Dating Tips for Busy Professionals in 2011 – by Relationship Coach Andrew Chow on RazorTV

On Christmas eve, I was approached by a good friend in the media – Shi Ting from RazorTV to contribute 4 simple dating tips to busy professionals for a more colourful social life in 2011.

The tips were given in less than 5 minutes over phone but the RazorTV team did an excellent job in translating them into a creative episode. Check out the video (Dating Tips for Busy Professionals in 2011) by clicking onto the picture.

The dating tips or resolutions for singles in 2011 are :

1. Devote at least 10% of your time socializing or meeting new people

2. Invent a new look for 2011 : Try something new

3. Revisit your criteria for a life partner : Choose character over personality

4. Be the Right Person : Do not just look for the right one.

The other episodes of the series of professionals who find it hard to find a date include:

1. Young, Talented and Dateless (Magicians & Performing Artists)

2. Nearly 30 and Never Been Kissed (Journalists)

3. Too Busy for a Boyfriend (Public Relations Practitioners)

4. Married to your job (Designers)


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