Razor TV finds out whats the Back-up Plan of modern single ladies – 1 May 2010

On 29 April, I organise a pre-movie launch Dinner and wine party for over 100 singles. There was a survey done before that to find out if the single ladies in Singapore would follow J-Lo’s footsteps of becoming a single mum after 40

2. Age group
7.1% 7
24.5% 24
38.8% 38
23.5% 23
5.1% 5
1.0% 1
51-55 0.0% 0
55-60 0.0% 0
>60 0.0% 0
3. At what age will you give up looking actively for a life partner?
After 30
8.2% 8
After 35
18.4% 18
After 40
25.5% 25
After 45
11.2% 11
After 50
8.2% 8
After 55
2.0% 2
After 60
2.0% 2
After 65
1.0% 1
After 70 0.0% 0
I find till the day i die
23.5% 23
4. What is your biggest difficulty in looking for a life partner?
I just do not have the time to socialise
5.1% 5
The men I find suitable are mostly attached, or married or gays
18.2% 18
I always attract the wrong men coming to me
21.2% 21
I do not know what the men want these days
5.1% 5
I am shy by nature and wouldn’t take initiative
9.1% 9
I think i am rather picky about choosing a life partner
18.2% 18
I had a few bad experiences and have developed a phobia for relationship
6.1% 6
I just can’t commit to a man right, maybe i am not ready 0.0% 0
I do not feel appreciated enough but i am really a gem inside
7.1% 7
I missed my golden opportunity during younger days
5.1% 5
I tried several dating agencies, they told me I am over aged 0.0% 0
5.1% 5
5. What’s your biggest turn-off about local men?
Not generous
13.0% 13
Talk too much
1.0% 1
Not punctual 0.0% 0
14.0% 14
Over sized male ego
13.0% 13
Fashion disaster model
1.0% 1
Say one thing but mean another
7.0% 7
Shorter than I am!
4.0% 4
Have a golden mouth (hardly open)
5.0% 5
Most men need personal grooming!
2.0% 2
Often blowing hot and cold
11.0% 11
8.0% 8
Lack of leadership or initiative
13.0% 13
Sexually challenged!
2.0% 2
6.0% 6
6. What will be your backup plan should you not find someone in your life?
Find a man to “father” my child (impregnate me)
1.0% 1
Adopt a child and be a single parent
7.0% 7
Keep a pet for company
5.0% 5
Try overseas to look for a partner
7.0% 7
Just find a companion
13.0% 13
Continue to work till way past retirement
22.0% 22
Join a support group for mature singles
9.0% 9
Engage in community and social work
24.0% 24
12.0% 12
7. What are the qualities in a guy would you look for to “father” your child?
Good looking
3.1% 3
Well-built body
5.1% 5
Smart & Sensible
41.8% 41
Athletic & active
11.2% 11
Positive mindset and outlook
44.9% 44
Intellectual and analytical
33.7% 33
Good looking with good height
16.3% 16
All of the above
27.6% 27
None of the above
8.2% 8



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How to create pre event publicity on Radio

Managing Pre-Event Publicity on Air requires you to :
- Inform Officially,
- Encourage Personally and
- Offer Randomly.
This is an example of creating pre event publicity on radio on 9 Feb 2007 for a Mega Movie event for Singles on the 13 Feb 2007
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Beulah 1st Free Movie event – 20 Dec 2006

40 Christian singles turned up at Lido to watch a free movie sponsored by Beulah on 20 Dec 2006. Most are shy at first but the ice was broken quickly. To make it fun, everyone draw their sitting arrangement (boy/girl/boy/girl) and go with the flow.

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16 things to know about Romancing Singapore before and after 2005

Is Romancing Singapore a government agenda? It started as a government agenda but the private sector took over as a business initiative since 2005

How long has the Romancing Singapore campaign been on? It started in 2002 as a campaign, becomes a month-long festival in Feb of 2003. Ever since 2005, it has become a year-long festival eventually becoming a lifestyle of Singaporean.

Why is Romancing Singapore in a Festival format? Like any other initiative, Romancing Singapore will start as a festival and eventually becomes a lifestyle like any other successful campaigns like “Speak Mandarin” & “Courtesy” campaign. We will see a change in attitude and awareness within the next two years when more private sectors support this festival as a business opportunity.

