@ideasandrew is ranked 20th of Top 50 Business Coaches to Follow on Twitter in Dec 2011

According to @EvanCarmichael – 51December 2011 Top 50 Business Coaches to Follow on Twitter

#1) @tonyrobbins9292 – Tony Robbins (Up from #3)
#2) @BrianTracy4447 – BrianTracy (Up from #10)
#3) @pamslim5656 – Pamela Slim (Up from #12)
#4) @AliBrown6464 – Ali Brown (Up from #14)
#5) @mombizcoach6261 – Lara Galloway
#6) @coach_marketing2525 – Naomi Johnson (Up from #15)
#7) @AlexSchleber4144 – Alex Schleber
#8) @womanzworld5655 – Natalie Sisson
#9) @RichCurrie2424 – Rich Currie
#10) @grantcardone4950 – Grant Cardone
#11) @CoachTomFerry3234 – Tom Ferry (Up from #27)
#12) @emyth2625 – E-Myth Worldwide (Up from #28)
#13) @Iamamogul2730 – Charles Major
#14) @WhenIGroUpCoach3535 – Michelle Ward (Up from #30)
#15) @iandicksonbiz2323 – Ian Dickson
#16) @TanveerNaseer4949 – Tanveer Naseer
#17) @mind_steps3332 – Dr Constantin Sander
#18) @steveslaunwhite2319 – Steve Slaunwhite
#19) @TraciKnoppe1819 – Traci Knoppe
#20) @IdeasAndrew4949 – Andrew Chow
#21) @theCoachingblog3837 – Coaching Confidence (Up from #33)
#22) @womensleadershp5858 – Women’s Leadership
#23) @shultquist5151 – Stephen Hultquist
#24) @SolutionCoach2833 – Sean McCarthy
#25) @artistsedge3839 – Debra Russell
#26) @donnafeldman4041 – Donna Feldman
#27) @HarrisonAmy1141 – Amy Harrison
#28) @sreardon4143 – Skip Reardon
#29) @Jason_OToole2525 – Jason OToole
#30) @actioncoachceo1817 – Brad Sugars (Up from #42)
#31) @MPFriedman1111 – m p friedman
#32) @womensdreammag5050 – Adrienne Adams
#33) @SteveBorek3636 – Business Coach Steve (Up from #44)
#34) @valnelson5050 – Val Nelson
#35) @lifecoachamy1111 – life coach amy
#36) @coach4growth3336 – Glenn Smith (Up from #45)
#37) @CoachFeliciaLee1111 – Felicia Lee
#38) @DanteLee1119 – Dante Lee
#39) @deborahmicek1111 – Deborah Micek *Coach
#40) @flipflippen4343 – Flip Flippen
#41) @AspireShawn3127 – Shawn Kinkade
#42) @sheroldbarr4443 – Sherold Barr
#43) @ChallengerGray1111 – ChallengerGray
#44) @Howardmann2534 – Howard Mann
#45) @suzyoge1111 – Suzy Oge
#46) @dianalong1212 – Diana Long (Up from #48)
#47) @ChuckBowen1111 – Business Coach
#48) @BusinessCoachOH1111 – Dennis Willis
#49) @ActionCOACH3131 – Official ActionCOACH
#50) @MsBusine – Ms Business Coach (#50 last month)43
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Andrew Chow : Professional Member in Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore (APSS)

I find it’s a great honor to be a professional member in Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore (APSS), which is an association whose membership is made up of subject experts who are already speaking and/or training professionally, and others who aspire to become professional speakers/trainers.  At the same time, I am invited by the current President Shirley Taylor, which is also the first lady President of the Association to sit in the Ex-Co to serve as a Public Relations representative.

The objectives of the Association are to :

  1. To grow, facilitate, encourage, develop and contribute to the community of speaking professionals in Singapore.
  2. To improve the standard of professional speaking by developing speaking techniques and professionalism, and sharing experiences and expertise among members.
  3. To provide opportunities for members to share their experiences and expertise with the community through seminars and public talks.
  4. To help develop the professional speaking industry and the community of speakers in Asia.
As a professional body, it’s focus will be :
  1. Expertise
    This refers to knowledge, skills and experience, with a particular emphasis on the application of this knowledge, these skills or experience.
  2. Eloquence
    This refers to the art of speaking and the use of powerful and persuasive presentations. It embodies the knowledge and skills of presenting and performing, as well as techniques for creating the proper setting for an effective presentation.
  3. Enterprise
    This refers to the skills needed to undertake a successful speaking business. It involves business management, sales and marketing, and the skills and techniques needed to generate income through speaking engagements and other revenue streams.
  4. Ethics
    This refers to the principles or standards governing the conduct of the members of the speaking profession. It is the foundation and the summation of the three other competencies. It encompasses your reputation, character, integrity, honesty and the building of trust with all of your stakeholders.
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Who Is An Influencer?

A influencer will produce other influencers and become a mentor to them

A influencer never makes decision based on assumptions but from answers by asking the right questions

A influencer will always be creative in managing different people in different situations

A influencer is more interested in people and relationship than projects and results.

A influencer has excellent communication skills by actively listening twice as much as he speaks.

A influencer is an excellent life negotiators who looks for shared interest rather than at different positions

A influencer is always aware of his own body language while observing others’ to establish rapport.

A influencer listens with empathy and speak with sincerity

A influencer has good memory about people but quick to forgive and forget

A influencer knows how to say the right things at the right time with good choice of words

A influencer can get into the minds of difficult people and win them over

A influencer is skilled in drawing attention and sensitive enough to give undivided attention

A influencer lights up his surrounding wherever he goes and will be missed whenever he leaves.

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