring ideas which are difficult to realize or implement.
  4. If your good idea is stolen, you must know how to win it back by enhancing it.
  5. You do not own any good ideas unless you see it to completion
  6. All good ideas should be tested against second-guessing, deliberation and contemplation.
  7. The difference between a great and a good idea is the person who first thought of it.
  8. Good ideas doesn’t gurantee good results

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40 friends on Facebook I would recommend

*** Original article was published in May 2010 on my Facebook’s note.

Most people on Facebook often recommend themselves with strings of credential. Today, i am going to write about 40 of my friends on Facebook.

• Aaron Koh – Aaron is a social media marketer who advises B2C, B2B and government clients on harnessing social media and the digital space to bring brand awareness directly to consumers.
• Albert Wong – He put on the most friendly smile as a property agent, makes the most difficult case simple.
• Amelia Kang – An owner of several businesses, Amelia is a lady of many talents and taste for finer things in life from wine to gourmet coffee.
• Ande Lai – My mentor and coach when I first started out as a young man, he taught me everything i need to know about creativity and marketing in business.
• Danny Pang – The self made coffee guru in coffee and own the most upbeat coffee chain in Singapore, a trainer of Barista.
• David Wee – The management thought leader ahead of our time, he refines The New Normal
• Dennis Ng – an expert in Personal Finance and Housing Loans. He is a qualified Financial Planner who is often sought after for his comments in newspapers, magazines, Radio and even TV.
• Eric Feng – the most charismatic young trainer and coach for public speaking i have ever seen. The best selling author of 2 successful and practical book on public speaking.
• Eunice Tan – member of the Association of Image Consultants International, the founding member of the International Civility Trainers Consortium and image consultant for the reality TV show The Wedding Affair
• Evelyn Pek – A Well-connected and well-informed lady, but elegant with a non threatening spirit.
• Freddy Ngiam – The man who own the largest local job portals in Singapore. His humble approach masks his years of experience handling B2B business
• Genecia Luo – A beauty queen who train other beauty queens. She is a Life Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Choreographer and Host.
• George Wong – He is dubbed the God of Wine in Singapore, the guy who teach the French how to enjoy French wine.
• James Leong – He is 1/3 of the NLP Trinity in Singapore with Raj and Lance. Their insights on Enneagram and its application in coaching and building rapport is unparallel.
• Jenny Yeo – A dynamic and hot lady who can fool you easily with her age. Her restaurant in Sembawang was featured on TV within months after opening.
• Joyce Teo – A teacher by profession, an entrepreneur in the heart. She personify custom gift by her unique dedication to her business.
• Kenneth Kwan – His motivation methods make even the most self-motivated people go to their next level.
• Kloudiia Tay IIng – Kloudiia is may be petite in person, but powerful with her pen. A trust ghost writer for all aspiring and busy writers
• Leonard Wee – The sticker man who created a practical advertising medium which anyone can carry along everyday and everywhere they go.
• Liu Weiying – The only lady in Singapore I know who has a passion for singles above 40 and beyond.
• Lucretius Goh – Lucretius is a fine gentleman that combines a leader’s mind and a servant’s heart. His assets are his connections and how he maintains them as he journeys on his caree
• Lydia Gan – A designer, match maker, counselor and image consultant all in one. While there are many sits out there teaching guys how to win a woman’s heart, Lydia is the only one who has a site teaching men how to wow a lady.
• Magicbabe Ning – The Magic lady who performs the most incredible illusion with a great smile.
• Merry Riana – My fellow Spirit of Enterprise honouree in 2008, Merry is a charming lady with a rag to riches story and a passion to share and teach.
• Min Zhen – My most trusted lady for any media interview, she never out of topics to share.
• Nanz Chong Komo. The lady who makes a name out of $1.99, she continues to draw from her experiences to impact people especially women to make a difference in life.
• Nazran Ahmad – The coolest young man I have ever seen with a flair to make huge group comfortable with his presence
• Pearlin Siow – Many authors struggle with one book, she produced 5 in less than 2 years. Most will write about themselves, she loves to expound others’ achievement.
• Prasanna Srinivasan – Pras is the most dedicated information system project manager I have worked with. We ever stayed up till 3am working on a project together to get it ready for launch the next morning.
• Rovena – the most hardworking business networking organiser and planner in my circle. She is connected to every known business networking groups in Singapore and around the region.
• Rovin Wong – No Makeover is impossible with creative scissors under his hands and a keen eye for drawing out the best in you through his photography skills. .
• Samson Zee – A most fun loving host I have worked with, a certified life Coach and motivational speaker all in one. Sam has hosted big event of more than 10,000 people.
• Sarah Goh Yin – A lawyer by day, a study coach by night. Sarah is always a motivated giving person with proven track record of success.
• Stanley Leong – The rare male radio DJ, Host and Producer with a gentle voice and a sharp mind
• Teo Yong Song (Danny Teo 蒋荣煊) – the most certified and qualified person I have seen in many areas including training, consultancy, coaching, mentoring, etc.
• Terence Tan – Accommodating yet professional photography, willing to make a lot of adjustment to ensure assignment are done as painlessly as possible.
• Valerie Song – Her mission is matching Great people with Great Companies on a daily basis. She is relentless in searching for the most suitable human talent for many MNCs today.
• Violet Lim – The first official match maker in Singapore who gives a refreshing brand approach to match making. The most featured and interviewed lady I know of all my friends.
• Willy Foo – The guy who truly merge cutting edge technology and photography in one. Again another fellow Spirit of Enterprise honouree in 2008.
• Wily Lim – A social media master coach who created the first ever Social Media certification course in Asia.

** For the rest of my friends whose names are not found here, please do not be offended. I have more creative ways to acknowledge all the difference you made in my life……coming soon :)

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THRIVE: Ordinary Enterprises, Extraordinary Entrepreneurs

THRIVE: Ordinary Enterprises, Extraordinary Entrepreneurs
By Sant Qui

In this SOE publication, we uncover the success secrets of 10 previous SOE Honourees; extraordinary entrepreneurs who have “been there, done that”. They are the mastermind behind some of Singapore’s most successful companies and well-known brands.

In addition, discover how the 144 Spirit of Enterprise Nominees 2008 excel and thrive in their businesses.  This book features in-depth, full length stories of the above mentioned entrepreneurs. Each individual chapter features an entrepreneur’s business story, where they share rare insights about the business strategies that have helped them achieve the level of success they enjoy today.

This group of entrepreneurs come from all walks of life and have successfully built their business in their chosen industry. Many of them started with seemingly ordinary business ideas and in the process, created thriving enterprises. Learn from each of them as they relate, in their own words, how they started and overcame the odds to build a successful business.

Find out what are some of the critical business decisions, strategies and the systems and processes that they had used to propel their start-ups into profitable businesses. Each of their unique and personal stories will inspire you to take action and provide you with useful ideas to apply in your own business.

Learn, Apply and Thrive!

You can get a copy of this book at Kinokuniya at Takashimaya and Liang Court, MPH at Citylink, Raffles City, Marina Square and Robinson stores, Select at Tanglin Mall and Borders at Wheelock Place.
You can also order the book directly with SOE.  For book order and enquiry, please contact us at:
Tel: (65) 64635011             (65) 64635011
Fax: (65) 64635022
Email: enquiry@soe.org.sg

Retail Price @ $22 inclusive of GST

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