Social Media as a Marketing Channel

  • Social Media marketing is about marketing your products and services in a social manner.
  • Increasingly, more people will be buying from you because 4 out of 5 of their friends have said you are reliable and enjoyed a great experience with your brand. They help you to sell by giving you their “likes” and “recommendation”
  • If you require new insight about your market and target audience, your market survey can be created easily and shared to millions of people. The insight can be obtained within a very short period for you to position yourself much better than before.  A poll can be easily done through social media-ready platforms like
  • Social media Celebrities with huge following can become your brand ambassadors by sharing about your products and service through their blogs which may enjoy tens of thousands of page views daily.
  • Printing new brochure can be a challenging task. On social media, your brochures are viewed and downloaded on a server, shared by many who do not even know you from platforms like  Slideshare
  • Professional corporate video can be created within minutes with just photographs, royalty-free soundtrack and good script, disturbed on the 2nd most popular search site in the world from platforms like Animoto.
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Colour of the Year (2000-2012)


  1. 2000
    • According to Pantone, Cerulean Blue is the colour of “the sky on a serene, crystal clearday”.
    • The colour was chosen as consumers were seen as seeking inner peace and spiritual fulfilment in the new millenium
  2. 2001
    • This colour was drastically different from the sky blue Cerulean that was chosen the year before.
    • It was more exciting, refreshing and feminine
  3. 2002
    • True Red was a different variation ofthe previous years reddish colour.
    • True Red was chosen to symbolise the impact of the September 11 attacks2003
  4. 2003
    • 2003 saw the return of a blue hue.
    • Pantone chose the Aqua Sky colour as a cool colour was meant to restore hope and serenity.
  5. 2004
    • Orange became the hip colour, according to Pantone.
    • The colour orange was given a touch of exoticism
  6. 2005
    • 2005 saw a reversal to a blue colour again.
    • But this time in a more calming shade
  7. 2006
    • Instead of red, blue or orange hues, Pantone chose a neutral colour.
    • The neutral shade symbolised concern over the economy.
  8. 2007
    • After a neutral shade, its back to a red hue again.
    • Chilli Pepper was chosen for its”pizzazz and sophistication”.
  9. 2008
    • Back to blue but this time with a tinge of purple.
    • The mix of purple and blue suggests dependability and magic.
  10. 2009
    • Mimosa yellow remains prevalent in todays clothes and accessories
    • The colour was chosen because it is warm, cheerful, and sparks imagination and innovation.
  11. 2010
    • It was a return to turquoise in2005
    • The colour was chosen because it is an inviting, luminous hue in spiring soothing thoughts and tropical water.
  12. 2011
    • The pink hue is extremely feminine but not too over the top.
    • Honeysuckle was chosen because it is uplifting and optimistic.
  13. 2012
    • Orange has grown in popularity among designers and consumers.
    • The reddish orange Tangerine Tango was chosen to provide the energy boost needed to recharge and move forward.
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Leveraging on Social Media for Strategic Marketing

14 July is an event day for me, shortly after finishing a talk in North East CDC, I rushed down to Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay hotel for Strategic Marketing Forum organised by the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM).

I am placed as the final speaker to wrap up the day.


Enterprises today are tasked with challenges to successfully implement good strategies, initiatives and ideas to achieve the desired results. Business needs are changing rapidly; active competition generates more choices and new technologies alter the business landscape. Pressured with volatile economic climate, restructuring, privatisation, downsizing and stiffer competition behind them, enterprises need to concentrate on growth and protect their business interests more than ever. This should begin with the marketing strategy.

This two-day forum is designed to provide an ideal platform to learn about how today’s consumers think and behave, how they react to the various media profiles and campaigns, where they search for information on products and services, what values organisations should develop and highlight to best meet their customers’ expectations, etc.

This forum is not just about marketing mix, brand extension, communication strategies or channel marketing. It also strives to look towards the future and provide insights for a successful relationship with the customers and clients. You will also gain practical knowledge on social media, emerging trends and marketing ROI, as well as from real case-studies.


Benefits to You

This forum is also a good opportunity to interact with a leading panel of speakers, and learn about:

·        New Perspectives on International Marketing

·        How to Align Marketing with the Corporate Business Strategy

·        Getting Valuable Customer Understanding from Your Research

·        The Rise and Wherefores of Social Media

·        How to Create Brands with Emotions

·        Defining and Measuring True Marketing Success Metrics

·        Why Everything in Marketing Has Changed and What to Do About It, etc.


Programme Outline

CONFERENCE – Thursday (July 14, 2011):


·         Product and Marketing Innovation Strategies

By Angela Koch, Chief Ideas Facilitator, Invitro Innovation

·         Revenue Accelerating Marketing and PR Strategies

By Frederic Moraillon, Executive Director & Co-founder, Anthony Alexander Partners

·         Strategic Marketing Research and Analysis

By Mike Sherman, Marketing/Insights and CRM Consultant

·         Aligning Marketing with the Corporate Business Strategy

By Jitain Shah Singh, Managing Director, Strategy Plus Consultants


·         How to Create Brand with Emotions

By Shauna Li Roolvink, Principal Consultant, BrandHub

·         Digital Marketing in Creating an Effective Brand Identity

By Shauna Li Roolvink, Principal Consultant, BrandHub

·         Measuring True Brand and Marketing ROI

By Angela Sim, Managing Director, Roi Strategy Consultants

·         Leveraging Social Media

By Andrew Chow, Founder, IdeaMart (Singapore)


WORKSHOP – Friday (July 15, 2011):


Workshop I:

Designing and Implementing A Strategic Marketing Plan

By Jitain Shah Singh, Managing Director, Strategy Plus Consultants


Workshop II:

Designing and Implementing An Effective Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

By Pamela Wigglesworth, Founder of Experiential Hands-on Learning


Who Must Attend

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), VPs/Directors/GMs/Managers/Team Leaders/Senior Executives who are in charge of Strategic Marketing, which includes the areas of Branding, Marketing Communications, Advertising & Promotions, Customer Experience, Market Research, Business Development & Sales, etc.

Through open discussions and share of knowledge, you will get a practical perspective that shapes today’s marketing strategies and best practices:

·        Thought leaders providing insights into forthcoming marketing trends

·        Designed around your needs through industry research and analysis

·        Interactive workshops focused on practical solutions

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