What will Social Media be in 2012?

Remember the time in the late mid 80s where computers are taking over typewriters, and job advertisement of secretaries say “computer knowledge is preferred but not compulsory”? Then in the late 80s, computer knowledge became extremely important in securing well-paid and demanding jobs

Today we are in the same cross road for social media. It is not taking over our networking or communications with one another. Social Media merely offers a convergence of contents, conversation means and bringing different communities together through different technologies.

It is not just a new communication platform. It is not just an advertising tool. Social Media  is a new way of life which eventually will affect our future way of doing business.

What will we be seeing in 2012 for social Media?

  • It will form a bigger equation in the overall corporate communications strategy. 
  • More training will be needed for many staff of your company. 
  • Hiring the right talent with a balance of skills and Emotional Quotient will be a challenge for a Social Media Manager position. 
  • Social gaming will begin to take centre stage of many apps.
  • Corporate social media in business  strategy will enjoy some serious budget.
  • Social networking will not focus just on size but its quality of network.
  • Going global will be equal to going mobile.

Author : Andrew Chow can be contacted at andrew@ideamart.com.sg

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Bloggers share their hearts about their heartlander place in Singapore – Hong Kah Point

The posts from our bloggers to encourage their followers to soak in the spirit of Lunar New Year 2011 at Hong Kah Point is out! It is located at Blk 501 – 508 at Jurong West St 51.

This is a pilot project to encourage business association of all heartland centres to engage younger generation in heartland areas to rediscover the magic, fun and memories in their estates.

It will eventually lead up to Heartland Fiesta 2011 (1 Apr – 15 May).

Read about how :

The gentlemen :

1. Aussie Pete -  A Pictorial – I Left My Heart In The Heartlands – Hong Kah Point

2. Darren Ng - My Heartland – A Portrait of Hong Kah Point

3. William Tan -Hong Kah Point- The Little Chinatown in the West

4. Shaun Owyong -My Heartland Fiesta 2011- HONG KAH POINT!

The ladies :

1. Christine Ng - Girl Next Door + Panty Guide

2. Lingyi – Hong Kah Point is Hot!

3. Valentine – Eat, Shop and Play at Hong Kah Point this Chinese New Year 2011

4. Gin Wong – ginevi.wordpress.com

The official page of MyHeartLand – http://www.facebook.com/pages/My-Heartland-Singapore/137240103637

Please look for your favourite blogger’s link and vote for them by “like”

The top 3 winning bloggers will be announced by 30 Jan. They stand to win a total ang pow of $600 in cash!.

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In Business, No News is Bad News

Many small and medium enterprises do not really understand how to work with the media to generate buzz and publicity. They often have a misconception that the media publicity is exclusive to big companies having huge budget for public relation specialists providing strategic counsel.

Media relation is both an art and a science. Knowing your basics and adding some creativity and flair will produce an effective pitch.

Understanding what constitute news and knowing what the media and press want will give your company a head start in gaining publicity. Having good publicity about your product and branding will always enhance the public perception on their value.

My first book ‘Romancing the Media for your Business” is an e-book I intend to sell online on Ipad.

Your comments and feedback is appreciated at – andrew@ideamart.com.sg

[slideshare id=6599992&doc=romancingthemediaforbusiness-vietnam-110117082207-phpapp01&type=d]

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New Course for SNEF : Media Management for Non-Public Relations Managers

(left to right) Agnes Cheng (Bata Shoe), Leonardo Wong (Singapore Chinese Orchestra), Jurcannie Yeong (Manpower Staffing Services), Oei Qi (ESTA), myself, M.K. Tan (Mitsui & Co), Ya-Ting (Multico Infracore Holdings), Soraya (Silkair), Michelle (Singapore Chinese Orchestra)

On 13 Dec, I trained a small class of 8 participants from SMEs on “Media Management for Non-Public Relations Managers”. The small class enabled me to focus on applications close to the hearts of participants with reference to their companies or industries. The course was designed by me and marketed jointly with Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF)

The topics covered were:

