Key Note to CAAS Service Excellence Award : 6Cs of Innovation Culture

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I am honored to be invited as a Key Note Speaker on 30 Sep 2011 for CAAS Excellence Awards Ceremony (EAC)

The CAAS Excellence Awards Ceremony (EAC) is an annual platform that recognises and rewards CAAS divisions and staff who have made significant contributions to CAAS through the IDEAS 2.0 and ALL STAR 2.0 schemes.  The ceremony also recognises activists who have made significant contributions towards the innovation movement.

Innovation Culture ( 6 Cs )

  • COMBINATION : Ensure Everyone agree on the Same Innovation Definition
  • Challenge the Status Quo by Creating New Value from
  1. Combining old ___ with the new ___
  2. Combining internal ___ with external ____
  3. Combining art with science
  4. Logic with emotions
  • CURIOSITY – Have a Curious Enterprise Mindset
    • Ask why : why do I still get lost when I ….
    • Ask how : how can we predict the market demand 24 months ahead of time?
    • Ask where : where are our new customers?
  • Community of DIVERSITY  - Recruit Different Talents = Enjoy DIVERSITY within your workforce
    • Perfectionist?
    • Giver?
    • Performer?
    • Individualist?
    • Observer?
    • Loyalist?
    • Party live wire?
    • Leader?
    • Peacemaker?
  • COMFORT ZONE – Never be too comfortable
    • Life is always a work-in-progress
    • Apple plans a product internally and launch it in phases, to the public that’s a product
  • COLLABORATION : Share your secrets with each other
    • Open source is the way to connection and network
    • Facebook and Google vs Friendster and Microsoft
  • CORPORATE VISION : Create a “Man on the Moon” Vision
    • Do we know where we are going?
    • Do we know the milestone when we reached there?
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