What is the take up rate for Romancing Singapore activities and events in the last 2 years? In 2005/06, we have reached to more than 5,000 singles through 50 events. The Romancing Singapore Festive Guide has a circulation of 40,000. For 2006/2007, we aim to reach out to 10,000 singles through more mega events involving at least 500 singles. Our activities include mega dating events, seminars, island-wide treasure hunt in amazing race format, big incentive group overseas trip on cruises, etc

What is the key target audience of Romancing Singapore? We aim to reach out to all sectors aged 21 to 45

How is Romancing Singapore Festival 2006 different from previous years? We concentrate on promoting mega events involving at least 500 singles through working more closely with established partners like Capitaland Retail, Star Cruises, F&B chains, dating agencies, singles portal, etc

What are some key highlights in Romancing Singapore 2006 Festival? Major Highlights (as of 30 Sep 2006)

  1. Friday Late Night Shopping (27/10)
  2. Movie Marathon (28/10)
  3. 4-D Marathon (1/12-15/12) – A dating marathon
  4. Intro-A-Friend Drive (Jan 2007)
  5. Chemistry Challenge (Jan 2007)
  6. Get Spotted @ Feb (19/1-16/2)
  7. Dating@Sea (Mar-May 2007)
  8. Singles Seminar (June 2007)
  9. Island-wide Treasure hunt (Aug 2007)

What is the duration of Romancing Singapore 2006 Festival? Why is it a year long festival? There isn’t any duration as it is meant to be a whole year long festival. It is a year-long festival so that it will eventually becomes a lifestyle among Singaporean.

Is Romancing Singapore an initiative to increase marriage rate and fertility rate? Romancing Singapore initiatives only providing the opportunities for the singles to interact. The rest is entirely up to them.

How is the Social Development Unit (SDU) link to the Romancing Singapore? SDU is the government agency for the singles while Romancing Singapore is a private sector-driven initiative leveraging on the singles market. Both may work together on certain projects but it is two separate entities.

Is the Romancing Singapore Festival an initiative to encourage people to spend more? Romancing Singapore is about celebrating love, life and relationships. It is about reminding all of us that ‘love is the little things’. Truly, we have a programme line-up where you can go to events without needing to spend a cent at the event and just enjoy and there are other paid events organised by participating organizations. It really depends on your choice.

What are some success stories of this campaign so far? Although we do not monitor success stories, we do have marriage arising from the social interaction opportunities we created together with other commercial establishment. For personal reasons, they prefer not to share their stories to the public.

What are the business opportunities for the commercial partners of this festival?

  1. Good Public Relations Opportunity
  2. Marketing Communication Support through the managing agent
  3. Event Management Support from the managing agent
  4. Business Networking & Alliance Opportunities among different partners from many lifestyle-related industries
  5. Publicity through a common media guide – RS Festive Guide
  6. Reduced marketing cost through the Romancing Singapore Portal

Are Singaporeans open to events and activities of Romancing Singapore thus far? Singaporeans are open to such events and activities as long as they are creative and interesting enough to draw people together. The challenge is to explore new area of doing business in reaching out to the singles. The increasing support and openness is evident in the large attendance of our cruise tour events, seminars and mega speed dating events of more than 100 each time at least.

How many commercial partners are there till date? In 2005, we had 170 participating commercial partners providing events on a regular basis and more than 250 retail partners offering couple-focused concessionaires. There were also 30 restaurants equipped and trained to organize their own speed dating events. In 2006, we are seeking to cultivate at least 10 new social event providers offering quality mega events. The retail partners will be about the same as last year.

What are the benefits of being a partner of Romancing Singapore?

  • Good Public Relations Opportunity
  • Marketing Communication Support through the managing agent
  • Event Management Support from the managing agent
  • Business Networking & Alliance Opportunities among different partners from many lifestyle-related industries
  • Publicity through a common media guide – RS Festive Guide
  • Reduced marketing cost through the Romancing Singapore Portal

Some of the main events of Romancing Singapore from 2002-2004 are:

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