Beauty breeds insecurity? (Beauty: Blessing or curse Pt 3)

If your boyfriend or girlfriend looked like a model, it’s easy to feel insecure about them.


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“I make the clothes look good” (Beauty: Blessing or curse Pt 2)

There are many perks for good lookers – they attract attention, make friends easily, even the boss loves them. So what problems can they possibly have?


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Is beautiful better? (Beauty: Blessing or curse Pt 1)

It gets you the date and the job. There can’t be anything bad about looking beautiful, right?


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This module begins with an introduction of the basic competency-based assessment concepts. It looks into the planning, development and contextualising of an assessment plan, which requires a good understanding of the information gathering process. You will learn to select and apply the right methods and tools in your assessment plans, taking into consideration the principles of assessment and the rules of evidence. You will also plan and design various assessment activities and tools, including assessment instructions based on selected assessment methods. Finally, the unit covers the tools and issues related to the validation of assessment plans.

The unit consists of the following competency elements:

* Prepare an assessment plan
* Develop competency-based assessment tools
* Validate the assessment plan

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This unit explores different ways to review learner profiles and customise a training programme that meets their needs. It also looks into resource preparation, facilitation and presentation skills, as well as various effective adult learning methodologies (such as the use of case studies and role-playing). Other areas covered include the key considerations in maintaining a conducive learning environment. By the end of this unit, you will be equipped with a repertoire of effective instructional and training strategies. You will also gain the ability to conduct evaluation and analyse its outcomes.

The unit consists of the following competency elements:

* Review learner profiles and customise a training programme to meet their needs
* Prepare resources needed for an effective training programme
* Create and maintain a conducive learning environment
* Facilitate learning through effective instructional skills and strategies
* Monitor a learner’s progress and adjust the training programme accordingly
* Review a post-course evaluation

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What Single Women want

What Single Women want

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By Melissa Tan

Trade one’s independence for a husband and motherhood?

There are some who may scoff at the idea.

But there are also many single Singaporean women who are looking for love, but haven’t quite found it yet.

So just what do single women want these days?

35 year old Miss Goh says she will keep looking for Mr Right till she turns 40.

Although she has met men whom she has clicked with, Mr Right is yet to come by.

“For me, chemistry is very important. And after chemistry it will be the personality, the financial stability, so on and so forth. But it always turns out that the one I have chemistry with always turns out to be the wrong type of guy, who is not suitable or who is not actually looking to settle down.”

I asked Miss Goh what type of man she is looking for.

” Somebody who is responsible, capable and basically a family man.”

Some may say she is fussy, and to a certain extent, she believes she is.

“I will not get married just to get married. I think I will join and get support from my single friends. I guess friends and career does help.”

35 year old Min Zhen, who is also single, says her perception of what a stable relationship entails has changed over the years.

” At this age, I guess we are more mature, we are also more independent, so our criteria when we are looking for a life partner differs very very hugely from when we are 25.  I would say that I would prefer to depend on my man, not the other way round, or at par. So if this gentleman, he has a good heart, a good character and a stable career, then I would look forward to settling down with him. But say if he is not stable in his career for example, then I will not consider.”

A recent survey conducted by dating agency Table for Six, showed that single women are quite often attracted to the wrong men.

23 percent of the respondents felt that way.

But Miss MinZhen and Miss Goh say most of the men they meet and are attracted to are already spoken for.

” Probably at my age, most of the guys who are my age or older are married. This is one of the factors in that sense.”

“And also, talking about men of our same age, 30, 35 or even 38, most of them are already attached, because men don’t believe in marrying late I think.”

But Miss MinZhen adds age should not be a barrier.

” As long as you are not looking to give birth, at that age I think you are fine. And I think there are people, not necessarily local men, there are people who don’t mind getting married at that age, just for companionship.”

Andrew Chow, founder of Table for Six, says his dating agency has always seen a demand for single men above the age of 35.

” But unfortunately we are not always able to find the right match, for the guys in terms of age. Because most guys of this age will be looking for younger women.”

His agency advises the women to revisit their requirements and consider someone younger.

“Because women who are 35, 40, 45, at a certain age they do prefer younger men. Trouble is, we need to find younger men who appreciate older women. I think there is a trend where younger men are going with older women. I see that even in the younger age bracket of between 25 and 30 years old. It seems that the women are now on average two to four years older than their male counterparts.”

The survey also found that 55 percent of single women will give up looking for a life partner by the age of 40.

One reason for this may be they then face less social pressure to get married.

Table for Six’s Andrew.

” Honestly, if you ask me, I think there has been a shift in the last three, four years. I think the pressure to get married is not as strong as say 2005. Nowadays women they have other back up plans, they have lots of other options to keep them gainfully engaged in life, other than a life partner. Women are quite happy, even if they have to stay single. They won’t settle for second best.”

Lydia Gan is the Owner of Clique Wise, a dating agency that runs social events for singles every weekend.

” Nowadays people just accept it that if you don’t get married, then maybe it’s a choice la. But in the past it wasn’t a choice. At least nowadays we still can say oh I haven’t found the right one, I choose to be single… people still respect that.”

The survey showed that 24 percent would look to engage in social work should they not find a life partner.

Another 22 percent said they would probably work past their retirement age, and 13 percent said that would find a companion with no marriage in mind.

So with women becoming more independent financially and otherwise, perhaps it is no surprise that many say that they can find meaningful ways to engage themselves – with or without a married partner.

Just like MinZhen.

