What do dating and job interviews have in common?

CareerClicks! Seminar Series 3 presents…

What Do Dating & Job Interviews Have In Common?

Speaker : Andrew Chow

Date : 28 July 2011 (Thu),  Time : 11.30am -1.00pm

Venue : Centre for Management Development, ST Electronics (e-services) Pte Ltd

Address : 11 Tampines Concourse #01-01 S528729 (Gerbera Room)

Call 6876 5645 to register for the seminar

*Seats are on a first come first basis.


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The Impact of Social Media on Online Dating Portals, Dating Agency Owners and the Singles

The rise of social media and its growing impact have more bearing on businesses which operates on “online connectivity” especially the online dating sites.

To avoid a long-drawn discussion, I summarise the different effects on online dating sites, dating agencies and the singles with the following:

Online Dating Portal

-       Online Dating sites need to be connected to social platform like Facebook through applications or Facebook connect.

-       Social media adds many more faces to a person than just an online profile picture

-       The existence of mutual friends means no more elements of mystery

-       Social media opens up new creative ways of meeting people you do not know (eg. Foursquare.com)

-       Online dating sites need to reach out to mobile community (iphone and BB) by having a mobile (scaled-down) version of their web

-       Sign up process must be made easy by using Openid log-in

Personalised Dating agency

-       Owners now have more potential candidates to source from

-       More referral checks can be done (plaxo.com & linkedin.com)

-       The presence of social groups will enable event organisers to have a core networks and motivate these to take ownership of the event (ie. One core member invite 3 others)


-       More business and pleasure can mix due to linking of professional and social accounts

-       More choices but harder decision now

-       Taboo of changing relationship status from attached to single once relationship doesn’t work out (the whole world knows)

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What Single Women want

What Single Women want

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By Melissa Tan

Trade one’s independence for a husband and motherhood?

There are some who may scoff at the idea.

But there are also many single Singaporean women who are looking for love, but haven’t quite found it yet.

So just what do single women want these days?

35 year old Miss Goh says she will keep looking for Mr Right till she turns 40.

Although she has met men whom she has clicked with, Mr Right is yet to come by.

“For me, chemistry is very important. And after chemistry it will be the personality, the financial stability, so on and so forth. But it always turns out that the one I have chemistry with always turns out to be the wrong type of guy, who is not suitable or who is not actually looking to settle down.”

I asked Miss Goh what type of man she is looking for.

” Somebody who is responsible, capable and basically a family man.”

Some may say she is fussy, and to a certain extent, she believes she is.

“I will not get married just to get married. I think I will join and get support from my single friends. I guess friends and career does help.”

35 year old Min Zhen, who is also single, says her perception of what a stable relationship entails has changed over the years.

” At this age, I guess we are more mature, we are also more independent, so our criteria when we are looking for a life partner differs very very hugely from when we are 25.  I would say that I would prefer to depend on my man, not the other way round, or at par. So if this gentleman, he has a good heart, a good character and a stable career, then I would look forward to settling down with him. But say if he is not stable in his career for example, then I will not consider.”

A recent survey conducted by dating agency Table for Six, showed that single women are quite often attracted to the wrong men.

23 percent of the respondents felt that way.

But Miss MinZhen and Miss Goh say most of the men they meet and are attracted to are already spoken for.

” Probably at my age, most of the guys who are my age or older are married. This is one of the factors in that sense.”

“And also, talking about men of our same age, 30, 35 or even 38, most of them are already attached, because men don’t believe in marrying late I think.”

But Miss MinZhen adds age should not be a barrier.

” As long as you are not looking to give birth, at that age I think you are fine. And I think there are people, not necessarily local men, there are people who don’t mind getting married at that age, just for companionship.”

Andrew Chow, founder of Table for Six, says his dating agency has always seen a demand for single men above the age of 35.

” But unfortunately we are not always able to find the right match, for the guys in terms of age. Because most guys of this age will be looking for younger women.”

