Small Talk, Big Returns

Small Talk, Big Returns

This is a relatively new program produced by Bharati Jagdish. The slot is is Monday – Friday, 7.48am

If you wish to catch the repeat broadcast on Monday, 5.20pm, Saturday, 12.10pm, 2.10pm, 6.10pm, 8.10pm, 10.10pm

Small talk is defined as light conversation for social occasions. But instead of talking about the weather, let’s talk about how you can translate talk into action for career and business success. How can you cultivate a service culture in your organisation, market your business with limited funds, work more efficiently and network effectively for business success. Join Bharati Jagdish and her guests as they take small talk to a new level on “Small Talk, Big Returns”.

My chat with Bharati Jagdish will be aired into a few segments from 19-25 April 2012.

  • 20 April – DIY Public Relations for Small and Medium Enterprises – How you can craft your key messages in a more compelling fashion in your media release and communications
  • 19 April – DIY Public Relations for Small and Medium Enterprises – How to get maximum publicity with limited funds
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Romancing the Media (How speakers and trainers can create a buzz in the media)

January Meeting: Thursday 12 January 2012
VENUE:Rendezvous Hotel, Bras Basah Road, Singapore6.00 pm ADDED-VALUE SESSION
Reading Body Language for Speakers and Trainers

7.30 pm
Romancing the Media
Dressing for Success on the Platform


Presentation #1

Romancing the Media
How speakers and trainers can create a buzz in the media
with Andrew Chow

Public relations is an art every speaker must acquire for publicity and personal branding. While social media keeps the conversation going, your exposure in the mass media can elevate your status as the authority in your subject of expertise.

Approaching the media is just like dating. We need to do some homework, preparation and even scripts at times when we are on the way to becoming media-savvy. Being featured on radio as a frequent guest or panelist will allow you to speak to hundreds of thousands. Focusing on your content delivery and engaging in conversation with radio hosts are great showcases for potential clients who may be listening to you for the first time.

You will learn:

  • How to make connections with Singapore and Malaysia media
  • How to propose a talk-show series with the media
  • How to get invited back on radio over and over again
  • How to build rapport with the producer on air
  • How to leverage on post-media interviews for marketing
  • Which programmes in Singapore radio are suitable for you?

About Andrew :

Andrew Chow is a certified life coach, entrepreneur, speaker and a self-made news maker with over 200 interviews and features in 5 years in regional media and press. Andrew has appeared on Positive Business Minutes, a month-long programme on radio 938live, twice in 18 months.

Andrew founded Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd in 1994, won the Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2008 and the Successful Entrepreneur Award in 2010. He is fondly called ‘ideasandrew” in all his social media connections. He has also founded several social networking portals with over 10,000 profiles. Andrew is a Professional Member of APSS and also serves as a member of the Exco.

To register : email –

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Movie Launch : Friends with Benefits (21 Sep 2011)

Event : Friendship with Benefits
Offering : Buffer Dinner, Wine and Movie!
Date : 21 Sep 2011
Time : 6.30pm – 9pm (Wed)
Movie : Friends with Benefits
Price : $30/pax, $55/pair if signed up with a friend.
Venue : Cathay Cineleisure Level 6 – Preview Lounge

Program (subject to slight change) :

6.30 – 7.00 – Welcome and Cocktail
7.00 – 7.20 – Ice Breakers (Vanessa)
7.20 – 8.00 – Dinner & Social Networking
8.00 – 8.30 – Talk on Love Yourself, Embrace Your Body Shape (Vanessa)
8.30 – 9.00 – More Social Networking
9.00 – 9.15 – “Destiny Draw”
9.15 – Movie starts

** Please bring lots of namecards as we are expecting more than 100 pax

RSVP : with “Name/Mobile/Gender

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Build Your Personal Brand online with EzineArticles

Original :

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Participate in trial promotion of MASEGO THE SAFARI SPA of $98, and get a DVD of Andrew Chow Relationship Talkshows



The first and the biggest Safari-themed concept spa nestled in SAFRA Jurong, experience a lush spa haven right here at Masego. Be welcomed by the gentle humming of tropical birds as you relax and indulge your senses in signature spa therapies inspired by Mother Nature.

