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Social Media Monitoring of your Brand

Frequently, in my social media corporate training, I emphasize the point that social media monitoring and feedback is the only function with social media strategy a company should outsource. This is to maintain objectivity and helps to broaden our scope of living in our own box and failing to observe the world around us.

Companies should engage specialists with advanced monitoring tools and targeted reporting. One such tool in the market is which may be your answer.

  • Be Informed – ThoughtBuzz helps determine what’s important, and what’s not. It has  analytical and segmentation capabilities so you only pick up what’s relevant to you and your business.
  • Be Empowered – With ThoughtBuzz, you can make timely, informed strategic decisions to win in the marketplace and know what customers think about your brand, and your competitor’s.
  • Be Engaged – With ThoughtBuzz, B2C Companies can actively dialogue with consumers, discussing their brand and effectively manage their online reputation.

ThoughtBuzz: Making sense of the Buzz

ThoughtBuzz enables you to cut through all the unnecessary chatter and get right to the heart of the matter – providing you with information that is specific and relevant to you and your brand. This easy-to-use web-based tool enables you to automatically sift through all the chatter that accumulates on social networking services – disregarding those that have no value, while providing you with the sentiment of each comment made, together with a detailed analysis of where most of your ‘buzz’ originated from, in terms of tweets, facebook posts, blogs etc.

The reason for such detailed reporting? ThoughtBuzz understands the power of social media and the effect, both positive and negative, that it has on a brand. Social Media is quite literally the voice of the masses and ignoring these voices can only result in a public relations disaster.

In short, eventually, ThoughtBuzz helps to shape your Business into a Brand which creates the right Buzz

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