Meet the 14 speakers in Learn-a-thon 2011

Boyd Au “Boyd Au turns zero into zeroes. From Salvation Army waif to executive chairman of a listed firm…….”   SPH – The Sunday Times , In 1984, Boyd with his partner started the company, Enzer with S$10,000, where he was the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Enzer became a world renowned brand with products […]

Learn-A-Thon Fundraising Seminar For Southeast Asian Floods Exceeds S$100,000 Target

Repost from Mercy Relief Website   Charity event gathered close to 1,500 attendees, all proceeds channelled through Mercy Relief Monday, 28 November – HSR International Realtors (HSR) spearheaded a fundraising event – The Learn-A-Thon 2011 – a complimentary wealth creation and motivational seminar by 14 of established global speakers. About 1,500 attendees participated in the event […]