How do I know if my company is ready for social media?

There are 8 key categories of concern for all company to be assessed before embarking on social media journey.

1.      Their Senior Management must be interested in leveraging Social Media as a new marketing channel and  understands that Social Media is a long term priority

 2.      Social Media Knowledge Level of the Company which includes understanding which social media channels are available and which are the best fit for their organization

3.      Determine the Customer Engagement Level. They should have their company profile on Social Media networking sites such as LinkedIn company page and Facebook fan page.

 4.      Study their Competitive Insight Analysis. Every company should have audited our top competitors online strategy, evaluated their maturity and have a basic idea of what they are doing with Social Media

5.       Plan for Staff and Resources Allocation. Every company must have defined roles and responsibilities for people in their organization who are involved with Social Media

6.    Develop a clear Plan and Channel Selection. Have the company created and presented a social media channel map which highlights how we will use Social Media

7.     Ensure Process Documentation which incorporated and integrated Social Media into their normal marketing mix (product launches, marketing plans, customer service, etc.)

8.     Governance Measurement. A company which are on social media must have a policy to govern the use of Social Media with our employees, contractors, prospects and customers

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