His agency advises the women to revisit their requirements and consider someone younger.

“Because women who are 35, 40, 45, at a certain age they do prefer younger men. Trouble is, we need to find younger men who appreciate older women. I think there is a trend where younger men are going with older women. I see that even in the younger age bracket of between 25 and 30 years old. It seems that the women are now on average two to four years older than their male counterparts.”

The survey also found that 55 percent of single women will give up looking for a life partner by the age of 40.

One reason for this may be they then face less social pressure to get married.

Table for Six’s Andrew.

” Honestly, if you ask me, I think there has been a shift in the last three, four years. I think the pressure to get married is not as strong as say 2005. Nowadays women they have other back up plans, they have lots of other options to keep them gainfully engaged in life, other than a life partner. Women are quite happy, even if they have to stay single. They won’t settle for second best.”

Lydia Gan is the Owner of Clique Wise, a dating agency that runs social events for singles every weekend.

” Nowadays people just accept it that if you don’t get married, then maybe it’s a choice la. But in the past it wasn’t a choice. At least nowadays we still can say oh I haven’t found the right one, I choose to be single… people still respect that.”

The survey showed that 24 percent would look to engage in social work should they not find a life partner.

Another 22 percent said they would probably work past their retirement age, and 13 percent said that would find a companion with no marriage in mind.

So with women becoming more independent financially and otherwise, perhaps it is no surprise that many say that they can find meaningful ways to engage themselves – with or without a married partner.

Just like MinZhen.

“I’m an individual who can earn my own keep. If I can’t find a life partner, then so be it. I have lots and lots of friends. Even the married ones, we do catch up once in a while, so its not a big deal.”

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Singled Out – Table For Six LLP was one of the panelist on Blog TV – 11 Feb 2010




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1st ever – Social Match Maker Gathering – 9 March 2009

Siblings and Buddies Connection was launched by Table For Six LLP (formerly known as Ardor LLP) at Bobby’s Cuppage on 9 March 2009

16 eager members of the public came and gather notes on potential partners for their best friends and siblings.


These are the other reports from various press and media.

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Table For Six with the Star Singles – 12 Feb 2008

A Date with the Star Singles was an marketing campaign in 2008 Feb to raise awareness for a new group dating concept – Table For Six

6 eligible singles were chosen and have their best profiles listed over a month for other singles to write in to date them. The Star Singles (3 guys and 3 girls) will select one out of many to date during Valentine of 2008

They will then form 2 Table of Six with 6 chosen ones from a total of more than 100 entries.



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1st Dating Industry Networking Night @ Zee 10

More than 70 business owners and professional from more than 55 companies gathered at Zee 10 Bar. You never get the chance to meet so many match makers. A handbook was given to every participants who pay $25 for free flow beers and some finger foods. The most interesting company seemed to be SEXPO Pte Ltd.

The companies present range from dating agencies, SPA, Health, Travel Agents, Financial planners, Singles Portal, venue owners, database owners, program owners.

Many friendship and alliance were formed on 15 Sep 2005, a milestone in Singapore dating industry during its early days. Romancing Singapore was proud to be the platform who brokered it.

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16 things to know about Romancing Singapore before and after 2005

Is Romancing Singapore a government agenda? It started as a government agenda but the private sector took over as a business initiative since 2005

How long has the Romancing Singapore campaign been on? It started in 2002 as a campaign, becomes a month-long festival in Feb of 2003. Ever since 2005, it has become a year-long festival eventually becoming a lifestyle of Singaporean.

Why is Romancing Singapore in a Festival format? Like any other initiative, Romancing Singapore will start as a festival and eventually becomes a lifestyle like any other successful campaigns like “Speak Mandarin” & “Courtesy” campaign. We will see a change in attitude and awareness within the next two years when more private sectors support this festival as a business opportunity.

