To better your life, think of yourself as a brand

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“To better your life, think of yourself as a brand”, says Andrew Chow, 46, Certified Life Coach, and Founder and Managing Director of IdeaMart (S) Pte Ltd.


Personal branding is all about knowing who you are as a person, what makes you special and how to promote yourself explains Andrew. Using himself as an example, Andrew says he is known to be a performer; someone who strives for excellence in everything he does. He is also known to be both helpful and creative. Thus, when people want help, they know they can count on him to extend the reach of his network.

85976_47667 The importance of a brand

“You may feel like it should be enough to just be yourself.” Andrew says “While there’s nothing wrong with that, you may miss out on many opportunities if you are not well-known, even if you are indeed very talented. Good branding establishes a powerful mind share, placing you at the top of everyone’s mind when the opportunities arise.”

It also means that others already have a perception of who you are before they even meet you – so their actual meeting up with you is more of a confirmation of that perception. That’s why it’s important to maintain your personal brand – it will serve as an introduction to those who don’t already know you.

Before you start


According to Andrew, you would need at least seven people to help you build a brand – one mentor, two coaches, a mastermind group which consists of three very close friends, and yourself.

“A mentor should be a much older, wiser person to give you advice. You don’t have to take the advice each time, but you hear him out because he has gone through much more than you would have. He should be one who is interested in your personal development and lets you learn from his experience.

Coaches on the other hand, are people who are concerned about improving your performance. Why two? This is because you have to work on at least two areas at any point in your life. Coaches may give us feedback that we don’t want to hear but champions in life must “take feedback for breakfast“.

Finally, you should form a mastermind group with three of your peers to brainstorm new ideas, catch up with the latest trends, and give feedback on what other people have been saying about you. This constant watching of each other’s back and friendly competition help you evolve and improve different areas of your life.”

Give, give and give some more

LifeofGivingwithoutReturn“I always believe that you must give before you receive”, says Andrew who expounds that it is better to adopt a mindset of “abundance” and give without expectations than the opposite – a “famine” mindset – where you won’t give unless you get something in return.

Andrew’s willingness to extend his network has made him even more friends, and he believes in introducing new people to his friends so that they can expand their networks too.

When I keep giving connections, I get more connections back. Thus, it always helps to give more. The reward may be delayed at times so you have to keep sowing in order to reap constantly.

Use windows of opportunity

Network“Sometimes when your resources and network are extensive, people will ask you to help them, even if they don’t like you.” Instead of finding this a dilemma, Andrew allows this to show consistency in his personal branding.

As being a “helper” is one of his core values, he is determined to help others regardless of whether the recipient is someone he likes or otherwise. It is a great benefit to meet and know those who might not have a positive impression of him, as it is a wonderful chance “to correct the mis-perceptions“.


3 steps to building your personal brand:

  1. Audit yourself
  • Who are you as a person?
  • What positive qualities do you have now? Knowing what makes you stand out is a crucial step to building your brand.
  1. Strategise
  • What positioning do you wish to adopt?
  • What qualities that make you unique do you wish to make visible? This is the most important step towards determining the brand you will adopt.
  1. Communicate
  • How are you going to communicate your brand so that people get it immediately?
  • Who else can you look for help?


Words: Marcus Wong

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Personal Branding : YOU 2.0 on Social Media

Mindef Shared Service has invited Karen Leong and myself to speak on “Work the headhunter Scene” and “Personal Branding : YOU 2.0 on Social Media” respectively to a group of transitional SAF senior officers at Marina Mandarin Hotel on 28 Jul, 2-5pm

My outline is :

  1. Embracing the Social Media wave
  2. Expand your social network through Facebook
  3. Enjoy the Linkedin connection with influencers
  4. Elevate your thought leadership on Twitter

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6 ways to elevate your thought leadership status on social media

Andrew Chow is a Thought Leader on Social Media Strategy, DIY Public Relations and Life Coaching

Thought leader is business jargon for an entity that is recognized for having innovative ideas.

The term was coined in 1994, by Joel Kurtzman, editor-in-chief of the Booz, Allen & Hamilton magazine, Strategy & Business. “Thought leader” was used to designate interview subjects for that magazine who had business ideas that merited attention

How to leverage on social media to elevate youur thought leadership status?

1.      Streamline Your Content. My forte is in Brand Communications, Social Media Strategy, Public Relations, Personal Branding and Creativity. I make sure I choose sites which can position myself best in respective domains. Keywords must be planned carefully to ensure your come on top within your competition. Prepare a posting schedule to avoid over-crowding of information within a short time.

