Interview : Richard Gavriel, the best Speaker Manager in Singapore

Grace Tan, the star blogger in STOMP and her own famous blog – Working With Grace, interviewed Richard Gavriel, my Speaker Manager.

If you like to find out the his answers to the following questions, check out this post.

1) How did you make the transition from Wedding Planner to Speaker Manager, and what do you love about what you do?

 2) Share with us about how you balance the demands of your work and time for your family. Which comes first – work or family? Why?

3) What are some of Life’s lessons that you’d want to share with your daughter as she’s growing up? 

4)      You’ve mentioned your Christian faith as being a huge factor for your success. How have you applied Christian principles to your work and life, and how has that made a difference? 

5) Share with us some tips on people skills, from your experience of working with people from various walks of life. 

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Review : How to Provide High-Content Virtual Events to Enhance Your Bottom Line

How to Provide High-Content Virtual Events to

Enhance Your Bottom Line

 Date : 8 May 2012

Venue : Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore

Event : Annual Convention 2012

Organiser : Asia Professional Speakers Singapore

Presented by Pamela Jett, CSP

Reviewed by Andrew Chow

Why do virtual events?

Type Pros Cons
Free “public” Easy

No Risk

No profit

Can limit future profit

Client Sponsored Easy

No Risj

Can use their technology

Ceiling on profit
3rd Party Sponsored Easy

Big Audience

Can sell other product/services

Low fee

Play by their rules

Self-Sponsored “Public” Not difficult

Broad reach


Can be daunting

Slight risk


Where do we start?  Ask ourselves some key questions:

  • What’s my delivery platform?
  • What do my competitors charge?
  • What will I charge?
  • Where is my audience located?
  • What time do I schedule?
  • Who will be paying?
  • How will I handle “back office?”

What are some of the marketing strategies?

  • Negative titles sell.
  • Creativity matters.
  • Bullet point descriptions inspire confidence.
  • Offer a “series.”
  • Offer individual and group pricing..
  • Make sure program is recorded.

How to fine tune your delivery?

  • Think “training” – not motivational speaking.
  • Find their pain and be a pain reliever.
  • Tools, tips, techniques create value.
  • Think anecdotes, not stories.

How to Turn your “Stage Presence” into a Compelling “Virtual Presence”


  • Remember the basics of good structure.
  • Provide multiple applications.
  • Pace matters!
  • Energy matters even more!!!


Blunders and How to Avoid Them


  • Telling your “signature story.”
  • Not being interactive.
  • Forgetting the audience is there.
  • Q/A sessions.
  • Too much housekeeping


Most important points to remember!


  • Structure content so your audience knows the R.O.I.
  • Market first, then develop the content!


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Romancing the Media (How speakers and trainers can create a buzz in the media)

January Meeting: Thursday 12 January 2012
VENUE:Rendezvous Hotel, Bras Basah Road, Singapore6.00 pm ADDED-VALUE SESSION
Reading Body Language for Speakers and Trainers

7.30 pm
Romancing the Media
Dressing for Success on the Platform


Presentation #1

Romancing the Media
How speakers and trainers can create a buzz in the media
with Andrew Chow

Public relations is an art every speaker must acquire for publicity and personal branding. While social media keeps the conversation going, your exposure in the mass media can elevate your status as the authority in your subject of expertise.

Approaching the media is just like dating. We need to do some homework, preparation and even scripts at times when we are on the way to becoming media-savvy. Being featured on radio as a frequent guest or panelist will allow you to speak to hundreds of thousands. Focusing on your content delivery and engaging in conversation with radio hosts are great showcases for potential clients who may be listening to you for the first time.

You will learn:

  • How to make connections with Singapore and Malaysia media
  • How to propose a talk-show series with the media
  • How to get invited back on radio over and over again
  • How to build rapport with the producer on air
  • How to leverage on post-media interviews for marketing
  • Which programmes in Singapore radio are suitable for you?

About Andrew :

Andrew Chow is a certified life coach, entrepreneur, speaker and a self-made news maker with over 200 interviews and features in 5 years in regional media and press. Andrew has appeared on Positive Business Minutes, a month-long programme on radio 938live, twice in 18 months.

Andrew founded Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd in 1994, won the Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2008 and the Successful Entrepreneur Award in 2010. He is fondly called ‘ideasandrew” in all his social media connections. He has also founded several social networking portals with over 10,000 profiles. Andrew is a Professional Member of APSS and also serves as a member of the Exco.

To register : email –

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Key Note to CAAS Service Excellence Award : 6Cs of Innovation Culture

Complete Album :

I am honored to be invited as a Key Note Speaker on 30 Sep 2011 for CAAS Excellence Awards Ceremony (EAC)

The CAAS Excellence Awards Ceremony (EAC) is an annual platform that recognises and rewards CAAS divisions and staff who have made significant contributions to CAAS through the IDEAS 2.0 and ALL STAR 2.0 schemes.  The ceremony also recognises activists who have made significant contributions towards the innovation movement.

Innovation Culture ( 6 Cs )

  • COMBINATION : Ensure Everyone agree on the Same Innovation Definition
  • Challenge the Status Quo by Creating New Value from
  1. Combining old ___ with the new ___
  2. Combining internal ___ with external ____
  3. Combining art with science
  4. Logic with emotions
  • CURIOSITY – Have a Curious Enterprise Mindset
    • Ask why : why do I still get lost when I ….
    • Ask how : how can we predict the market demand 24 months ahead of time?
    • Ask where : where are our new customers?
  • Community of DIVERSITY  - Recruit Different Talents = Enjoy DIVERSITY within your workforce
    • Perfectionist?
    • Giver?
    • Performer?
    • Individualist?
    • Observer?
    • Loyalist?
    • Party live wire?
    • Leader?
    • Peacemaker?
  • COMFORT ZONE – Never be too comfortable
    • Life is always a work-in-progress
    • Apple plans a product internally and launch it in phases, to the public that’s a product
  • COLLABORATION : Share your secrets with each other
    • Open source is the way to connection and network
    • Facebook and Google vs Friendster and Microsoft
  • CORPORATE VISION : Create a “Man on the Moon” Vision
    • Do we know where we are going?
    • Do we know the milestone when we reached there?
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Serving in the Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore (APSS) Ex-Co as the PR/Communications Officer

I am delighted to be invited to join the Ex-Co of APSS 2011-2012 as a PR/Communications Officer.

My duties are:

Goal 1:  Increase awareness of APSS in the local community

  • Liaise with external organisations and associations and arrange for cross-promotion and collaboration.
  • Gain increased exposure for APSS and its members in Singapore.
  • Arrange for President or Vice President to conduct talks about APSS for external organisations.
  • Build up a list of media contacts for media releases to be sent.
  • Send out a media release every 2 months promoting APSS events.

Goal 2:  Sell advertising space on APSS newsletter and website (with Pat)

  • Devise a policy for selling advertising space on APSS newsletter and website.
  • Promote and sell advertising space on our newsletter and website.

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