“I’m an individual who can earn my own keep. If I can’t find a life partner, then so be it. I have lots and lots of friends. Even the married ones, we do catch up once in a while, so its not a big deal.”

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40 friends on Facebook I would recommend

*** Original article was published in May 2010 on my Facebook’s note.

Most people on Facebook often recommend themselves with strings of credential. Today, i am going to write about 40 of my friends on Facebook.

• Aaron Koh – Aaron is a social media marketer who advises B2C, B2B and government clients on harnessing social media and the digital space to bring brand awareness directly to consumers.
• Albert Wong – He put on the most friendly smile as a property agent, makes the most difficult case simple.
• Amelia Kang – An owner of several businesses, Amelia is a lady of many talents and taste for finer things in life from wine to gourmet coffee.
• Ande Lai – My mentor and coach when I first started out as a young man, he taught me everything i need to know about creativity and marketing in business.
• Danny Pang – The self made coffee guru in coffee and own the most upbeat coffee chain in Singapore, a trainer of Barista.
• David Wee – The management thought leader ahead of our time, he refines The New Normal
• Dennis Ng – an expert in Personal Finance and Housing Loans. He is a qualified Financial Planner who is often sought after for his comments in newspapers, magazines, Radio and even TV.
• Eric Feng – the most charismatic young trainer and coach for public speaking i have ever seen. The best selling author of 2 successful and practical book on public speaking.
• Eunice Tan – member of the Association of Image Consultants International, the founding member of the International Civility Trainers Consortium and image consultant for the reality TV show The Wedding Affair
• Evelyn Pek – A Well-connected and well-informed lady, but elegant with a non threatening spirit.
• Freddy Ngiam – The man who own the largest local job portals in Singapore. His humble approach masks his years of experience handling B2B business
• Genecia Luo – A beauty queen who train other beauty queens. She is a Life Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Choreographer and Host.
• George Wong – He is dubbed the God of Wine in Singapore, the guy who teach the French how to enjoy French wine.
• James Leong – He is 1/3 of the NLP Trinity in Singapore with Raj and Lance. Their insights on Enneagram and its application in coaching and building rapport is unparallel.
• Jenny Yeo – A dynamic and hot lady who can fool you easily with her age. Her restaurant in Sembawang was featured on TV within months after opening.
• Joyce Teo – A teacher by profession, an entrepreneur in the heart. She personify custom gift by her unique dedication to her business.
• Kenneth Kwan – His motivation methods make even the most self-motivated people go to their next level.
• Kloudiia Tay IIng – Kloudiia is may be petite in person, but powerful with her pen. A trust ghost writer for all aspiring and busy writers
• Leonard Wee – The sticker man who created a practical advertising medium which anyone can carry along everyday and everywhere they go.
• Liu Weiying – The only lady in Singapore I know who has a passion for singles above 40 and beyond.
• Lucretius Goh – Lucretius is a fine gentleman that combines a leader’s mind and a servant’s heart. His assets are his connections and how he maintains them as he journeys on his caree
• Lydia Gan – A designer, match maker, counselor and image consultant all in one. While there are many sits out there teaching guys how to win a woman’s heart, Lydia is the only one who has a site teaching men how to wow a lady.
• Magicbabe Ning – The Magic lady who performs the most incredible illusion with a great smile.
• Merry Riana – My fellow Spirit of Enterprise honouree in 2008, Merry is a charming lady with a rag to riches story and a passion to share and teach.
• Min Zhen – My most trusted lady for any media interview, she never out of topics to share.
• Nanz Chong Komo. The lady who makes a name out of $1.99, she continues to draw from her experiences to impact people especially women to make a difference in life.
• Nazran Ahmad – The coolest young man I have ever seen with a flair to make huge group comfortable with his presence
• Pearlin Siow – Many authors struggle with one book, she produced 5 in less than 2 years. Most will write about themselves, she loves to expound others’ achievement.
• Prasanna Srinivasan – Pras is the most dedicated information system project manager I have worked with. We ever stayed up till 3am working on a project together to get it ready for launch the next morning.
• Rovena – the most hardworking business networking organiser and planner in my circle. She is connected to every known business networking groups in Singapore and around the region.
• Rovin Wong – No Makeover is impossible with creative scissors under his hands and a keen eye for drawing out the best in you through his photography skills. .
• Samson Zee – A most fun loving host I have worked with, a certified life Coach and motivational speaker all in one. Sam has hosted big event of more than 10,000 people.
• Sarah Goh Yin – A lawyer by day, a study coach by night. Sarah is always a motivated giving person with proven track record of success.
• Stanley Leong – The rare male radio DJ, Host and Producer with a gentle voice and a sharp mind
• Teo Yong Song (Danny Teo 蒋荣煊) – the most certified and qualified person I have seen in many areas including training, consultancy, coaching, mentoring, etc.
• Terence Tan – Accommodating yet professional photography, willing to make a lot of adjustment to ensure assignment are done as painlessly as possible.
• Valerie Song – Her mission is matching Great people with Great Companies on a daily basis. She is relentless in searching for the most suitable human talent for many MNCs today.
• Violet Lim – The first official match maker in Singapore who gives a refreshing brand approach to match making. The most featured and interviewed lady I know of all my friends.
• Willy Foo – The guy who truly merge cutting edge technology and photography in one. Again another fellow Spirit of Enterprise honouree in 2008.
• Wily Lim – A social media master coach who created the first ever Social Media certification course in Asia.

** For the rest of my friends whose names are not found here, please do not be offended. I have more creative ways to acknowledge all the difference you made in my life……coming soon :)

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