2.      Select Your platforms. Choose platforms for article directories with good page ranking and Alexa. If you have many presentation on different topics of your forte, Slideshare is a great platform. Twitter is a must for anyone with great inspiration to share every time.

3.      Share Your Knowledge. My own experience is the best user-generated content I can put up to enrich accelerated learning among my followers and peers. Knowledge is everywhere, why not present them your own way to establish yourself as a though leader? Conduct quality survey regular to keep abreast of latest trend within your market.

4.      Simplify Your Conversation. Gone are the days where we engage in length and senseless discussion on forums. Use Twitter and learn to comment within 140 characters. We need to think, speak and listen “140″ in social media age. Typically, if you cannot think of saying your Personal Mission Statement in 7 words, you lack a strong personal branding online.

5.      Sell Your Expertise. 80% of our forte would be knowledge and 20% would be our expertise. Make others want your expertise after you have shared your knowledge. Customize the knowledge to their problem with unique solution is always a sure way to sell. Selling your expertise through electronic newsletter is acceptable as long as it happens once every 5 times.

6.      Support Your Community. Be available in as many places as you can initially. You will not know where and who your potential customers will come from. Create a portal of sort to gather them in one place so that you can do targeted customer engagement in the future. A lot of marketers have no problem generating interest, but sustaining interest is another ball game altogether.

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Andrew Chow's linkedin Referrals/Recommendations

Good testimonial and recommendation should always be sought consistently as we serve different people in our business and career. A good gauge for credibility and good network is to have 5% of your Connections to give you Recommendation on Linkedin. So if you have 400 connections, you should have about 20 recommendation.

Below is a list from my humble linkedin account.


“Andrew is a natural connector and very resourceful person. His kindness and enthusiasm immediately connect to you and inspire a lot of Ideas and opportunities. He is always on top of the social media industry and he creates positive waves! A reliable person indeed whom you need to partner with!”
— Ellen Shi Min, Owner, SMART Translation, was a consultant or contractor to Andrew at Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd

“Andrew is a great entrepreneur with great business ideas which are always innovative. He is the pioneer of local social networking and the success of his social networking portals has made him a very valuable consultant. I have attended his course on social media. What I have learnt not only useful to my organisation but also to me personally. I realise that marketing myself is equally important than marketing my organisation, as people can only relate well with people, not the physical centre.”
— Anita Ho, was Andrew’s client

“Andrew is an extremely gifted at networking. He is sincere about helping others find valuable connections.”
— Au Yeong Yuen Mun, Strategist, Hospitality Star / eUniversity, was with another company when working with Andrew at Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd

“I have been a friend and business associate of Andrew for almost a year since we connected on Linkedin. We’ve worked together and planned activities for several high profile clients. Andrew has a generous spirit and is a positive individual. I would say Andrew makes a good counterpart.”
— Gavin Choo, Founder & Director, Chris Cooper Group, was with another company when working with Andrew at Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd

“Andrew can always think out of the box for new ideas, creatives. Helpful and always on the go to help or assist with different creatives. Always there if you need an idea …thus to his Ideamart!!!”
— Gin Wong, Assistant Business Development Manager, RGB-Color, was a consultant or contractor to Andrew at Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd

“Because of He smart and a lot of ideas, suitable with the company name Ideamart!”
— Lily Ratnasari Lios, Owner, PT. Surya Indo Singa, was with another company when working with Andrew at Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd

“Andrew is a passionate and disciplined professional. He delivers his training with love, humour and passion. He is very service oriented and cares for his clients. Working with Andrew on the Singles Cruise Asia event as trainers to the attendees was indeed a fun and rewarding experience.”
— Murshidah Said, Owner, M & Z Empowerment Institute, was with another company when working with Andrew at Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd

“Andrew is really an expert in the areas of PR and Branding. Especially when it comes to managing media crisis and harnessing the potential of social network channels to grow your business. Look him up if you are looking to re brand your company or re brand yourself, it will definitely benefit your company or career.”
— Leonardo Wong, Marketing Communications Executive, Singapore Chinese Orchestra Company Limited, was with another company when working with Andrew at Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd

“It has been great to work with Andrew Chow. He is energetic, optimistic and always has creative ideas. He is daring to try new things and always feedback with cutting edge input on the projects we are doing together. Andrew is also a great team player, good listener. Looking forward to continuing work with him in the new year.”
— Ocean Wang, independant artist, Ocean The Artist, was with another company when working with Andrew at Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd


“Andrew is a meticulous coach. He put into consideration the welfare of the recipients when conducting courses. He makes his courses lively and engaging with jokes and hands on practical. Andrew is also a responsible consultant who comes in prepared. A very knowledge person with all his Social Media information up to date. His passion for social media is unquestionable. He encourages his recipients and assuring them that they can do as good as he is, if not better. He is
certainly a great leader who is not afraid to share his successful stories and methods.”
— Daphne Chloe Toh, was Andrew’s client

“Andrew delivered a creative and far sighted class on social media. He lives and walk the talk of what he is teaching, a truly commendable feat. His class was both engaging and informative. A definite must for those who are interested in implementing social media change for their business.”
— Marie Wong, was Andrew’s client

“The two days workshops conducted by Andrew on developing and implementing social media strategy for SMEs were enlightening. He was able to give good examples to illustrate the application of different social media channels from the practitioner point of view. We will definitely tap on his expertise to roll out our branding and marketing plan for the company.”
— Puay Hoon TAN, was Andrew’s client

“Mr Andrew Chow displays a strong understanding of the use of social media and provides practical insights on how to help non-profits relate to businesses. He is visionary, well connected and good at spotting future trends. I have learned much from him.”
— Adrian Choon Hock Tan, was Andrew’s client

“he is the best in his field and knows how connect everyone together.”
— Gnex Ganesan, was Andrew’s client

“I am impressed by Andrew’s knowledge and willingness to coach in a one-day workshop, Implementing a Winning Strategy for Social Media. He is an excellent presenter and coach. I am sure the class will benefit a lot from his sharing. Most of all, his passion for social media is undeniable.”
— Wendy Poh, was Andrew’s client

“Andrew is clearly an expert in the fields of branding, PR and Social Media. He has provided us with great direction in formalising our social media strategy and will be referring business his way.”
— Melvin Byres, was Andrew’s client

“Andrew is knowledgeable and passionate about Social Media Branding. He walks the talk and integrated much of social media into his lifestyle. He is an excellent trainer and consultant who who has a fertile mind full of ideas and imagination. He is fun to work with.”
— Ang Daniel, was Andrew’s client

“Andrew is a true Master Match Maker in matching businesses to their business clients. Businesses are match-made through his ability to forge strategic alliances. He provides public relations strategic counsel to SMEs’ by matching them to the right media in order to effectively communicate their messages to their target market. Andrew also matches his corporate clients’ with their target consumers by executing comprehensive branding strategy and integrated marketing. Last but not least, Andrew’s record as a social match maker is well documented in the media ever since 2005 when he managed Romancing Singapore and later founded Table For Six.”
— Rovena Plique, was Andrew’s client

“”Andrew strikes me as a passionate, visionary and philosophical entrepreneur, who is dead-set to create a new thrilling era for the dating industry, which has been a taboo subject for a long time. I could feel his excitement and sincerity as he shares his vision and mission and charts a road map of true love for any single that looks for him.” Victor Tan Suan Howe – Spirit of Enterprise Award 2008″
— Tan Suan Howe Victor, was Andrew’s client

“Andrew is a great friend to have. Very helpful and knowledgeable in his field in PR. Everyone should work with him.”
— David Wee, was Andrew’s client

“Andrew is a creative and very enterprising and these shows in his work. He is also proactively trying to improve on the job / project which is very helpful for me as a client. Great guy to work with.”
— Pin Kee Lam, was Andrew’s client

“Andrew is a great connector, who really knows how to deliver innovative and personable services that puts him far ahead of others. He shows great dedication to his work and warmth and care towards the clients he has. Always a charming host, you can expect to meet a knowledgeable, charismatic, entertaining and trendy businessman with good business acumen and fine taste in wine.”
— Wai Hong Ho, was Andrew’s client

“Great time with his activities”
— Cindy Ng, was Andrew’s client


“Andrew is a visionary. His strong business acumen and eye for detail allows him to transform the social networking landscape in Singapore, taking an idea from concept to execution. On stage, Andrew is towering and captivates attention. Off stage, he is kind and compassionate to help people improve themselves. I look forward to exchange ideas with him!”
— Ezen Ho, General Manager, Eroma Marketing, was with another company when working with Andrew at Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd

“I recently met Andrew as a result of reaching out for help with my start-up company. Andrew was able to offer his valuable pointers regarding the market and business plan, some of which have already been implemented. I was very impressed with his insights and understand the value he brings to his clients in areas such as social media, marketing and event management. Andrew’s definitely someone I want to remain in contact with as a future collaboration partner.”
— Andrew C Abraham, Founder and CEO, Kintuition, was with another company when working with Andrew at Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd

“Andrew is a gifted teacher and mentor. Not just because he has many years of experience in Social Media,but he knows a variety of creative teaching methods to teach and you couldn’t just miss anything he taught. he is always encouraging and positive to me. I appreciate his time to share with me on certain marketing ideas and conceptualization.”
— Lucretius Goh, Regional Channel Sales, INQ Mobile, was with another company when working with Andrew at Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd

“It is a great pleasure to work with Andrew, and I am delighted to make this recommendation. For there are three words that aptly described him: creative, passionate, generous. His willingness to share ideas with people despite his workload says alot about the person that he is. Indeed, Andrew is the go-to Ideas person.”
— Ange TEO, Owner, e2m – expat etiquette mentoring, was a consultant or contractor to Andrew at Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd

“Andrew has consistently demonstrated his self-motivation and enthusiasm on whatever business ideas and projects he wanted to promote and deliver over the years that I have known Andrew. Andrew is an extremely sharp, bright, positive and creative businessman whom people will feel GREAT to work and to associate with, in both business and social ccasions.”
— Jason Chan, Regional IT Technical Consultant, Sun MIcrosystems Incorporated, was a consultant or contractor to Andrew at Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd

“Andrew is an incredible media person with great network of contacts. A never say die attitude person who can get things done in a ziffy. He has been a constant adviser and mentor to me. Way to go, Mate !”
— Satheesh Paddolker, Vice President – ASEAN, MindNeurons, was with another company when working with Andrew at Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd

“Andrew is a professional marketers and entrepreneur with many years of experiences. He is dedicated to transforming the life of others around him and consistently demonstrated sharp sense of business. He is good at seeking out complementary collaboration between people and maintain high level of focus in adding values to his customers.”
— Yew Chor, Gary Khoo, Co-Founder, Knowledge Mastery Pte Ltd, was with another company when working with Andrew at Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd

“I have know Andrew for many years. He’s the one that delivers his promise & prompt in his action. With service excellence. I highly recommend him for any projects you may given to him.”
— Ben Ng, Creative / Managing Partner, Foto88 (Foto & Grafics 1973-2007), was with another company when working with Andrew at Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd


“A true-blue social media innovator and marketer, always exciting with creative and original new ideas to offer and share :)”
— Sharon Tan, Group Marketing Manager, Mary Chia Holdings Limited, was with another company when working with Andrew at Table For Six LLP

“Andrew has always been very helpful in providing insights into drafting our conference program with the knowledge that he has on the media & marketing industry. Creativity is one of his forte and he has provided some very interesting & innovative ideas to us and I thank him for pushing some of these boundaries for us!”
— Linda Teo, Managing Director, T.U.N International, was a consultant or contractor to Andrew at
Table For Six LLP

“Andrew is one of the most creative business person I have ever met in my life. He can come up with great and exciting ideas for social events to the PR and marketing for our companies in just a heart beat. Despite his busy schedule of running his own businesses as well as accepting other free lance projects in PR and Marketing, he still finds time to be a mentor to a few of us. His guidance for the past one and a half years in not only the dating business but how to manage a
business has inspired me grow into a more confident and driven entrepreneur.”
— Jasmine Cheong, Owner, Ardor LLP, worked directly with Andrew at Ardor LLP


“As the managing agent of Romancing Singapore, Andrew went to great length to bring together both businesses and individuals who could contribute towards the dating industry. Under his helm, Romancing Singapore reached greater heights. Andrew is generous with his advices and compliments. At the same time, he is quick to point out doubtful areas and ever so ready to offer suggestions. Andrew is soaring great heights in the area of work he is now pursuing and sky’s the limit for him.”
— Annie Chan, Events Provider, Social Development Unit (SDU), was with another company when working with Andrew at Romancing Singapore

“I worked with Andrew before, he is a pleasant, knowledgeable and trustworthy partner.”
— Frank Amptmeijer, Owner, Mac Pacific, was with another company when working with Andrew at Romancing Singapore

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Business and Pleasure Mixer : Andrew Chow's invitation – 18 Feb 2011

To all my dear friends and business associates,

What’s going on?
We have known each other through projects together,
negotiated deals and discuss alliance,
met into each other in training and seminars,
connected in tradeshows and exhibitions,
added each other on LINKEDIN or FACEBOOK
or get introduced in networking session before.

