Understanding Media and Publicity for your business

  • Many small and medium enterprises do not really understand how to work with the media to generate buzz and publicity. They often have a misconception that media publicity is exclusive to big companies having a huge budget to hire public relations specialists who provide strategic counsel.
  • Media relation is both an art and a science. Knowing your basics and adding some creativity and flair will produce an effective pitch.
  • Understanding what constitutes news and knowing what the media and press want will give your company a head start in gaining publicity. The press and media are powerful stake holders of your business. Having good publicity about your product and brand will always enhance public perception on their value.
  • There are basically two types of news. Hard News which are primarily basic facts and figure and  soft news is news of human interest. The press usually prefer news that are :

i.    Unusual

ii.    Current

iii.    Local

iv.    Abnormal

v.    Sensational, and

vi.    Socially impactful

  • A Public relations practitioner once told me that if all else fail, there will always be three issues which are of interest to the media. They are MONEY, Sex and HEALTH.
  • For example, there is little chance of interest for coverage if you announce to the press that your company is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. However, if your company plans to donate 20 million dollar to charity to celebrate its 20th anniversary, it will be a big story!
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Romancing the Media for Business (Positive Business Minute) – Radio 938live

The month of June is an exciting month for me as I am invited to be the speaker for Positive Business Minute, a special production by radio 938live managed by producer/Presenter Stanley Leong. Over 22 days, I will be sharing 1-2 minutes of tips each day on how Business can leverage on the mass and new media for publicity. Yes! Your relationship with the media as a business entity is like a romance between a couple. Knowing what each other need and saying the right thing at the right time is extremely important to get the message across.

The topics are as follows:

Mass Media

1 Jun – Understanding media and publicity for your business

2 Jun – How to maintain a positive relationship with the media and press?

3 Jun – Preparing your Press Release / Media Alert

4 Jun – About Press Release and Media Alert

7 Jun – Preparing for Radio interview

8 Jun – Preparing for TV interview

9 Jun – The Art of Pitching

10 Jun – Organising a Press Conference

11 Jun – Effective Crisis Management Skills

14 Jun – A final word on Effective Media management (part 1)

15 Jun – A final word on Effective Media management (part 2)

Social Media / New Media

16 Jun -  Introduction to Social Media or New Media

17 Jun – Interesting statistics about Social Media for your business consideration

18 Jun – The ROI of Social Media : Is it measurable?

21 Jun – 10 Keys to Social Media success

22 Jun – 5 phases of Strategic approach to Social Media

23 Jun – Overview of social media tools & Linkedin

24 Jun – Using Facebook for Business

25 Jun – Social Media File-sharing tools (Part 1)

28 Jun Social Media File-sharing tools (Part 2)

29 Jun – Social Media Publishing Tools

30 Jun – Social Media Collaboration Tools

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Employers have biases too (Beauty: Blessing or curse Pt 5)

It’s inevitable that some employers will tend to pay more attention to good looking people, but don’t start attaching a photo of yourself posing like a model in your CV just yet!


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Beauties date the beasts (Beauty: Blessing or curse Pt 4)

It seems more common to see beautiful women going out with Average Joes these days. Unfortunately, the reverse doesn’t seem to be happening!


The same journalist – Shi Ting posted this on Straitimes.com and amazing it was retweeted almost 30 times within 24 hours.

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Beauty breeds insecurity? (Beauty: Blessing or curse Pt 3)

If your boyfriend or girlfriend looked like a model, it’s easy to feel insecure about them.


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“I make the clothes look good” (Beauty: Blessing or curse Pt 2)

There are many perks for good lookers – they attract attention, make friends easily, even the boss loves them. So what problems can they possibly have?


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Is beautiful better? (Beauty: Blessing or curse Pt 1)

It gets you the date and the job. There can’t be anything bad about looking beautiful, right?


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This module begins with an introduction of the basic competency-based assessment concepts. It looks into the planning, development and contextualising of an assessment plan, which requires a good understanding of the information gathering process. You will learn to select and apply the right methods and tools in your assessment plans, taking into consideration the principles of assessment and the rules of evidence. You will also plan and design various assessment activities and tools, including assessment instructions based on selected assessment methods. Finally, the unit covers the tools and issues related to the validation of assessment plans.

The unit consists of the following competency elements:

* Prepare an assessment plan
* Develop competency-based assessment tools
* Validate the assessment plan

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