Thoughts on 'Singapore Polo Team's Trunks "Inappropriate"" report

There are several lessons we can take away from this episode. 1. Do not assume. When in doubt, always seek official approval. Creativity needs Approval too. There are clear guidelines on the use of state flag, crest and even Merlion symbol owned by Singapore Tourism Board. 2. The brand identity can be expressed in many […]

Branding Challenges

Are you a business owner and suffer from one of the following? People don’t know about your company. People don’t care about your company. People confuse you with another company. People have mis-perceptions about what you do. You are not engaging your customers. You are not enjoying media attention. You are not getting the deal […]

20 pitfalls to avoid when using Facebook for Branding

[slideshare id=4218781&doc=20pitfallstoavoidwhenusingfacebookforbranding-100522034626-phpapp01] Indiscriminate Tagging • Nothing is more irritating than finding ourselves being tagged to something that doesn’t concern us! Excessive Routine Group Broadcast • It will be a disaster for your brand if you use Facebook like just another broadcasting channel Posting your Product onto Competitor’s Group or Fan Page • If the owner […]