Social Media as a Marketing Channel

Social Media marketing is about marketing your products and services in a social manner. Increasingly, more people will be buying from you because 4 out of 5 of their friends have said you are reliable and enjoyed a great experience with your brand. They help you to sell by giving you their “likes” and “recommendation” […]

Colour of the Year (2000-2012)

Colour of the Year (2000-2012) View more presentations from Andrew Chow   2000 According to Pantone, Cerulean Blue is the colour of “the sky on a serene, crystal clearday”. The colour was chosen as consumers were seen as seeking inner peace and spiritual fulfilment in the new millenium 2001 This colour was drastically different from […]

Leveraging on Social Media for Strategic Marketing

14 July is an event day for me, shortly after finishing a talk in North East CDC, I rushed down to Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay hotel for Strategic Marketing Forum organised by the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). I am placed as the final speaker to wrap up the day. Introduction Enterprises today are tasked […]