How to implement a Social Media Readiness Assessment of your company

There are 8 key categories of 42 Best Practices each to answer before any company wish to fully embark on using social media to connect with the public. Senior Management Senior Management is interested in leveraging Social Media as a new marketing channel Senior Management understands that Social Media is a long term priority Senior […]

Teach Your Older Employees a New Approach

Teach Your Older Employees a New Approach With ever-advancing technology and the increased competitiveness of a more globalized economy, more mature employees are finding that their jobs just aren’t what they use to be. That’s where additional training can become instrumental to their success. While studies show that workers over the age of 50 are […]

Social Media and Charity are made for each other

In my VCF-approved training for VWOs/Charity/NPOs, I am often told the biggest obstacle for Volunteer Welfare Organisations (VWOs) is the lack of support/approval from top management. Social Media is utilised in the west for raising awareness, encouraging volunteerism and increasing donation. The best VWO I find which is the fore-runner on the social media applications […]

10 Social and Business Truths from "Social Network", the Movie.

A movie based on Mark Zuckerberg and the founding years of Facebook, called The Social Network, was released on October 28, 2010. The plot – I was invited by Sony Pictures for the preview of “Social Network” about 2 weeks before it was launched. After watching it, I was led to share my very […]

Mine the Links for the real Gems

How you, the hiring manager, can use social-media networks to support your recruiting efforts and pick winners. – Brand yourself as an employer of choice – Look beyond the referral – Check status updates – Check for thought leadership – The power of networking – Narrowing your search – Targeting different levels – Forming alliances […]

20 pitfalls to avoid when using Facebook for Branding

[slideshare id=4218781&doc=20pitfallstoavoidwhenusingfacebookforbranding-100522034626-phpapp01] Indiscriminate Tagging • Nothing is more irritating than finding ourselves being tagged to something that doesn’t concern us! Excessive Routine Group Broadcast • It will be a disaster for your brand if you use Facebook like just another broadcasting channel Posting your Product onto Competitor’s Group or Fan Page • If the owner […]