Facebook Disclaimer : An excellent template for usage/interaction policy from Spirit of Enterprise Group

This is one of the best usage/interaction policy statement any Facebook page owner or group owner can have within its description


SOE Facebook Disclaimer

You agree, through use of this Facebook page:

- That you will not post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person’s privacy, or which otherwise breaches any law;

- That advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations constitute inappropriate use of the forum. However, if you can offer expertise, guidance or information on given subjects, please do so, but do not offer this advice as an attempt to sell your own product or service. Any attempt to solicit customers may result in removal from this page.

- Given that posts appear in real-time, it is impossible for SOE to review a post before it becomes publicly readable. SOE cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any post. SOE does actively monitor posts, but is not responsible for the content of posts. A post expresses the views of its author and does not represent the views of SOE and SOE shall not be liable for any postings.

- That you are solely responsible for the content of your post and you indemnify SOE in respect of any costs, expenses, losses, damages, or claims arising out of your use of this forum. SOE reserves the right to reveal your identity in the event of any complaint or legal action arising from any person posting a message. By contributing to this forum, you consent to your post being altered, edited, or adapted in any way SOE sees fit or removed without providing any reason.

- Any user who has an objection to a post is encouraged to contact the Facebook moderator, on secretariat@soe.org.sg. Please contact the moderator directly and not through Facebook itself.

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Social Media 247 – Everything you need to know to leverage social media for business success

Trying to understand social media is like teenagers trying to understand love. Everyone is curious about falling in love but very few know the commitment attached to it.

This book is not about providing you with 247 proven social media tips for business success. Neither is it about revealing 247 social media applications from all the strategies discussed.

Social Media 247 is really about taking social media management and development as a lifestyle, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.





Social Media Fundamentals

1. A Peek Into the Future

2. Content is King

3. Conversation is Queen

4. Community is Everyone Else

Social Media Applications

5. Are You a Brand or Bland?

6. Let’s Get Professionally Social

7. Conversational Marketing

8. Social Media is the Real Public Relations

9. Customer Relations Management 2.0

10. Internal Communication Comes First

11. Seductive Sourcing and Talent Community

12. Corporate Social Responsibility Takes on a New Meaning

13. Retail Beyond the Four Walls

14. Social B2B versus Social B2C

15. Having MICE in Mind

Social Media Planning

16. What is Your Game Plan?

17. What is in Your Tool Box?

18. Don’t Get Ready, Be Ready

19. Are You Social Media Etiquette- and Ethics-proof?

20. The Most Challenging 24/7 Job

21. Outsourcing versus In-house

22. Corporate Social Media Policy

23. Which Ones are Right for Us?

24. Are You Web 2.0 Ready?

25. Content Management System

26. Keeping a Corporate Diary

Social Media Implementation

27. The C-level Executive Personal Branding

28. Social Brand Pitfalls

29. Managing Positive, Neutral, and Negative Comments

30. Bring the Social Networking to Your Corporate Portal.

31. Hiring Social Media Celebrities

Social Media Monitoring

32. What’s the Buzz?

33. Discover the Nine Different Personalities on Social Media

34. Social Media Key Performance Indicators


Bonus Chapters

1. The Age of SOLOMO

2. Show Me the Money and Loyalty

To order this online – www.social247media.com

Get an autographed copy from Andrew Chow

at special price of $25 before it reaches the book store in Singapore in middle Oct 2012

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