Branding Challenges

Are you a business owner and suffer from one of the following?
  • People don’t know about your company.
  • People don’t care about your company.
  • People confuse you with another company.
  • People have mis-perceptions about what you do.
  • You are not engaging your customers.
  • You are not enjoying media attention.
  • You are not getting the deal or funding you need.
If you answer YES to at least 3 of the above, you have a branding challenge.
Branding is business strategy; above marketing, sales, Customer Relations Management and even Public Relations.
To find out your “branding quotient”, try this test –
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Introduction to Social Media 101

  • It is online social conversation from any content generated by people using different tools or media.
  • Communication via social media isn’t a one to one or one to many conversation, but many to many. It is a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.
  • The stake holders involved in such conversation can be your customers, donors, volunteers, employees, investors, critics, fans, competitors or anyone who has internet access and has an opinion
  • The conversation isn’t organized or controlled but organic and complex, speaking in a human voice
  • Social media is not a strategy or a tactic – it’s simply a channel.
  • Social media has great influence in the buying decisions of consumers. According to research by Digital Influence Group,  87% trust a friend’s recommendation over a critic’s review
  • Social media sites are the fastest-growing category on the web, doubling their traffic over the last year
  • Social media can help you in all stages of marketing, self-promotion, public relations, and customer service:
  • In conclusion, Social media or New media can aid or benefit you in the following ways:

i.    You can learn what people are saying about you

ii.    Create buzz for events & campaigns

iii.    Increase brand exposure

iv.    Identify and recruit influencers to spread your message

v.    Find new opportunities and customers

vi.    Support your products and services

vii.    Improve your search engine visibility

viii.    Gain competitive intelligence

ix.    Get your message out fast

x.    Retain clients by establishing a personal relationship

xi.    Be an industry leader – not a follower

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Understanding Media and Publicity for your business

  • Many small and medium enterprises do not really understand how to work with the media to generate buzz and publicity. They often have a misconception that media publicity is exclusive to big companies having a huge budget to hire public relations specialists who provide strategic counsel.
  • Media relation is both an art and a science. Knowing your basics and adding some creativity and flair will produce an effective pitch.
  • Understanding what constitutes news and knowing what the media and press want will give your company a head start in gaining publicity. The press and media are powerful stake holders of your business. Having good publicity about your product and brand will always enhance public perception on their value.
  • There are basically two types of news. Hard News which are primarily basic facts and figure and  soft news is news of human interest. The press usually prefer news that are :

i.    Unusual

ii.    Current

iii.    Local

iv.    Abnormal

v.    Sensational, and

vi.    Socially impactful

  • A Public relations practitioner once told me that if all else fail, there will always be three issues which are of interest to the media. They are MONEY, Sex and HEALTH.
  • For example, there is little chance of interest for coverage if you announce to the press that your company is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. However, if your company plans to donate 20 million dollar to charity to celebrate its 20th anniversary, it will be a big story!
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About Andrew Chow

Andrew Chow founded IDEAMART (S) PTE LTD since 1994. He is a certified Life Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker/Author and Modern Match Maker. He won the Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2008

Andrew had more than 50 interviews and features about him and his business since 2005. During the same period, numerous valuable experiences are drawn from managing the press and media (Channel News Asia, News 8, 938Live, Business Times, Zao Bao, Berita Harian, Today, The New Paper, My Paper, STOMP, FEMALE, HER WORLD, PEAK, SHAPE, Lifestyle, etc).

Andrew is also one of the choice interview candidates for Singapore lifestyle among foreign media like Canadian TV, Swiss Radio, German TV, AFP.

This blog is to share many of my insights about Life, and Business


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