Review : How to Provide High-Content Virtual Events to Enhance Your Bottom Line

How to Provide High-Content Virtual Events to

Enhance Your Bottom Line

 Date : 8 May 2012

Venue : Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore

Event : Annual Convention 2012

Organiser : Asia Professional Speakers Singapore

Presented by Pamela Jett, CSP

Reviewed by Andrew Chow

Why do virtual events?

Type Pros Cons
Free “public” Easy

No Risk

No profit

Can limit future profit

Client Sponsored Easy

No Risj

Can use their technology

Ceiling on profit
3rd Party Sponsored Easy

Big Audience

Can sell other product/services

Low fee

Play by their rules

Self-Sponsored “Public” Not difficult

Broad reach


Can be daunting

Slight risk


Where do we start?  Ask ourselves some key questions:

  • What’s my delivery platform?
  • What do my competitors charge?
  • What will I charge?
  • Where is my audience located?
  • What time do I schedule?
  • Who will be paying?
  • How will I handle “back office?”

What are some of the marketing strategies?

  • Negative titles sell.
  • Creativity matters.
  • Bullet point descriptions inspire confidence.
  • Offer a “series.”
  • Offer individual and group pricing..
  • Make sure program is recorded.

How to fine tune your delivery?

  • Think “training” – not motivational speaking.
  • Find their pain and be a pain reliever.
  • Tools, tips, techniques create value.
  • Think anecdotes, not stories.

How to Turn your “Stage Presence” into a Compelling “Virtual Presence”


  • Remember the basics of good structure.
  • Provide multiple applications.
  • Pace matters!
  • Energy matters even more!!!


Blunders and How to Avoid Them


  • Telling your “signature story.”
  • Not being interactive.
  • Forgetting the audience is there.
  • Q/A sessions.
  • Too much housekeeping


Most important points to remember!


  • Structure content so your audience knows the R.O.I.
  • Market first, then develop the content!


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Establishing strong Personal Branding online through Article Marketing by Andrew Chow

One of the many challenges to achieve respectable google ranking is in the area of backlinks to your blog. While the idea of having links exchanged is good, the quality of the incoming sites comes into play as far as Google is concerned.

If you are someone who is a thought leader or influencer in your domain, article submission to good article repository will make you more credible and enhance your online visibility.

In my previous post, I share about a list of 20 article submission sites with good page and Alexa ranking :

  1. EzineArticles -The big daddy of article directories.  If you could only choose one place to submit your articles, this would be a good choice. PR6
  2. Submit Your Article -This started as an article submission service, but has also turned into a high-quality article directory over the years.  PR4
  3. Suite101 – Another monstrous article site.  PR7
  4. Helium – An up-to-date article site.  PR6
  5. ArticleDashboard -Another staple in article directories.  PR5
  6. ArticleBase -This article directory has grown to a PR6 with lots of content and praise from article syndication experts.
  7. GoArticles -This one claims to be the largest, but I’m pretty sure #1, #3, and #4 give it a run for it’s money.  PR4
  8. WebProNews -You have to be selected to get into this one but it’s well worth the trouble.  Old and respected.  PR6
  9. SearchWarp -Free to submit and serves a lot of articles.  PR5
  10. Buzzle -A strong article directory.  PR6
  11. Isnare -Also a submission service, iSnare is another strong article directory at PR6.
  12. American Chronicle -Actually part of a network of article sites.  PR6
  13. ArticleCity -Pretty much your standard article directory.  PR5
  14. IdeaMarketers -A giant, this is much more than a simple article directory.  It is a newsletter builder and management system as well as a “home base” for authors.  PR5
  15. Site Reference -This is a content portal with article submission built-in.  PR5
  16. Article Alley -A standard article directory.  PR5
  17. TheWhir -Another strong article site.  PR6
  18. Articles Factory -Mid-level article site.  PR4
  19. SelfGrowth -Won’t find this one in auto-submission software.  Must become an “expert” first to then get access to submit articles.  PR6
  20. Amazines -Pretty standard.  Nothing fancy here.  PR3
  21. Article Snatch – It’s pretty popular, but is a “no-follow” directory.  PR5

I am happy to share that I have so far tried 3 of the above.

Over the next weeks I will try my hands on the top 5 article directories to test out the referrals from these backlinks. Based on the 80/20 rule, since the top 5 sites command a lion’s share of the market, it is wise to devote your limited resources and time on them..

Remember to give plenty of invite to other like minded business professionals who are or aspire to be a thought leader in their industry. Every one you refer to these sites will help you to have a back link to your site.

Like in everything else, you need time to see the fruits and results.

My motto in article marketing is – Streamline your content, Share your knowledge, Simplify your conversation, Sell your Expertise, Support your community.

1. Streamline Your Content. My forte is in Brand Communications, Social Media Strategy, Public Relations, Personal Branding and Creativity. I make sure I choose sites which can position myself best in respective domains.

2. Share Your Knowledge. My own experience is the best user-generated content I can put up to enrich accelerated learning among my followers and peers. Knowledge is everywhere, why not present them your own way to establish yourself as a though leader?

3. Simplify Your Conversation. Gone are the days where we engage in length and senseless discussion on forums. Use Twitter and learn to comment within 140 characters. We need to think, speak and listen “140″ in social media age.

4. Sell Your Expertise. 80% of our forte would be knowledge and 20% would be our expertise. Make others want your expertise after you have shared your knowledge. Customize the knowledge to their problem with unique solution is always a sure way to sell.

5. Support Your Community. Be available in as many places as you can initially. You will not know where and who your potential customers will come from. Create a portal of sort to gather them in one place so that you can do targeted customer engagement in the future. A lot of marketers have no problem generating interest, but sustaining interest is another ball game altogether.