1. Introduction to Mass Media

2. Establishing positive relationship with the media

  • —6 ways to build friendship
  • —Press Release: What else are Keys besides Key Messages
  • —4 phases of preparing for interview: Person & Radio

3. Delivering the creative pitch

  • —Prepare a yearly overall media publicity plan
  • —Building your media database
  • —Strategies of pitching
  • —Corporate Social responsibility
  • —Survey for Insights
  • —The Insider, Current Affair, Thematic Event
  • —Love/$/Sex

4. Preparing for event coverage

  • —Customers/ Venue/ Sponsors

5. Executing a Media Crisis Management Plan

  • —10 Hard Questions and Answers
  • — The Management of Social Media in Crisis Management

[slideshare id=5691046&doc=mediamanagementfornon-prmgrs-101107011858-phpapp01&type=d]

Anyone who is keen on the next course can contact Shirlin – shirlin_lee@snef.org.sg

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My 1st Successful Charity Project – linking Lutheran Community Care Services and Ms Ocean Wang

After months of conceptualizing a art project which will charity organisation with the passion of a racing sport – F1 Grand Prix, the Lutheran Community Care Services Gala Dinner puts a wonderful full-stop to a beautiful journey.

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

Almost a year ago, my good friend Ocean Wang were in advanced stage of pregnancy, and decided to paint portrait of famous people. I suggested F1 drivers as Singapore was preparing for our 3rd Night Race since 2008.

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

Believe it or not, we chosen Lewis Hamilton (not in picture), Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso months before F1 comes to Singapore. Little did we know the same 3 drivers were on top 3 driver standing vying for the ultimate driver championship. Though it went to Sebestian Vettel, it was a fun journey.

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

Ocean had always wanted to impact the society in her unique ways, though she didnt know exactly how her paintings at that time will achieve that objective.


At about the same time, I was giving training to many VWOs, one of them was Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS) where I met Rev Daniel Ang, the Executive Director. He was convinced that the new media is the way to go in engaging the public and the client they serve.

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

Intuitively, I visualise the linkage between F1 racing and the youth (client of LCCS). Ocean and I shared the same concern that the the problems youth are facing today are like challenges F1 drivers are facing. There decisions to be made and dangers to risk. There is a need for pit stop and the staff and volunteers of LCCS are like the crews of the team to help refuel, change the wheels and strategise for the rest of the race. This process is termed “Changing Stories, Transforming Lives” – the tag line of LCCS.

Finally on 19 Nov 2010, during the inaugural Charity Golf and Gala Dinner organised by LCCS in Orchid Country Club, we managed to put up the 2 paintings for silent auction.

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110
Ocean was very excited!

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

The guest of Honour is Mr Ang Mong Seng, MP for Hong Kah GRC (Bukit Gombak)

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

Yes! We sat at table 24!

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

Ocean is awarded with the Certificate of Appreciation from LCCS and she is gracious enough to share the limelight with me. :)

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

We did a silent auction of both painting during the dinner to raise funds. At the time of this post, I heard there is a gentleman by the name of Peter who got the highest bid for Fernando Alonso’s portrait. Many thanks for Annie Chan, who coordinated all the event schedule and the wonderful hosting by Sebestian Sim.

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110


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Social Media Seminars/Workshops – testimonials for Andrew Chow

Over the last few weeks, I have receive many positive feedback from some of my corporate client who attended my social media seminars/workshops.

Some of the sharing for Social Media Workshop (Planning and Implementation Strategy) are:

“I am impressed by Andrew’s knowledge and willingness to coach in a one-day workshop, Implementing a Winning Strategy for Social Media. He is an excellent presenter and coach. I am sure the class will benefit a lot from his sharing. Most of all, his passion for social media is undeniable.” – WENDY POH

“With the evolution of social media becoming the place to access latest information, news and buzz, it is becoming more imperative for organizations to know how to harness the right new media strategies and channels to deliver the right messages or handle PR and Media Relations online. Andrew’s classes are very insightful with deep sharing on the above, helping executives to have a great overview on how they can implement social media in their companies.” – Jolene Ng

