Walking with Dinosaurs – A Small step for Andrew, A Big Leap in using Social Brand Ambassadors

Who says “Walking with Dinosaurs” is just for children? The adults love them just as much especially when they stand 9m tall with heads almost touching the ceiling of the Singapore Indoor Stadium. On 1 Dec, 4000 people were among the very first group to watch the international acclaimed theatrical production – Walking with Dinosaurs. […]

Danny and I went "bananas" meeting Christian Lee & Jason Chan, co-founders of Bananamana.com

There is something magically about 1-min video especially when it is content-rich, visually-inspiring and emotionally-impactful. Thats what bananamana.com is all about. I first know about Christian Lee‘s business venture from Willy Foo, a renowned photographer-techpreneur-marketer in Singapore. By the way, Willy and I were both alumni of Spirit of Enterprise award winner back in 2008. […]

40 friends on Facebook I would recommend

*** Original article was published in May 2010 on my Facebook’s note. Most people on Facebook often recommend themselves with strings of credential. Today, i am going to write about 40 of my friends on Facebook. • Aaron Koh – Aaron is a social media marketer who advises B2C, B2B and government clients on harnessing […]

Interviewed by International Celebrity Host – Ian Wright for Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel was in Singapore to do a 10-day story and the last episode is about “Finding Mr Right”. Table For Six LLP was honored to be approached to be featured and interviewed for our singles gathering – “Extreme Speed Dating”. The Program will be out in Nov/Dec 2010 on Discovery Channel. See how I […]