How to Prepare yourself for Business Networking? (BFM interview 1/4)

1. ____________ where you should network. Not All venues are right for all people. Do your research and find the venues that make sense for your business. 2. Make a decision about which ___________________ You should join and which you don’t have to join in order to gain value from their events. For example, does […]

Andrew Mason has “X” Factor!

Do you know who Andrew Mason is? You have probably never heard of this guy right? Well here is his claim to fame: He graduated Northwestern University in 2003 with a music degree He had a delivery service called Bagel Express He was a failed webdesigner who returned to being an engineer in a recording […]

Council spot-on about leadership renewal

Council spot-on about leadership renewal Published on Mar 31, 2012 I SUPPORT the Singapore Sports Council’s move to encourage succession planning in organisations (‘Outgoing shooting chief takes aim at Sports Council’; Sunday). Some office bearers spend far too much time cementing their positions over a lengthy period, and for a variety of reasons. They refuse […]

Passion l Purpose l Progress : APSS Annual Convention 2012

  7-8 May 2012 l Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore Asia Professional Speakers Singapore are looking forward to the main event of their year on 7-8 May 2012. Their Annual Convention is set to be one of the biggest and best ever, with the list of speakers looking like a list of Who’s Who in the […]

Identify the main difference between Mass Media and Social Media

  Though mass media and social media may seems like a odd couple, they are made for each other if you want a hybrid communication strategy to reach out to all levels of target audience and gain meaningful engagement Pin It

How do I know if my company is ready for social media?

There are 8 key categories of concern for all company to be assessed before embarking on social media journey. 1.      Their Senior Management must be interested in leveraging Social Media as a new marketing channel and  understands that Social Media is a long term priority  2.      Social Media Knowledge Level of the Company which includes […]

Why companies are not adopting social media?

There are 10 main reasons why many companies are not embracing social media as part of their business strategy. Interestingly, they all begin with the letters which form the word SOCIAL MEDIA S – Strategy. Companies do not have a clear game plan, not sure of their target audience and objectives of being on social […]

Social Media adds value in Customer Relations Management

Social Media adds value in Customer Relations Management You get customer sentiment about your latest policy within days and able to make adjustment very quickly if needed. (chat) Customers and prospects can sign up your mailing list with just their Facebook account and you get more information automatically than just a name / email. (Open […]

Social Media as a Marketing Channel

Social Media marketing is about marketing your products and services in a social manner. Increasingly, more people will be buying from you because 4 out of 5 of their friends have said you are reliable and enjoyed a great experience with your brand. They help you to sell by giving you their “likes” and “recommendation” […]