7 Great lessons I have learned in my Entrepreneurship Journey

1. Who makes the biggest difference in your journey? Invite a mentor, hire a coach or form a mastermind group? A Coach is responsible for your Performance. He is looking for results. A Mentor is interested in YOU as a person. He is looking for relationship. A mastermind group is interested in Raising Your Game. […]

Andrew Chow : Professional Member in Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore (APSS)

I find it’s a great honor to be a professional member in Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore (APSS), which is an association whose membership is made up of subject experts who are already speaking and/or training professionally, and others who aspire to become professional speakers/trainers.  At the same time, I am invited by the current […]

The “naked” truth of Andrew’s bicycle

My friend Yann did this video after I told him I appreciated his creative editing talents. It was fun, more professional than most home-made videos and creative. There are so many thoughts running through my mind after receiving this video… 1. We need to think and feel like a child at times when we get […]