• 14 unique spa tents, including couple suites and VIP rooms
• 9 foot massage stations
• Spacious lounge area
• Steam room facility

As you enter Masego …


Divine Safari Face Spa (S$88|60-min)
This classic facial is a perfect treat to pamper dehydrated skin. Witness instant difference as your skin feels revitalized through a customized treatment regime which includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation and a treatment masque application.
Jewel of the Safari Massage (S$88|60-min)

This healing massage uses a custom-blended aromatic oil blend to relieve muscular tension and enhance overall wellness. Relax, recharge and indulge as stress and muscle aches dissipate into sheer bliss.
Empress Jade Face Spa (S$158|80-min) *Premium*

Lauded in ancient China for its lustrous beauty and therapeutic healing properties, precious Jade stone was used by Empresses and noble ladies to enhance the beauty and luminosity of their skin. This luxurious facial therapy uses unblemished chilled jade rollers to massage and improve micro-circulation, revealing revitalized and supple-new skin.

Detox Wellness & Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (S$168|90-min) *Premium*
This time-tested wellness ritual first detoxifies the body using deep-sea marine algae followed by a full body wrap, followed by a steam bath session to help purge the body of accumulated toxins and completed with a special manual lymphatic drainage massage to activate the various lymph nodes for improved circulation, alleviation of water retention and displacement of toxins and harmful free radicals in the atmosphere. You will feel lighter, refreshed and recharged after this health-boosting spa ritual!

Tier 1
1 session of Divine Safari Face Spa & 1 session of Jewel of the Safari Massage at $98

Tier 2
Top up an additional $58 to upgrade to 1 session of Empress Jade Face Spa & 1 session of Detox Wellness &
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

• Offer is valid till 30 April 2011
• Price before prevailing government taxes
• Prior appointment is required, please call & quote SH-BCP for appointment reservations
• For first time customers to Masego, who are Singaporeans/Singapore PR above 21 years old
• Please present NRIC at spa reception for verification
• Offer is valid for one redemption per NRIC only
• The Management reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this offer without prior notice

Masego The Safari Spa
333 Boon Lay Way, Level 3, Leisure Wing, Singapore 649848
(5-min walk from Boon Lay MRT station)
Tel: 6790 1661

Service is applicable for both genders.

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Personal Branding and Grooming Workshop for Banking Professionals (Vietnam)

Personal Branding & Grooming Workshop for Banking Professionals

  • Date : 19 Jan 2011
  • Venue : Daewoo Hotel Hanoi – 360 Kim Ma Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
  • Fee : USD400
  • Organizer : Talent Pool JSC
  • Partner : John Robert Powers

Daewoo Hotel has received many foreign leaders like Bill Clinton, Sultan of Brunei and China President Wu, etc


  • • What your body language really says about you
  • • Posture in business dealing
  • • Charming posture in Walking, Sitting and Standing


  • • Defining different body shapes and suitable colors for clothing.
  • • Traditional male and female business attire.
  • • Conference, banquet attire for male and female
  • • Individual Consulting


  • • How to eat and use the tools in manner of politeness
  • • Polite style in buffet, cocktail, set menu…
  • • How to set up the seat in term of importance and welcome guests

Trainer : JRP Principal Ms.Vo Thi Xuan Trang


Hair care & Hair cut:

  • • Analyzing face shapes and suitable hairstyles.
  • • Hair care and hair cut

Make-up (Female)/ Grooming (Male)

  • • Body and face hygiene.
  • • Analyzing face shapes and suitable eyebrowns.
  • • Day time make-up



Trainer: Hair Stylish Mr.Tuan Ha Lan & Make- up Artist Le Dung


  • • Understand yourself, strength & weakness
  • • Understand others to have smart behaviour

