Do Singles in Singapore need another Campaign to settle down?

There was a time 5 years ago, a foreign press reported a story about Singaporean being the best in the world in terms of competitiveness, efficiency and high-standard of living. The headline was “Singaporean can do anything except dating!”

My initial reaction was a rush of anger because there are plenty of dating going on, just not many of them wanting to settle down.

Singletons in Singapore must start dating early in their lives to order to have higher chance of finding a life partner. The older one a man or a woman get, the harder for him/her to be motivated just by a TV ad or a campaign. Expectation changes but the management of that expectation hardly.

Singles must realise that there is no perfect one out there. The key is not to find the right one but to be the right one when the suitable one comes along.

The first 10 years after the inception of SDU from 1984, they have enjoyed great success in pairing singles up (commonly known as success rate). That was also the time where there were no mobile phones, MSN, SMS to go along. Choices were limited, decision-making were simple.

From 1994 till 2004 with the booming of internet age, technology has made communication channels more accessible. Ironically, we didn’t communicate any better. With online dating sites, the choices are bountiful, the playing fields are bigger, more dating going on but less marriages.

Romancing Singapore came around that time hoping to use media and campaign to encourage more sparks among the singles. In 2005, with the help of the private sector, it has been a festival to be celebrated once a year. Eventually it becomes a social networking style through the emergence of a portal riding on the wave of the social media.

Social media is the new age of social interaction. We do not need another campaign, we just more encouragement to the Gen Z (1990 –onwards) to settle down early in life.

We have come a long way moving away from the government trying to do their part in solving the ageing population problem. Having another campaign now will set Singapore 5-8 years back. Is this campaign Romancing Singapore 2.0? if yes, why was Romancing Singapore obsolete in the first place?

Most singles in their 20s do not feel the sense of urgency to settle down, they only do when their friends are all married. When you are in the 20s, you are in demand, when you are in middle 30s, you join the supply curve. We are always told that singles are just too busy to socialize and they need help. Being in this line for 5 years, I find that the opposite is true. Many singles have too many opportunities meeting other singles but somehow just cannot find the right match for whatever reasons.

The private personalised dating agencies are doing a great job organising events and arranging dates based on criteria. The government should be looking into coaching social match makers to develop good advocates. Using the right social media content and conversation, the mindset can be changed hopefully in the next 5 years.

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Meeting the Star Singles – 13 Feb 2008

The day finally came on 13 Feb 2008, 3 ladies got to meet the 3 Star Guys at Bobby’s @ Chjimes

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Table For Six with the Star Singles – 12 Feb 2008

A Date with the Star Singles was an marketing campaign in 2008 Feb to raise awareness for a new group dating concept – Table For Six

6 eligible singles were chosen and have their best profiles listed over a month for other singles to write in to date them. The Star Singles (3 guys and 3 girls) will select one out of many to date during Valentine of 2008

They will then form 2 Table of Six with 6 chosen ones from a total of more than 100 entries.

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How to create pre event publicity on Radio

Managing Pre-Event Publicity on Air requires you to :
- Inform Officially,
- Encourage Personally and
- Offer Randomly.
This is an example of creating pre event publicity on radio on 9 Feb 2007 for a Mega Movie event for Singles on the 13 Feb 2007
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Strategic Alliance with Star Cruises on Dating@Sea – Presentation to HR managers

Star Cruises, our cruise partner for Dating@Sea 2007 sponsored their venue and F&B to 40 HR managers on board for a short visit. The HR managers were given a 30 minute presentation and followed by another 30 minutes of ship tour. They brought the message of the dating@sea cruise to their staff.

The Presentation was conducted by Andrew, and supported by 4 other dating agencies.

Dating@sea 2007 was organised in celebration of Romancing Singapore.

[slideshare id=576416&doc=presentation-to-hr-managers-1220198246247585-8]

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Positioning yourself as a voice of your industry on Radio interview

All media love content providers who can deliver relevant and quality information to their readers/listeners/viewers.
Do not seek to sell but rather educate the public on radio interview.
This is a radio interview on 938Live on Speed Dating from 3 Dating Service Providers – Andrew Chow, Nazran Ahmad and Jennifer Yeo.

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1st Dating Industry Networking Night @ Zee 10

More than 70 business owners and professional from more than 55 companies gathered at Zee 10 Bar. You never get the chance to meet so many match makers. A handbook was given to every participants who pay $25 for free flow beers and some finger foods. The most interesting company seemed to be SEXPO Pte Ltd.

The companies present range from dating agencies, SPA, Health, Travel Agents, Financial planners, Singles Portal, venue owners, database owners, program owners.

Many friendship and alliance were formed on 15 Sep 2005, a milestone in Singapore dating industry during its early days. Romancing Singapore was proud to be the platform who brokered it.

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