What’s happening?
I like to invite all my contacts to my humble birthday party cum networking session .
Theme : Business & Pleasure Mixer
Date : 18 Feb 11 (Friday)
Time: 6.30pm – 8.45pm
Venue : SmartSpace Singapore Address : 261 Waterloo Street, #02-24 Waterloo Centre, Singapore 180261
Offering : Complimentary Wine & Light Dinner will be served and many new friends to make.
Dress code : Anything except birthday suit

How to get there?

Public Transport: 7-min short walk away from Bugis and Bras Basah MRT Stations
Driving: Travel along Middle Road, turn left into Queen’s Street, then right into Carpark behind Bank of China building
Parking Facilities: Parking available at Waterloo Centre Basement Carpark (enter by Queen Street)

What’s the Program?
6.00-6.30pm : Welcome and registration
6.30-7.00pm : Wine, light dinner and networking
7.00-7.10pm : Andrew’s welcome note
7.10-7.30pm : Business Brain-storming
7.30-8.00pm : More wine and networking
8.00-8.15pm : One Minute of Glory for all Feb babies
8.15-8.30pm : Smart Space for Smart Business
8.30pm onwards : It’s all up to you!

Please do not bring me any birthday present; just yourself and a good fun spirit to mingle and network.
Bring 52 name cards; 50 to exchange, 1 for venue owner and 1 for Lucky Draw.

Your presence is my best present!

What’s the deal?
As my friend, there is no cost on your part,
however you must RSVP for yourself as I can only accommodate 50 friends in the venue.
If you show up without RSVP, you will need to pay for the wine …sorry

3 Extra Special!
I need 3 business friends who want to pick 50 other brains for solutions, ideas and creativity to their current business challenges.
All you need to do is to present me with your challenge (1 only please),
and I will put you on the Business Brain-storming session where I will facilitate everyone to contribute at least one idea to solve your business challenge.
You will go home with 50 new ideas on your business.

Are you a February baby too?
If you are also born in Feb, you are entitled to bring one more business friend.
Only those who are born in the same month as I am will get to share one minute about themselves and business.

How to RSVP?
Reply this email with your Name / Company / Mobile

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on 18 Feb


Andrew Chow

Managing Director

M : 97771818

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Art of Life : The Mark of 20s & 11s in the Year 2011

As I enter 2011, i was thankful of many 1sts in my life for 2010. As usual many of my friends especially on Facebook are busy with resolution, a handful decided to go into the new year without setting any. 1 Jan 2011 isn’t only the first day of a year year but a new decade. Using a good one year to set the tone for the next decade is extremely exciting. I like to share a different perspective on how I see 2011 in my life.

Friendship & Connection

  • We all wanted to get more connected to people who can help us to get to the next level. How about focusing on friendship for a start? How about making 20 new good friends and 11 new buddies in 2011? I am not talking about friends on Facebook, but people whom we have frequent contact with and enjoy their influence. Someone said we are the aggregate of the best 5 people we mix with.
  • How about challenging ourselves to make 20 good referrals and mend 11 broken bridges? There may be people we need to apologize to and thank you-card to send. Identify them and renew the connections. It is futile to go for numerous networking sessions if we burn bridges faster than we build them. How about tearing down 11 walls you have built before in order to over-protect yourself from failure? There is no such thing as failure in life, only feedback.

Pushing your personal frontier

  • To make our resolutions more organised, how about identifying 20 challenges in our lives and brainstorm at least 11 solutions to each of them? Getting through this personal audit is fun, we kill 2 birds with one stone : Do a reality check and stretching our creative mind for solution road maps.
  • No matter how knowledgeable we are, we need to seek improvement and upgrading constantly, how about devoting 20 days in 365 for training and development? Read 11 good books in 2011 to enrich your mind. If you have a blog, share them so that more of your friends will be blessed.

Take care of your body

  • how about investing 20 hours each month on exercising? and losing as many as 11 kg over a year for some of us who are considerably over-weight? I had done that 2 years ago from 90kg to 75kg. The older we get the more exercise we need.
  • I have not gone on a real holidays for years. In this year, i like to go for 20 days of holidays without internet connection and visit at least 11 different cities.

There are many 20s and 11s you can list in your life for 2011. Hopefully this article will inspire you to look deeper from within and streamline your resolutions, track milestone and build your personal brand.

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Portal – 2nd “P” of Persona Management

When you need an opportunity, sow an opportunity.

If you need database, why not sow a portal for different business people whom you like to connect with?

