Give some Thought to your Buzz, ThoughtBuzz will help you make sense of the Buzz on Social Media – Andrew Chow


Social Media Monitoring of your Brand

Frequently, in my social media corporate training, I emphasize the point that social media monitoring and feedback is the only function with social media strategy a company should outsource. This is to maintain objectivity and helps to broaden our scope of living in our own box and failing to observe the world around us.

Companies should engage specialists with advanced monitoring tools and targeted reporting. One such tool in the market is which may be your answer.

  • Be Informed – ThoughtBuzz helps determine what’s important, and what’s not. It has  analytical and segmentation capabilities so you only pick up what’s relevant to you and your business.
  • Be Empowered – With ThoughtBuzz, you can make timely, informed strategic decisions to win in the marketplace and know what customers think about your brand, and your competitor’s.
  • Be Engaged – With ThoughtBuzz, B2C Companies can actively dialogue with consumers, discussing their brand and effectively manage their online reputation.

ThoughtBuzz: Making sense of the Buzz

ThoughtBuzz enables you to cut through all the unnecessary chatter and get right to the heart of the matter – providing you with information that is specific and relevant to you and your brand. This easy-to-use web-based tool enables you to automatically sift through all the chatter that accumulates on social networking services – disregarding those that have no value, while providing you with the sentiment of each comment made, together with a detailed analysis of where most of your ‘buzz’ originated from, in terms of tweets, facebook posts, blogs etc.

The reason for such detailed reporting? ThoughtBuzz understands the power of social media and the effect, both positive and negative, that it has on a brand. Social Media is quite literally the voice of the masses and ignoring these voices can only result in a public relations disaster.

In short, eventually, ThoughtBuzz helps to shape your Business into a Brand which creates the right Buzz

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Busy Professionals … "Dateless" Jobs

Recently I was interviewed by RazorTV to give dating tips to busy professionals which are in jobs which makes them almost “dateless”

Performing Artists – Magicians, Entertainers, etc


Journalists, Reporters, Media Producers, etc


Advertising & Public Relations Professionals


Creative Directors, Designer, Artists


Relationship Coach Andrew Chow has the following tips for them


The story is also followed up on on 29 Dec

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Dating Tips for Busy Professionals in 2011 – by Relationship Coach Andrew Chow on RazorTV

On Christmas eve, I was approached by a good friend in the media – Shi Ting from RazorTV to contribute 4 simple dating tips to busy professionals for a more colourful social life in 2011.

The tips were given in less than 5 minutes over phone but the RazorTV team did an excellent job in translating them into a creative episode. Check out the video (Dating Tips for Busy Professionals in 2011) by clicking onto the picture.

The dating tips or resolutions for singles in 2011 are :

1. Devote at least 10% of your time socializing or meeting new people

2. Invent a new look for 2011 : Try something new

3. Revisit your criteria for a life partner : Choose character over personality

4. Be the Right Person : Do not just look for the right one.

The other episodes of the series of professionals who find it hard to find a date include:

1. Young, Talented and Dateless (Magicians & Performing Artists)

2. Nearly 30 and Never Been Kissed (Journalists)

3. Too Busy for a Boyfriend (Public Relations Practitioners)

4. Married to your job (Designers)


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The most special cruise trip – Singles Cruise Asia (6-10 Dec, 2010)

Though I have done 4 singles cruise in Singapore – dating@sea from 2007-2009, the wonderful experience from this 1st ever Singles Cruise Asia is unlike any other.

I was first approached by Timothy Low and wife Tamie from Malaysia to be co-marketing partners in Singapore. The original idea was to gather singles from Malaysia and Singapore.

We had tremendous media support and coverage –

Our itinerary for 5D/4N can be found –

Over 5 days, we had 10 programs from 4 Guru: Heiko and Selina (Relationship and Release Coaches), Murshidah Said (Image Coach & Consultant) and myself Andrew Chow (Dating Coach)

This is the 1st cruise for singles I see everyone has a camera, very eager to take pictures alone or in groups. All of them dress for the occasion for different theme of Gala Dinner for every night. We took part 100% in all program and very proactive in discussion until 1.30am in the morning. The chemistry and bonding was fantastic. The sharing and gift exchange on the very last night was a touching moment. Tears were shed, hugs were everywhere, gifts were lovingly exchanged. I am sure the Gurus ourselves find this very fulfilling, a sense of achievement and satisfaction that money cannot buy. Everyone isn’t shy about sharing. There is no taboo or stigma, just meaningful friendship forged for a long time to come. This is something I have NEVER see in the past cruises which I did before. Perhaps I was only concerned about the events management rather than the fulfillment of the guests on board. It gave me a new perspective and mission in my future approach for giving opportunities for singles’ interaction.