Trainer : Dr. Nguyen Thi Bich Hong


  • • Managing YOU as a brand
  • • How to network effectively and make an impact
  • • Establishing rapport with 9 different types of people
  • • Seven things you need to know about sharing an idea

Trainer : Andrew Chow

[slideshare id=6927704&doc=extendingyourpersonalinfluence-110214235041-phpapp02]

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In Business, No News is Bad News

Many small and medium enterprises do not really understand how to work with the media to generate buzz and publicity. They often have a misconception that the media publicity is exclusive to big companies having huge budget for public relation specialists providing strategic counsel.

Media relation is both an art and a science. Knowing your basics and adding some creativity and flair will produce an effective pitch.

Understanding what constitute news and knowing what the media and press want will give your company a head start in gaining publicity. Having good publicity about your product and branding will always enhance the public perception on their value.

My first book ‘Romancing the Media for your Business” is an e-book I intend to sell online on Ipad.

Your comments and feedback is appreciated at –

[slideshare id=6599992&doc=romancingthemediaforbusiness-vietnam-110117082207-phpapp01&type=d]

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My Top 10 Most Memorable Moments in 2010

What’s your top 10 moments in 2010?

Before you set new resolutions for 2011, it is always wonderful to reflect on the year and celebrate every wonderful moments so that we can grow from strength to strength.

My very best Top 10 Most Memorable Moments in 2010 are:

10. “The backup Plan” movie launch

On 29 April, Sony Pictures and my company (Table For Six) jointly organized the Back up Plan Movie and Dinner event. Our company conducted a survey on Singapore’ ladies’ backup plans should they remain single for the rest of their lives. The results were insightful and the press/media given us a lot of coverage.

9. Authorised Training Provider for NCSS

In early Jun, I was informed by National Council of Social Service (NCSS)  that I am granted the status to be the Authorised Training Providers for Charitable organisation and VWOs under the VCF Training Grant. I created courses:

  • Developing a Winning Social Media Strategy for NPOs
  • Social Branding for NPOs
  • Getting Sponsorship for VWOs and Publicity for Business
  • Coaching and Developing your Volunteers

8. Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment – Certification.

From 9 Apr till 15 June, I took 6 modules, get through the assessments under Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF). With this Advanced Certificate, I am able to Develop, Train and Assess courses under WSQ framework from WDA.

7. Singles Cruise Asia

Many people would have heard of Dating@Sea since 2007 where it is only open to singles from Singapore. It was all along done with Star Cruises as our cruise partner. Finally from 6-10 Dec, the 1st ever Singapore-Malaysia social event (Single Cruise Asia), a 5D/4N cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Legend of the Seas was organised.

6. Interviewed by Ian Wright for Discovery Channel

It’s not everyday you get to be interviewed by a host from a international media, much more a international celebrity host – Ian Wright. He was in Singapore in May to do a special 10-part episode on Singapore. At the very last part, there is always the angle of singlehood issue in Singapore. I was contacted to create a social event where his team can film the entire event with interviews about myself and some of my participants.

Picture with Ian Wright & Vernetta Lopez

5. Marrying Charity with Art

I had always wanted to do my bid for charity in forging strategic alliance between charities and business entities. I am glad in 2010 I have helped my good friend Ocean Wang to launch her career by painting 3 portraits of F1 drivers : Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber. The Alonso portrait was successful auctioned silently for $4000 in the charity dinner of Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS) with the kind planning and organising service of Annie Chan.

