Effective Media Crisis Management Skills

No company will ever be fully prepared for any crisis that impacts their business. The key is to develop a standard contingency plan to keep the public informed through the media on how your organisation is handling the crisis. There are Ten Questions a Reporter Will Want to Know in a Hard News Situation: –          […]

Organising a Winning Press Conference

Choosing a date Try to obtain as much information as possible about internal deadlines of the media you are targeting, and schedule your press conference accordingly Try to avoid a date parallel to other events that are likely to attract considerable public interest Choosing and preparing a location: Make sure the location is easily accessible, […]

How to Maintain Positive Relationship with the Media and Press?

o Compile a list of journalists and reporter contacts and develop friendship with them. Try to remember their professional interest in their work and seek to be a resource information centre for other contacts. Be truthful about the quality of a story and its sources. Always give reporters special access to you by releasing your […]

About Andrew Chow

Andrew Chow founded IDEAMART (S) PTE LTD since 1994. He is a certified Life Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker/Author and Modern Match Maker. He won the Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2008 Andrew had more than 50 interviews and features about him and his business since 2005. During the same period, numerous valuable experiences are drawn […]