I have made 4 videos for the 4 days of our wonderful experience and hope you will be inspired to join us in 2011, we will always organise weekend trips to exotic places in Thailand and Malaysia for those who are not really into cruise holidays.





My workshop presentation can be found here :

7 Qualities to look for in a Life Partner

[slideshare id=3632796&doc=7qualitiestolookfor-100404065441-phpapp01]

8 Types of Relationship which wont work
[slideshare id=2972701&doc=8typesofrelationshipswhichwontwork-100122092403-phpapp01]

5 Compatibility Time-Bomb
[slideshare id=4597895&doc=5relationshipcompatibilitytimebombs-100623231845-phpapp01]

Lastly, for those of you who wish to know how to organise your own speed dating event, check out this video of mine,


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The Impact of Social Media on Online Dating Portals, Dating Agency Owners and the Singles

The rise of social media and its growing impact have more bearing on businesses which operates on “online connectivity” especially the online dating sites.

To avoid a long-drawn discussion, I summarise the different effects on online dating sites, dating agencies and the singles with the following:

Online Dating Portal

-       Online Dating sites need to be connected to social platform like Facebook through applications or Facebook connect.

-       Social media adds many more faces to a person than just an online profile picture

-       The existence of mutual friends means no more elements of mystery

-       Social media opens up new creative ways of meeting people you do not know (eg.

-       Online dating sites need to reach out to mobile community (iphone and BB) by having a mobile (scaled-down) version of their web

-       Sign up process must be made easy by using Openid log-in

Personalised Dating agency

-       Owners now have more potential candidates to source from

-       More referral checks can be done ( &

-       The presence of social groups will enable event organisers to have a core networks and motivate these to take ownership of the event (ie. One core member invite 3 others)


-       More business and pleasure can mix due to linking of professional and social accounts

-       More choices but harder decision now

-       Taboo of changing relationship status from attached to single once relationship doesn’t work out (the whole world knows)

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Singles Cruise Asia (6-10 Dec) – Royal Carribean – Legends of the Sea

Below are the program itineraries for Singles Cruise Asia. The Organizer and all the Gurus have designed these programs to enhance and make your Singles Cruise Asia Vacation a memorable and a life changing experience.

Program 1 : Image & Your True Colours by Image Guru, Murshidah Said

Program 2 : The Power Of Releasing by Love Gurus, Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer

Program 3 : How to Attract The Opposite Sex – Male Only – A Male by Birth. But a Man by Choice by Date Coach, Andrew Chow

Program 3 : How to Attract The Opposite Sex – Female Only by Love Guru, Selina Niedermeyer

Program 4 : Get together to Attract The Opposite Sex by Love Guru, Selinar Niedemeyer & Date Coach, Andrew Chow

Program 5 : Brand Yourself and Be Attractive by Image Guru, Murshidah Said

Program 6 : Different stages of dating : Casual, Exclusive & Intimate by Date Coach, Andrew Chow

Program 7 : Harnessing Your Sexuality by Love Gurus, Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer

Program 8 : The Complete Transformation (R&R) – by Love Gurus, Image Guru and Date Coach

Program 9 : Speed Dating- Mix and Match, Meet & Mingle by Date Coach, Andrew Chow

Program 10 : The New You by Image Guru, Murshidah Said

Games :
Game 1 : Ice Breaker – Human Bingo by Timothy Low & Andrew Chow
Game 2 : Dance Workshop by James & Audrey Thum
Game 3 : Locks & Keys by Love Gurus, Image Guru and Date Coach

Theme Dinners :
Day 1 : Angel White Night
Day 2 : Masquerade
Day 4 : Glitzy Celebrity

Come join in the fun and learn together with us! See you on board Singles Cruise Asia 2010!

Book Now! Visit :
Email :

Information required :

1. Name

2. Passport

3. Expiry date

4. Nationality

5. DOB in full

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NTV7 – Interview : 8 types of Relationship which wont Work by Andrew Chow

On 23 Sep, I was back on NTV7 Breakfast Show program to continue part 2 of my 4-part interview on Date Coaching.

The topic is “8 types of Relationship which wont work“. So check if you are in one of them while dating.

This is the introduction of Host Naz and Hassen on 23 Sep


The actual interview in 2 parts



The workshop material is available on Slideshare

[slideshare id=2972701&doc=8typesofrelationshipswhichwontwork-100122092403-phpapp01]


8 Types of Relationship that wont work

Most people put in more time and effort deciding what kind of car or stereo system to buy than deciding whom to have a relationship with.

Many choose the wrong partner and then wonder why their relationship isn’t working.

Whatever religion you believe in, God doesn’t choose your mate for you!