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

Ocean’s blog – The Hand over ceremony is done on 24 Nov


4. 938live guest speaker for Positive Business Minute

3. 1st Malaysia media exposure

Though I have enjoyed more than 120 media and press interview and coverage of myself, business or events in Singapore and international main media, Malaysia was not one of them. This changed in August where I was invited to be interviewed on Malaysia radio BFM 89.9. From then on, i enjoyed 4 weeks of NTV 7 Breakfast show as a regular guest, 2 Newspaper features about being a Dating Coach for Singles Cruise Asia

2. Hosting 200 friends for Walking with Dinosaurs

Walking with Dinosaurs is the most successful and money-making family entertainment theatrical production in the world. For the first time ever, it came to Singapore from 1-12 Dec for a 10-day 20-show performance. My company won the tender to manage the social media marketing platform. One of my deliverables was to raise social brand ambassadors. I was given 200 tickets for the very first show and I invited charities and brand ambassadors to be the first few people to watch it. The turnout was 4000 so I had 5% of the stadium on 1 Dec.

1. Successful Entrepreneur award 2010

Since receiving the Spirit of Enterprise award as an honoure in 2008, this is the 2nd business award I have received in the space of 3 years.

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The importance of Persona Management in Social 3.0 for Business

I am grateful to Felix and Roland for inviting me to speak at their inaugural Entrepreneur Workshop organised by Catalyst Connector on 16 Sep. Persona Management is first of the 3-part series of workshop aimed at challenging entrepreneurs and business owners to do brand audit, brand management and eventual brand communication.

I shared on the 8Ps of Persona Management

1. People

2. Portal

3. Partnership

4. Public Speaking

5. Publication

6. Publicity

7. Public Service

8. Prize

The presentation I did is on Slideshare and the pictures can be downloaded on Flickr

[slideshare id=5229843&doc=personamanagement-100918122130-phpapp02]

The Business of Social 3.0

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My 1st interview on Malaysia Business Radio – BFM 89.9

On 26 August 2010, under the kind arrangement of my KL counterpart, I manage to have my 1st ever interview on Malaysia radio. I was introduced as the Dating Coach from Singapore, who will also be on the Singles Cruise Asia from 6-10 Dec, 2010, set sail from Singapore.

The radio station looks very much like an original office from the outside as you can see from the picture. There is no security counter or pre-arrangement of NRIC verification like Singapore’s mediacorp.

BFM launched in September 2008, and is a 24‐hour independent radio station focused on business news and current affairs. Core programmes include the latest business news and stock market reports from Malaysia and other financial centres, interviews with business personalities, financial analysts, entrepreneurs, technologists and marketers.

BFM also offers business education programmes spanning areas like marketing, finance, technology and business productivity to raise the management proficiency of the Malaysian business and professional community.

BFM targets business executives, business owners, investors and people who aspire to personal and professional success. There is no specific age target as this audience spans all adult age groups. It is their interest in success that defines the listenership, not their age.

My questions from the DJ Angeline Chong were :

  1. Falling in love, getting married and companionship is quite important to many. You’ve met many people from different places. Enlighten us on the differences in dating mindsets between Malaysia and Singapore, for example.
  2. What are some of the indications that one is ready to date?
  3. How does one start looking for a date?
  4. What are some of the best places to meet potential candidates?
  5. What are your thoughts on Internet Dating?
  6. With that, I’m sure everyone has a set of expectations / criteria for someone they’d like to date. And for those who are single, I am sure they are often being told that they have “high” expectations. What are your thoughts on balancing expectations and being realistic?
  7. How about those who are just comfortable with text messages during this modern era? Is that acceptable as a basis for dating and getting to know someone? After all, some profess to be better communicators when not confronted face-to-face. What do you think?
  8. Speaking of shy, for those who are painfully shy, talking to someone of the opposite sex can be such a painstaking task. What are some conversation starters?
  9. Tell us about appearance. When meeting someone for the first time, should someone go all out to dress to impress? What if that person isn’t the dressy sort, or not one who enjoys wearing makeup or high heels? Would that person lose out in any way?
  10. What are some warning signs that indicate one should not continue dating the other party – for oneself and also for the other party?
  11. How honest should one be when dating? What are no-no topics and how should one handle oneself if he or she chooses not to disclose certain information e.g. how many ex-es?
  12. We could on and on about dating, so in summary, what are some effective dating tips for men?
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