Razor TV finds out whats the Back-up Plan of modern single ladies – 1 May 2010

On 29 April, I organise a pre-movie launch Dinner and wine party for over 100 singles. There was a survey done before that to find out if the single ladies in Singapore would follow J-Lo’s footsteps of becoming a single mum after 40 2. Age group 20-25 7.1% 7 26-30 24.5% 24 31-35 38.8% 38 […]

How to create pre event publicity on Radio

Managing Pre-Event Publicity on Air requires you to : – Inform Officially, – Encourage Personally and – Offer Randomly. This is an example of creating pre event publicity on radio on 9 Feb 2007 for a Mega Movie event for Singles on the 13 Feb 2007 Pin It

16 things to know about Romancing Singapore before and after 2005

Is Romancing Singapore a government agenda? It started as a government agenda but the private sector took over as a business initiative since 2005 How long has the Romancing Singapore campaign been on? It started in 2002 as a campaign, becomes a month-long festival in Feb of 2003. Ever since 2005, it has become a […]