Walking with Dinosaurs – A Small step for Andrew, A Big Leap in using Social Brand Ambassadors

Who says “Walking with Dinosaurs” is just for children? The adults love them just as much especially when they stand 9m tall with heads almost touching the ceiling of the Singapore Indoor Stadium. On 1 Dec, 4000 people were among the very first group to watch the international acclaimed theatrical production – Walking with Dinosaurs. It was here in Singapore for 20 shows in 12 days (2 days break)

It is also the first time, a international company has budget for social media brand management and my company was awarded to manage the social campaign for 3 months. My allotment was 200 tickets, about 5% of the entire stadium on the very first night. 40% of them were given to charity (yes, I believe we are blessed to be a blessing to others).

Some of the VIPs created many wonderful user-generated content which help to promote Walking with Dinosaurs. The show ended just last weekend will be in Hong Kong from 22 Dec – 2 Jan.

This is the first time I have activated so many social brand ambassadors and the result has been great! Social business should leverage on social media for effective marketing and positioning.

It was such a good show that even our Prime Minister Lee and wife went on 11/12 to watch it

My VIP list on 1 Dec includes:

1. Merry Riana and family (check out her youtube video on Walking with Dinosaurs)

2. Magicbabe, JC Sum and Adeline

3. My good friend and great portrait artist Ocean and family

4. Joe Augustin and family

5. Aaron and family

6. Valerie Song and family

7. Samson and family

8. Annie Chan and friend

9. Estelle and friends ( Check out her home-made “promotional” video)

10. Willy Foo and friends (check out Willy’s wonderful pictures on Walking with Dinosaurs which I think is one of the best)

11. Karen Goh and family

12. Jenny Liew and family

13. Ellian and family

14. Gladys Chung and partner

15. Sharon Tan and partner

16. Valentine Low

17. Felicia Wang

18. Gavin Choo

19. Gin Wong (check out her blog)

20 Danny Pang & Family

21. Sebestian and girlfriend

22. Eric Feng and friend

23. James Leong (my NLP instructor) and family

24. Simon Foo and family

25. Cris Lu and her mother

26. Timothy and family + relatives

27. Last but not least my mother


1. Bole Business Consultancy (proud owner of www.myheartland.com.sg)


1. Staff and client of Young Women Christian Association

2. Staff and client of Student Care Services

3. Staff and client of Lutheran Community Care Services + 2 lucky draw winners from 19 Nov Golf event.

4. Staff and client of Singapore After Care Association

5. Staff and client of WINGS

6. Staff and client of Restroom Association of Singapore

7. Staff and client of B Well

Here are some of them captured on pictures


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Danny and I went "bananas" meeting Christian Lee & Jason Chan, co-founders of Bananamana.com

There is something magically about 1-min video especially when it is content-rich, visually-inspiring and emotionally-impactful. Thats what bananamana.com is all about. I first know about Christian Lee‘s business venture from Willy Foo, a renowned photographer-techpreneur-marketer in Singapore. By the way, Willy and I were both alumni of Spirit of Enterprise award winner back in 2008. His one-min video about all vital aspects of photography are already making waves on youtube and bananamana.com

Initially, it was a just a meeting of chit chat between Christian, Jason and myself at Espressoul Cafe (yes! most of my meetings are held there as I love to connect my business friends together). When I mentioned about Danny Pang (owner of Espressoul Cafe chain) and what he does, Christian wanted to know him too.

So it finally happened on 14 Dec, 2pm, we decided to do content on serious dating and relationship to help singles to make more intelligent love decisions in crucial points in their lives. Danny’s content about coffee (from A to Z) will be done first. Danny gave Christian and Jason a live demo on how premium coffee is being prepared. He went to work quickly and narrate as he works. Obviously, Christian was busy filming it down using his iphone for audition purposes (ok, the last part was kidding :))

The meeting ended nicely with immediate follow up emails on the specifics. Get ready for a wonderful treat of 1-min videos coming your way about coffee you never knew. Be warned. You will never pay premium for ordinary coffee after you watched Danny in action.

More about www.bananamana.com


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40 friends on Facebook I would recommend

*** Original article was published in May 2010 on my Facebook’s note.

Most people on Facebook often recommend themselves with strings of credential. Today, i am going to write about 40 of my friends on Facebook.

