From Publicist to Public

The Publicist behind the V.I.P.

This is a job rarely heard of in Singapore. Publicists are hired to get press coverage for their clients.  Publicists are the traditional media world’s version of cheerleaders.  They prepare the client for media management, how to look, speak and present themselves in the best possible way.   Their ultimate job is to pitch different angles of stories get journalists to write about their client.

The Fun behind the Role.

It is one thing to know how to deal with the media, yet another to coach someone else to do it well. The fun is initiating a concept and the final delivery comes from the clients’ mouth in their own personal way. He is the middle man between the media and the interesting client who has a story to share, a service to announce, an alliance to forge or a dream to fulfill.

The Action behind the Camera

Arranging the interview is simple, managing the smooth procedure of the interview is the real deal. Seeing the final article with the clear messages and even more powerful pictures are the priceless!  Visualizing the best possible impact requires more than just homework. Working with all different stakeholders will put everything together.

The Preparation behind the Scene

I am glad to be the Publicist of Ocean Wang, a gifted Oil Painting Artist to introduce her to Singapore through the mass media. While social media may generate more conversation, it is always the traditional media which contribute meaning original content.

The 2 key messages are why she choose Singapore to bring up her young families and why she choose to paint conceptual portrait of famous people. In this story, she is doing her part for charity with her talent and communicate the messages through her painting.

The final article on The New Paper – 4 Sep 2010, Pg 10-11

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