Breaking up is difficult, Moving on can be easier than you think

Every once in a while, I am approached to give life coaching tips to a certain segment of people struggling with emotional issues which hinder them from moving on in life. A leading female magazine was asking me a series of questions from a group of ladies around 20-plus of age. It will be out […]

Friends with Benefits (There are rules to follow)

    On 17 August, 10am, I was invited to a Industry Sneak Preview of “Friends with Benefits”, to prepare ourselves for the Movie Launch on 27 Sep with Vanessa Tan. Sony Pictures has creatively come up with “rules of engagement” for Friends with Benefits (FWB) * These are just-for-laughs and do not represent my […]

16 great jokes about marriage

When i was organising many singles party, the conversation among people who meet for the first time usually centered around challenges of relationship.¬† Here are some of the popular one-liner which can break ice easily. 1. Marriage is not a word. It’s a sentence…(a life sentence). 2. Marriage is love. Love is blind¬† Therefore¬† marriage […]

Intimate Conversation on Relationship on “Between Us” – late night talk show on Radio 938live

on 23 May, I had a surprise call from Michelle Martin, the presenter and host of Late Night Talk Show – “Between Us” every Monday from 10-11pm. This intimate conversational late-night talk show will address a wide range of everyday relationships. Highly interactive, listeners will be able to share their own stories, connect on Facebook, […]

10 Ways To Know That You Love Someone.

10 Ways To Know That You Love Someone. 1: You talk with him/her late at night and still think of him/her when you go to bed. 2: You walk really slow when you are with him/her. 3: You don’t feel ok when he/she is far away. 4: You smile when you hear his/her voice. 6: […]

Art of Life : There is no such thing as a non-wine drinker

A wise client of mine dealing with wine distribution once said “There is no such thing as a non-wine drinker, he just has not found a wine he likes … yet”. In one of my interviews with a magazine 4 years ago about people finding love and destiny late in their life, i said “There […]

Dating Tips for Busy Professionals in 2011 – by Relationship Coach Andrew Chow on RazorTV

On Christmas eve, I was approached by a good friend in the media – Shi Ting from RazorTV to contribute 4 simple dating tips to busy professionals for a more colourful social life in 2011. The tips were given in less than 5 minutes over phone but the RazorTV team did an excellent job in […]

Door of Happiness

Door of Happiness, originally uploaded by ideasandrew. “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us” – Helen Keller How true this is. Many people we know are so affected by things that happened […]