“Andrew’s course is a lot better than the usual SSTI courses, Specifically because he gives very practical tips, a lot of doable ideas with case studies. So they are not based on theory” – Christine Ng, Manager. Communications and Partnership, Singapore Aftercare Association” -

“The Implementing a Social Media Strategy seminar conducted by Andrew Chow was both informative and well presented. It provided a clear macro view over the various social media tools out there and gave me a in depth understanding of how each of them work and how they can supplement each other in social media strategies. Although the course was for VWOs, Andrew was kind enough to provide us with corporate examples and bring us into discussion from a non-VWO stand point, which provided for much valuable discussion. Overall, the seminar has been instrumental in setting our priorities on how we will engage social media within our organisation and we look forward to implementing a robust and engaging social media platform for all our customers.” – Jith Joseph, Asst Manager, Group Corporate Communications, Parkway Health

“Andrew is clearly an expert in the fields of branding, PR and Social Media. He has provided us with great direction in formalising our social media strategy and will be referring business his way.” – Melvin Byres -

“Andrew is knowledgeable and passionate about Social Media Branding. He walks the talk and integrated much of social media into his lifestyle. He is an excellent trainer and consultant who who has a fertile mind full of ideas and imagination. He is fun to work with.” – Rev Daniel Ang – daniel.ang@lccs.org.sg

“Andrew has provided insights of how we could integrate the various social media tools into our marketing strategy for boasting Marina Bay’s presence. Useful source of references are been provided to aid us in outsourcing on an appointed e-marketing contractor in servicing our organisation (eg. List of urls, Materials related to guidelines, policies and assessment for analytical purpose). Overall, I find the course enriching as it create an interactive learning environment among participants. Andrew managed to arise interest of participants by actively engaging to our questions and provided constructive solutions” – Belle Tan § Place Management Executive § Marina Bay Development Agency

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Qualities to Look For in a Life Partner

As part of the pre-event publicity for the Singles Cruise Asia (6-10 Dec 2010), I am invited to NTV7 on The Breakfast Show hosted by Daphne Iking and Hansen Lee on 17 Sep.

ntv7 first came on air on 7th April 1998 and was Malaysia’s third private free-to-air TV station. The station specialized in urban and international content and catalyzed profound growth in the media industry across Malaysia

The 4-part series started off with my discussion on “6+1 Qualities to look for in a Life Partner”

The interview is on youtube, the material is on slideshare and the pictures of the studio/behind the scene is on Flickr

This is how they introduce me at the beginning of The Breakfast Show at 8.30am


My actualy interview at 9.46am


My notes and illustration on the Qualities to Look out for in a Life Partner

[slideshare id=3632796&doc=7qualitiestolookfor-100404065441-phpapp01]

All the backstage and studio pictures taken by Jeamie Lee, my capable Public Relations Manager in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

170910 - The Breakfast Show @ NTV7 (Qualities to look for in a Life Partner)

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The importance of Persona Management in Social 3.0 for Business

I am grateful to Felix and Roland for inviting me to speak at their inaugural Entrepreneur Workshop organised by Catalyst Connector on 16 Sep. Persona Management is first of the 3-part series of workshop aimed at challenging entrepreneurs and business owners to do brand audit, brand management and eventual brand communication.

I shared on the 8Ps of Persona Management

1. People

2. Portal

3. Partnership

4. Public Speaking

5. Publication

6. Publicity

7. Public Service

8. Prize

The presentation I did is on Slideshare and the pictures can be downloaded on Flickr

[slideshare id=5229843&doc=personamanagement-100918122130-phpapp02]

The Business of Social 3.0

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Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs in Singapore

Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs in Singapore : The Business of Social 3.0 – Workshop One – Transformation – http://ow.ly/2CaQe


A Series of Workshops on Making Social Media Work for Your Business

by Catalyst Connector


16 September 2010 – Brewerkz Riverside Point

THE BUSINESS OF SOCIAL 3.0 is a series of Workshops on Making Social Media Work for Your Business by Catalyst Connector.

