Social Media and Charity are made for each other

In my VCF-approved training for VWOs/Charity/NPOs, I am often told the biggest obstacle for Volunteer Welfare Organisations (VWOs) is the lack of support/approval from top management. Social Media is utilised in the west for raising awareness, encouraging volunteerism and increasing donation. The best VWO I find which is the fore-runner on the social media applications is Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS) led by Executive Director Rev Daniel Ang.

They are setting up Facebook fan pages, updating fans on their events like Charity Golf, causes, fund raising status, etc. Plans are underway to create Twitter, Youtube and Flickr pages. The latest is a campaign to auction off 2 paintings of F1 drivers – Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso

In my corporate training, I encourage them to do research on 5 international charities and these may be 5 good case studies for other charities to follow

If you belong to any VWOs and would like to explore using social media, I would be glad to design a customised training for your organisation.

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A few Good Men & Women from Teen Challenge (735 Old Choa Chu Kang Rd)

On 5-6 August, i had the honour to conduct a social media strategy workshop for one of the leading charities in Singapore for Youth and Rehab program – Teen Challenge.

A key factor of success in the implementation of social media is always the question of corporate readiness and stakeholders’ buy-in. Teen Challenge has risen up to the challenge in devoting 2 days for corporate training of 9 key staff.

Their objectives is to use social media to increase awareness of their brand, share their mission, vision and organisation’s objectives. The increased awareness will help them to be well-positioned as a worthy cause for charities among businesses who have little or no knowledge of their existence.

With increased awareness will come increased publicity. The public will be able to identify them and be gainfully engaged through future volunteerism and fund-raising.

Situated in the wild wild west of 735, Old Choa Chu Kang Rd, TC Dare serves as a pitstop to many in the society who are struggling with rehab and addiction problems. Everyone deserves many 2nd chances. Even the best in life will make a mistake and need a pitstop in their lives. TC Dare serves that function, how far the occupants recover and integrate with the society will depend on our acceptance.

We can do our part by giving generously to their cause, please contact Adrian Tan 67937933.

As a trainer, my company – IDEAS & CONCEPTS will donate the social media workshop/training fees back to Teen Challenge as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to support what they are serving.

The other stairs

Another view of badminton court

Bright colours for street soccer

The simple but neat canteen

3m fence

For more picture, please visit –

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Implementing a Winning Social Media Strategy for Charity (14-15 July 2010)

The economic downturn of the past few years has made finding and keeping donors an increasing priority for VWOs, Charities & Non-profit organizations. While traditional marketing goals have stayed the same, the methods used to reach these goals have become much more efficient with the advent of online conversations and social media tools.

As social media becomes the dominant venue for online information exchange, NPOs must leverage on its channels to remain relevant both to society and the people they serve.

Social Media isn’t a strategy but a viable channel especially for organisations serving a social cause. The success of an organisation’s social media effort will depend on the skills and knowledge from planning, implementation and monitoring.

Learning Objective : This 2-day course will empower you to:

  1. 1. Plan the social media presence of your organisation with clear objectives
  2. 2. Implement the social media plan with right platforms and content management
  3. 3. Monitor the feedback and conversation on different tools
  4. Engage the social media to attract new donors,  increase social awareness, increase volunteerism rate for your organisation.

Who should attend:

Founders / General Manager / Program Manager / Project Manager / Marketing Manager/ Directors / Decision Makers / Corporate Communications / Public Relations Officers of VWOs, Charities & Non-Profit Organisation


  • Lecture, Demonstration and Discussion
  • Maximum size of 24
  • Group exercises to learn from each other

Course Highlights

1. Introduction to Social Media and its strategies for NPOs

2. Selecting the right social media platform

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin &
  • Plaxo

3. Creating appropriate content for social media

  • Presentation –
  • Photographs –
  • Videos –
  • Sound/Music –

4. Sharing content for social media

  • The art of blogging for NPOs
  • Book Marking
  • The art of using twitter for NPOS

5. Interacting with the target community of NPOs

  • 12 ways to handle online conversation

6. Measure the success of Social Media

  • Google Analytics
  • Developing your social media dashboards and metrics

7. Listening/Monitoring Social Media

  • Socialmention
  • Klout
  • Google Alert
  • Other useful tools


6 Charities and 1 Healthcare provider sent 12 staff for the 2-day workshops

Social Media Workshop - 14-15 July 2010

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