The 3 Deadly Myths about Love

Love myths are beliefs that many of us have about love and romance that actually prevent us from making intelligent love choices

1.       Watching television programs and movies.

2.       Reading romantic novels.

3.       Never taught about love.

Myth #1 : True romantic love conquers all

1.       You wont deal with real relationship problem

2.       You hurt  yourself up emotionally whenever things turn sour

3.       Romance and courtship are not enough to make a relationship work – relationships need compatibility  and  commitment

Myth #2 : You’ll know true love at first sight

1.       You may ignore the rest of the relationship

2.       You may miss the chance for real, lasting love

It takes just a moment to experience infatuation, but true love takes time

3.       You may become infatuated with just an stranger

Myth #3 : The Perfect partner will fulfill your completely

The right partner will fulfill many of your needs but not all of them!

If you feel emotionally empty before you start a relationship, you will feel just as empty even when you are in a relationship!

What are the 8 Types of Relationships That Wont Work?

1.       You care more about your partner than he/she does for you.

2.        You are in love with your partner’s potential

3.       You are on a rescue mission.

People who are on a emotional rescue missions often mistaken sympathy  for love.

The person you choose to love must be someone you can feel respected for, and be proud of who he/she is.

4.       You look up to your partner as a role model

a.       The only way your relationship can work is if you love and appreciate yourself as much as you love and admire him

b.      And your partner must be willing to stop functioning as your mentor.

5.       You are infatuated with your partner for  external reasons

6.       You and your partner are really “ activities buddies”

7.       You choose a partner in order to be rebellious. You act out of compulsion and not out of reason.

8.       Your partner is unavailable

  • Definition of being available  : Free to be in a relationship with you, not involved with anyone else, not married, not engaged, not going steady; not sleeping with another person, alone, single, all yours.

The following are not definitions of available:

  • With someone, but he promises to break up with her soon
  • With someone, but he doesn’t really love her
  • With someone, but she knows about you and it’s all right
  • With someone and he isn’t leaving her, but wants you to stick around anyway.

Stay away from people who are married or in other relationships!

When you get involved with someone who is in a relationship with another person, you are accepting that person’s leftover

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My 1st interview on Malaysia Business Radio – BFM 89.9

On 26 August 2010, under the kind arrangement of my KL counterpart, I manage to have my 1st ever interview on Malaysia radio. I was introduced as the Dating Coach from Singapore, who will also be on the Singles Cruise Asia from 6-10 Dec, 2010, set sail from Singapore.

The radio station looks very much like an original office from the outside as you can see from the picture. There is no security counter or pre-arrangement of NRIC verification like Singapore’s mediacorp.

BFM launched in September 2008, and is a 24‐hour independent radio station focused on business news and current affairs. Core programmes include the latest business news and stock market reports from Malaysia and other financial centres, interviews with business personalities, financial analysts, entrepreneurs, technologists and marketers.

BFM also offers business education programmes spanning areas like marketing, finance, technology and business productivity to raise the management proficiency of the Malaysian business and professional community.

BFM targets business executives, business owners, investors and people who aspire to personal and professional success. There is no specific age target as this audience spans all adult age groups. It is their interest in success that defines the listenership, not their age.

My questions from the DJ Angeline Chong were :

  1. Falling in love, getting married and companionship is quite important to many. You’ve met many people from different places. Enlighten us on the differences in dating mindsets between Malaysia and Singapore, for example.
  2. What are some of the indications that one is ready to date?
  3. How does one start looking for a date?
  4. What are some of the best places to meet potential candidates?
  5. What are your thoughts on Internet Dating?
  6. With that, I’m sure everyone has a set of expectations / criteria for someone they’d like to date. And for those who are single, I am sure they are often being told that they have “high” expectations. What are your thoughts on balancing expectations and being realistic?
  7. How about those who are just comfortable with text messages during this modern era? Is that acceptable as a basis for dating and getting to know someone? After all, some profess to be better communicators when not confronted face-to-face. What do you think?
  8. Speaking of shy, for those who are painfully shy, talking to someone of the opposite sex can be such a painstaking task. What are some conversation starters?
  9. Tell us about appearance. When meeting someone for the first time, should someone go all out to dress to impress? What if that person isn’t the dressy sort, or not one who enjoys wearing makeup or high heels? Would that person lose out in any way?
  10. What are some warning signs that indicate one should not continue dating the other party – for oneself and also for the other party?
  11. How honest should one be when dating? What are no-no topics and how should one handle oneself if he or she chooses not to disclose certain information e.g. how many ex-es?
  12. We could on and on about dating, so in summary, what are some effective dating tips for men?
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Employers have biases too (Beauty: Blessing or curse Pt 5)

It’s inevitable that some employers will tend to pay more attention to good looking people, but don’t start attaching a photo of yourself posing like a model in your CV just yet!


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