Let every connection created by your portal be a testimony of your greatness.

Are you willing to let people in your portal do business among themselves but not with you initially?

With you portal, you build a persona of a Giver.

Of course, there will be takers who take advantage of what you build, but that will only enhance your greatness as a Person.

When others steal from you, it means you have more than enough for others.

With a portal, your name is on every lip.

If you are willing to build and maintain a portal, others will come. And others will bring more of others to come.

Savvy Networking is great, provide a savvy network is grand.

Build your personal branding through your portal today!

If you have a good company website and thinking of changing it into a portal, challenge yourself with these questions”

•       How can I convert my website to a portal?

•       Who are the stakeholders in my portal?

•       How can I make them interact without me being around to facilitate?

•       How do I create opt-in database?

•       How do you I transform my portal into a brand?

•       How much viral is my portal enjoying?

•       What is a good name for your portal?

[slideshare id=5229843&doc=personamanagement-100918122130-phpapp02]

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The importance of Persona Management in Social 3.0 for Business

I am grateful to Felix and Roland for inviting me to speak at their inaugural Entrepreneur Workshop organised by Catalyst Connector on 16 Sep. Persona Management is first of the 3-part series of workshop aimed at challenging entrepreneurs and business owners to do brand audit, brand management and eventual brand communication.

I shared on the 8Ps of Persona Management

1. People

2. Portal

3. Partnership

4. Public Speaking

5. Publication

6. Publicity

7. Public Service

8. Prize

The presentation I did is on Slideshare and the pictures can be downloaded on Flickr

[slideshare id=5229843&doc=personamanagement-100918122130-phpapp02]

The Business of Social 3.0

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Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs in Singapore

Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs in Singapore : The Business of Social 3.0 – Workshop One – Transformation –


A Series of Workshops on Making Social Media Work for Your Business

by Catalyst Connector


16 September 2010 – Brewerkz Riverside Point

THE BUSINESS OF SOCIAL 3.0 is a series of Workshops on Making Social Media Work for Your Business by Catalyst Connector.

WORKSHOP ONE – TRANSFORM addresses the issues of how to make Social Media work in the business world and provides guidelines on the role of corporate Persona Management.

Whether a corporation or start-up, companies nowadays have to face and deal with many communities – its staff, suppliers, customers, partners and regulatory bodies. While it maintains a single outlook and projects a distinct image, it has to maintain multiple personas, carefully balancing each with the other to maintain credibility toward success. Balancing and maintaining all these various personas is a delicate act.

In the age of Social Media, the power of blogs, tweets, feeds and Facebook, are forcing upon businesses an onslaught of messages, feedback, critique and commentary. Business partners and potential business partners form opinions prior to a meeting. Rumors, opinions and reputations spread at the speed of light – often without the participation, or even knowledge, of the protagonist. It is critical that businesses, especially startups and SMBs, develop the ability to monitor, measure and manage their online personas to enhance their business networking and matching opportunities.

About Catalyst Connector

At Catalyst Connector, our strategy capitalizes on social voice as a policy, utilizing infrastructure and applications with a proven methodology to manage and maintain positive energy to pro-actively acquiring prospective customers and partners.

The Business of Social 3.0



Summary: Making Social Media Work in the Business World and the role of corporate Persona Management

Intended Audience:

  • Entrepreneurs and Senior Management in New Media and Business Development
  • Developers seeking to understand how to sell technology or services into a social space, and how to leverage on use of social media to generate business leads.
  • Agency Directors in Account Service and Media Planning.
  • Senior Executives in brand activation and marketing operations.
  • Anyone who seeks the use of digital marketing and social media for international business networking and matching to achieve revenue opportunities.

Date: 16 September 2010

Venue: Brewerkz Riverside Point, 30 Merchant Road #01-05/06, Riverside Point

Sign Up Now For FREE

Registration starts at 1:30pm

Time Agenda
1:30pm Registration
2:00pm Workshop Series Overview : The Business of Social 3.0

  • Overview of Workshop Series
  • Networking and Business Matching in the Age of Social Media
  • How businesses can harness social media to give them the competitive edge
3:30pm Workshop: Transforming your Business with Social Media and the Role of Persona Management (Part 1)

  • Persona – It’s Not Personal
  • What is Persona Management
  • Why is it so important in your journey
  • Persona communication techniques and tools
4:30pm Tea Break
5:00pm Workshop: Transforming your Business with Social Media and the Role of Persona Management (Part 2)
6:00pm Networking & Business Matching
8:00pm End
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