• Aaron Koh – Aaron is a social media marketer who advises B2C, B2B and government clients on harnessing social media and the digital space to bring brand awareness directly to consumers.
• Albert Wong – He put on the most friendly smile as a property agent, makes the most difficult case simple.
• Amelia Kang – An owner of several businesses, Amelia is a lady of many talents and taste for finer things in life from wine to gourmet coffee.
• Ande Lai – My mentor and coach when I first started out as a young man, he taught me everything i need to know about creativity and marketing in business.
• Danny Pang – The self made coffee guru in coffee and own the most upbeat coffee chain in Singapore, a trainer of Barista.
• David Wee – The management thought leader ahead of our time, he refines The New Normal
• Dennis Ng – an expert in Personal Finance and Housing Loans. He is a qualified Financial Planner who is often sought after for his comments in newspapers, magazines, Radio and even TV.
• Eric Feng – the most charismatic young trainer and coach for public speaking i have ever seen. The best selling author of 2 successful and practical book on public speaking.
• Eunice Tan – member of the Association of Image Consultants International, the founding member of the International Civility Trainers Consortium and image consultant for the reality TV show The Wedding Affair
• Evelyn Pek – A Well-connected and well-informed lady, but elegant with a non threatening spirit.
• Freddy Ngiam – The man who own the largest local job portals in Singapore. His humble approach masks his years of experience handling B2B business
• Genecia Luo – A beauty queen who train other beauty queens. She is a Life Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Choreographer and Host.
• George Wong – He is dubbed the God of Wine in Singapore, the guy who teach the French how to enjoy French wine.
• James Leong – He is 1/3 of the NLP Trinity in Singapore with Raj and Lance. Their insights on Enneagram and its application in coaching and building rapport is unparallel.
• Jenny Yeo – A dynamic and hot lady who can fool you easily with her age. Her restaurant in Sembawang was featured on TV within months after opening.
• Joyce Teo – A teacher by profession, an entrepreneur in the heart. She personify custom gift by her unique dedication to her business.
• Kenneth Kwan – His motivation methods make even the most self-motivated people go to their next level.
• Kloudiia Tay IIng – Kloudiia is may be petite in person, but powerful with her pen. A trust ghost writer for all aspiring and busy writers
• Leonard Wee – The sticker man who created a practical advertising medium which anyone can carry along everyday and everywhere they go.
• Liu Weiying – The only lady in Singapore I know who has a passion for singles above 40 and beyond.
• Lucretius Goh – Lucretius is a fine gentleman that combines a leader’s mind and a servant’s heart. His assets are his connections and how he maintains them as he journeys on his caree
• Lydia Gan – A designer, match maker, counselor and image consultant all in one. While there are many sits out there teaching guys how to win a woman’s heart, Lydia is the only one who has a site teaching men how to wow a lady.
• Magicbabe Ning – The Magic lady who performs the most incredible illusion with a great smile.
• Merry Riana – My fellow Spirit of Enterprise honouree in 2008, Merry is a charming lady with a rag to riches story and a passion to share and teach.
• Min Zhen – My most trusted lady for any media interview, she never out of topics to share.
• Nanz Chong Komo. The lady who makes a name out of $1.99, she continues to draw from her experiences to impact people especially women to make a difference in life.
• Nazran Ahmad – The coolest young man I have ever seen with a flair to make huge group comfortable with his presence
• Pearlin Siow – Many authors struggle with one book, she produced 5 in less than 2 years. Most will write about themselves, she loves to expound others’ achievement.
• Prasanna Srinivasan – Pras is the most dedicated information system project manager I have worked with. We ever stayed up till 3am working on a project together to get it ready for launch the next morning.
• Rovena – the most hardworking business networking organiser and planner in my circle. She is connected to every known business networking groups in Singapore and around the region.
• Rovin Wong – No Makeover is impossible with creative scissors under his hands and a keen eye for drawing out the best in you through his photography skills. .
• Samson Zee – A most fun loving host I have worked with, a certified life Coach and motivational speaker all in one. Sam has hosted big event of more than 10,000 people.
• Sarah Goh Yin – A lawyer by day, a study coach by night. Sarah is always a motivated giving person with proven track record of success.
• Stanley Leong – The rare male radio DJ, Host and Producer with a gentle voice and a sharp mind
• Teo Yong Song (Danny Teo 蒋荣煊) – the most certified and qualified person I have seen in many areas including training, consultancy, coaching, mentoring, etc.
• Terence Tan – Accommodating yet professional photography, willing to make a lot of adjustment to ensure assignment are done as painlessly as possible.
• Valerie Song – Her mission is matching Great people with Great Companies on a daily basis. She is relentless in searching for the most suitable human talent for many MNCs today.
• Violet Lim – The first official match maker in Singapore who gives a refreshing brand approach to match making. The most featured and interviewed lady I know of all my friends.
• Willy Foo – The guy who truly merge cutting edge technology and photography in one. Again another fellow Spirit of Enterprise honouree in 2008.
• Wily Lim – A social media master coach who created the first ever Social Media certification course in Asia.

** For the rest of my friends whose names are not found here, please do not be offended. I have more creative ways to acknowledge all the difference you made in my life……coming soon :)

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Interviewed by International Celebrity Host – Ian Wright for Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel was in Singapore to do a 10-day story and the last episode is about “Finding Mr Right”.

Table For Six LLP was honored to be approached to be featured and interviewed for our singles gathering – “Extreme Speed Dating”.

The Program will be out in Nov/Dec 2010 on Discovery Channel. See how I spar with Ian Wright, one of the most beloved host in the world.

Espressoul Cafe was the proud sponsor of the event and kudos to Mr Danny Pang, the Founder of the Cafe chain

See Danny’s blog here – http://blog.omy.sg/ezprezzo/2010/05/19/coffee-and-singles/

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