Ask The Expert : The Date Coach – Andrew Chow

STUDIES have shown that late marriage is a becoming common phenomenon in modern, developed countries. Singapore, Korea, Japan are three of the worst hit countries in Asia, and Malaysia is fast becoming the infamous  4th. The more developed a country, the higher the mean age for marriage. So where do lonely hearts go? Besides the […]

Ask The Expert : Andrew Chow, the Date Coach (interview by The New Straits Times) – 23 Oct 2010

[slideshare id=5537059&doc=nst-231010-datecoach-andrewchow-101023060834-phpapp02&type=d] In conjunction with the Singles Cruise Asia (6-10 Dec 2010), I had an exclusive interview with The New Straits Times about Singles, Dating and Relationship. We discussed the following questions: Q: Do you believe in love at first sight? Q: If there are many fishes in the ocean, why is it a challenge […]

Dating 101 – An interview with BFM 89.9, the Malaysia Business Radio

On 26 Aug, In celebration of the Singles Cruise Asia on 6-10 Dec, 2010, I was invited to be the guest Speaker for In-Conversation on BFM 89.9 on the topic Dating 101. Listen to the interesting questions posed by Producer Angeline. Pin It

Singles Cruise Asia (6-10 Dec) – Royal Carribean – Legends of the Sea

Below are the program itineraries for Singles Cruise Asia. The Organizer and all the Gurus have designed these programs to enhance and make your Singles Cruise Asia Vacation a memorable and a life changing experience. Program 1 : Image & Your True Colours by Image Guru, Murshidah Said Program 2 : The Power Of Releasing […]

NTV7 – Interview : 8 types of Relationship which wont Work by Andrew Chow

On 23 Sep, I was back on NTV7 Breakfast Show program to continue part 2 of my 4-part interview on Date Coaching. The topic is “8 types of Relationship which wont work“. So check if you are in one of them while dating. This is the introduction of Host Naz and Hassen on 23 Sep […]

Beauties date the beasts (Beauty: Blessing or curse Pt 4)

It seems more common to see beautiful women going out with Average Joes these days. Unfortunately, the reverse doesn’t seem to be happening! [youtube=] The same journalist – Shi Ting posted this on and amazing it was retweeted almost 30 times within 24 hours. Pin It

Beauty breeds insecurity? (Beauty: Blessing or curse Pt 3)

If your boyfriend or girlfriend looked like a model, it’s easy to feel insecure about them. [youtube=] Pin It

Are You My Type – Single ladies Workshop on Enneagram

The Perfectionist (the One) Perfectionists are realistic, conscientious, and principled. They strive to live up to their high ideals. What I Like About Being a One being self-disciplined and able to accomplish a great deal working hard to make the world a better place having high standards and ethics; not compromising myself being reasonable, responsible, […]