WORKSHOP ONE – TRANSFORM addresses the issues of how to make Social Media work in the business world and provides guidelines on the role of corporate Persona Management.

Whether a corporation or start-up, companies nowadays have to face and deal with many communities – its staff, suppliers, customers, partners and regulatory bodies. While it maintains a single outlook and projects a distinct image, it has to maintain multiple personas, carefully balancing each with the other to maintain credibility toward success. Balancing and maintaining all these various personas is a delicate act.

In the age of Social Media, the power of blogs, tweets, feeds and Facebook, are forcing upon businesses an onslaught of messages, feedback, critique and commentary. Business partners and potential business partners form opinions prior to a meeting. Rumors, opinions and reputations spread at the speed of light – often without the participation, or even knowledge, of the protagonist. It is critical that businesses, especially startups and SMBs, develop the ability to monitor, measure and manage their online personas to enhance their business networking and matching opportunities.

About Catalyst Connector

At Catalyst Connector, our strategy capitalizes on social voice as a policy, utilizing infrastructure and applications with a proven methodology to manage and maintain positive energy to pro-actively acquiring prospective customers and partners.

The Business of Social 3.0



Summary: Making Social Media Work in the Business World and the role of corporate Persona Management

Intended Audience:

  • Entrepreneurs and Senior Management in New Media and Business Development
  • Developers seeking to understand how to sell technology or services into a social space, and how to leverage on use of social media to generate business leads.
  • Agency Directors in Account Service and Media Planning.
  • Senior Executives in brand activation and marketing operations.
  • Anyone who seeks the use of digital marketing and social media for international business networking and matching to achieve revenue opportunities.

Date: 16 September 2010

Venue: Brewerkz Riverside Point, 30 Merchant Road #01-05/06, Riverside Point

Sign Up Now For FREE

Registration starts at 1:30pm

Time Agenda
1:30pm Registration
2:00pm Workshop Series Overview : The Business of Social 3.0

  • Overview of Workshop Series
  • Networking and Business Matching in the Age of Social Media
  • How businesses can harness social media to give them the competitive edge
3:30pm Workshop: Transforming your Business with Social Media and the Role of Persona Management (Part 1)

  • Persona – It’s Not Personal
  • What is Persona Management
  • Why is it so important in your journey
  • Persona communication techniques and tools
4:30pm Tea Break
5:00pm Workshop: Transforming your Business with Social Media and the Role of Persona Management (Part 2)
6:00pm Networking & Business Matching
8:00pm End
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Charity Auction of 3 Oil Painting of F1 Drivers : Hamilton, Alonso & Webber

  • To celebrate the 3rd F1 event in Singapore on 24-26 Sep,  Ocean, a British citizen; mother of 3 in Singapore would like to donate proceeds of her oil painting in a F1 Charity Auction. The adopted charity will be Teen Challenge.
  • After 6 months, Ocean has just finally completed 3 canvas each 1.6m x 1m of:
    • Fernando Alonso (2008 Singapore Champion),
    • Lewis Hamilton (2009 Singapore Champion)
    • Mark Webber (2010 runner-up leader in standing)
  • Ocean looks forward to connect with Singapore GP to make this event successful and bring a Corporate Social Responsibility element to the Grand event.
  • We would like to any parties to explore assisting the following:
    • Press Release of Charity event (details will be discussed and finalized by Ideas & Concepts). Ideas & Concepts will do it jointly with interested parties
    • Organize the event in a Auction cum Cocktail event in either Hilton or Four Season
    • Link up with the designated hotel to display the oil paintings about 7 days before the auction
    • Assist to have the 3 drivers to make a cameo appearance to sign on the canvas
    • Invite high profile or VIP of Singapore GP to attend and participate the auction
  • All net proceedings will be donated to the adopted charity after the event is over.

Any interested parties, please contact Andrew – andrew@ideamart.com.sg by 5pm, Wed, 1 Sep 2010

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