What is the take up rate for Romancing Singapore activities and events in the last 2 years? In 2005/06, we have reached to more than 5,000 singles through 50 events. The Romancing Singapore Festive Guide has a circulation of 40,000. For 2006/2007, we aim to reach out to 10,000 singles through more mega events involving at least 500 singles. Our activities include mega dating events, seminars, island-wide treasure hunt in amazing race format, big incentive group overseas trip on cruises, etc

What is the key target audience of Romancing Singapore? We aim to reach out to all sectors aged 21 to 45

How is Romancing Singapore Festival 2006 different from previous years? We concentrate on promoting mega events involving at least 500 singles through working more closely with established partners like Capitaland Retail, Star Cruises, F&B chains, dating agencies, singles portal, etc

What are some key highlights in Romancing Singapore 2006 Festival? Major Highlights (as of 30 Sep 2006)

  1. Friday Late Night Shopping (27/10)
  2. Movie Marathon (28/10)
  3. 4-D Marathon (1/12-15/12) – A dating marathon
  4. Intro-A-Friend Drive (Jan 2007)
  5. Chemistry Challenge (Jan 2007)
  6. Get Spotted @ Feb (19/1-16/2)
  7. Dating@Sea (Mar-May 2007)
  8. Singles Seminar (June 2007)
  9. Island-wide Treasure hunt (Aug 2007)

What is the duration of Romancing Singapore 2006 Festival? Why is it a year long festival? There isn’t any duration as it is meant to be a whole year long festival. It is a year-long festival so that it will eventually becomes a lifestyle among Singaporean.

Is Romancing Singapore an initiative to increase marriage rate and fertility rate? Romancing Singapore initiatives only providing the opportunities for the singles to interact. The rest is entirely up to them.

How is the Social Development Unit (SDU) link to the Romancing Singapore? SDU is the government agency for the singles while Romancing Singapore is a private sector-driven initiative leveraging on the singles market. Both may work together on certain projects but it is two separate entities.

Is the Romancing Singapore Festival an initiative to encourage people to spend more? Romancing Singapore is about celebrating love, life and relationships. It is about reminding all of us that ‘love is the little things’. Truly, we have a programme line-up where you can go to events without needing to spend a cent at the event and just enjoy and there are other paid events organised by participating organizations. It really depends on your choice.

What are some success stories of this campaign so far? Although we do not monitor success stories, we do have marriage arising from the social interaction opportunities we created together with other commercial establishment. For personal reasons, they prefer not to share their stories to the public.

What are the business opportunities for the commercial partners of this festival?

  1. Good Public Relations Opportunity
  2. Marketing Communication Support through the managing agent
  3. Event Management Support from the managing agent
  4. Business Networking & Alliance Opportunities among different partners from many lifestyle-related industries
  5. Publicity through a common media guide – RS Festive Guide
  6. Reduced marketing cost through the Romancing Singapore Portal

Are Singaporeans open to events and activities of Romancing Singapore thus far? Singaporeans are open to such events and activities as long as they are creative and interesting enough to draw people together. The challenge is to explore new area of doing business in reaching out to the singles. The increasing support and openness is evident in the large attendance of our cruise tour events, seminars and mega speed dating events of more than 100 each time at least.

How many commercial partners are there till date? In 2005, we had 170 participating commercial partners providing events on a regular basis and more than 250 retail partners offering couple-focused concessionaires. There were also 30 restaurants equipped and trained to organize their own speed dating events. In 2006, we are seeking to cultivate at least 10 new social event providers offering quality mega events. The retail partners will be about the same as last year.

What are the benefits of being a partner of Romancing Singapore?

  • Good Public Relations Opportunity
  • Marketing Communication Support through the managing agent
  • Event Management Support from the managing agent
  • Business Networking & Alliance Opportunities among different partners from many lifestyle-related industries
  • Publicity through a common media guide – RS Festive Guide
  • Reduced marketing cost through the Romancing Singapore Portal

Some of the main events of Romancing Singapore from 2002-2004 are:

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