Social Media as a Marketing Channel

  • Social Media marketing is about marketing your products and services in a social manner.
  • Increasingly, more people will be buying from you because 4 out of 5 of their friends have said you are reliable and enjoyed a great experience with your brand. They help you to sell by giving you their “likes” and “recommendation”
  • If you require new insight about your market and target audience, your market survey can be created easily and shared to millions of people. The insight can be obtained within a very short period for you to position yourself much better than before.  A poll can be easily done through social media-ready platforms like
  • Social media Celebrities with huge following can become your brand ambassadors by sharing about your products and service through their blogs which may enjoy tens of thousands of page views daily.
  • Printing new brochure can be a challenging task. On social media, your brochures are viewed and downloaded on a server, shared by many who do not even know you from platforms like  Slideshare
  • Professional corporate video can be created within minutes with just photographs, royalty-free soundtrack and good script, disturbed on the 2nd most popular search site in the world from platforms like Animoto.
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