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Walk the Talk : Embracing the Social Media Lifestyle before changing the corporate culture

  • Date : 7 March 2011
  • Time : 7.30pm-9pm
  • Venue : Vemma Singapore Office
  • Topic : Embracing Social Media Lifestyle
  • Outline

1. Introduction : What’s your greatest challenging in using social media?

a. Social Media = New Internet = Live Communication

b. Some of the jokes today may be reality of tomorrow

c. Google : You search for information

d. Social Media : Information search for you

2. Social Media Lifestyle (Personal)

a. Content : Original, Co-created, User-generated

b. Context :

1) Listen & Learn,

2) Share and Inspire

3) Comment & Commend

4) Poll & Publish

5) Monitor and Measure

c. Contact : Are you a influencer? Thought Leaders? or just one of the guys?

d. What do you need to be in order to have the SM Lifestyle?

1) Be Yourself

2) Be Adventurous

3) Be Social

4) Be a Brand

5) Be Honest

6) Be Current

7) Be a Connector

8) Be #140, Think  140, Talk 140

3. Social Media Culture (Corporate)

a. Motivate : Make sure top management and stake holders buy in

b. Measure : Customer Engagement and Competitive Insight

c. Monitor : Metrics & Dashboard, Milestones & Deliverables

d. Manage : Staff/Resources. Plan/Channels/ Processes

e. Maintain : Governance

4. Conclusion : Your attitude on handling Social Media reflects your attitude in Life.

Some of the wonderful participants have kindly put on posts on their blogs:

After the Talk, I was given a smart looking pack of Vemma product by Mr Choong Kok Wai from Vemma Team Alpha

Special Thanks for Moon for inviting me :)

If anyone wish to have this topic : Embracing the Social Media Lifestyle for keynote in your conference, please send in your request to :

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1001 Questions Answered ……. for Entrepreneurship and Social Media by Andrew Chow

Tomorrow I will be invited by Ms Serene Pan, Vice-Director (BizAsia), to be one of the six entrepreneurs to the “1001 Questions Answered” event organised by NUS Entrepreneurship Society (NES)


1001 Questioned Answered by Andrew Chow

1001 Questioned Answered by Andrew Chow

This ‘1001 Questions Answered’ event aims to:

  • Provide a platform which allows the participants to meet and network with a wide variety of entrepreneurs from various industries,
  • Answer participants’ queries regarding our industries;
  • Provide the opportunity to learn and interact from the entrepreneurial experiences

Basically, this Q&A event calls for anyone with burning questions to start their business in the respective industry of interest.

Date: 25th January 2011. Venue: NLB Level 5, Drama Centre. Time: 1500 – 1700 hrs

The Program was as follows:

1430 – 1500             Registration and Briefing about the event
1500 – 1515              Group A: Brief introduction about Entrepreneur’s background and company
1515 – 1600              Q&A Session A begins

Speakers :

  • Mr Adrin Loi (Room A),
  • Mr Yap Boh Tiong (Room C),
  • Mr Ron Mahabir (Room D)

1600 – 1615              Group B: Brief introduction about Entrepreneur’s background and company
1615 – 1700              Q&A Session B begins

Speakers :

  • Mr Frederic Moraillon(Room A),
  • Mr Keith Ng (Room B),
  • Ms Tay Eu-Yen (Room C)
  • Mr Andrew Chow (Room D),
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Bloggers share their hearts about their heartlander place in Singapore – Hong Kah Point

The posts from our bloggers to encourage their followers to soak in the spirit of Lunar New Year 2011 at Hong Kah Point is out! It is located at Blk 501 – 508 at Jurong West St 51.

This is a pilot project to encourage business association of all heartland centres to engage younger generation in heartland areas to rediscover the magic, fun and memories in their estates.

It will eventually lead up to Heartland Fiesta 2011 (1 Apr – 15 May).

Read about how :

The gentlemen :

1. Aussie Pete -  A Pictorial – I Left My Heart In The Heartlands – Hong Kah Point

2. Darren Ng - My Heartland – A Portrait of Hong Kah Point

3. William Tan -Hong Kah Point- The Little Chinatown in the West

4. Shaun Owyong -My Heartland Fiesta 2011- HONG KAH POINT!

The ladies :

1. Christine Ng - Girl Next Door + Panty Guide

2. Lingyi – Hong Kah Point is Hot!

3. Valentine – Eat, Shop and Play at Hong Kah Point this Chinese New Year 2011

4. Gin Wong –

The official page of MyHeartLand –

Please look for your favourite blogger’s link and vote for them by “like”

The top 3 winning bloggers will be announced by 30 Jan. They stand to win a total ang pow of $600 in cash!.

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My Top 10 Most Memorable Moments in 2010

What’s your top 10 moments in 2010?

Before you set new resolutions for 2011, it is always wonderful to reflect on the year and celebrate every wonderful moments so that we can grow from strength to strength.

My very best Top 10 Most Memorable Moments in 2010 are:

10. “The backup Plan” movie launch

On 29 April, Sony Pictures and my company (Table For Six) jointly organized the Back up Plan Movie and Dinner event. Our company conducted a survey on Singapore’ ladies’ backup plans should they remain single for the rest of their lives. The results were insightful and the press/media given us a lot of coverage.

9. Authorised Training Provider for NCSS

In early Jun, I was informed by National Council of Social Service (NCSS)  that I am granted the status to be the Authorised Training Providers for Charitable organisation and VWOs under the VCF Training Grant. I created courses:

  • Developing a Winning Social Media Strategy for NPOs
  • Social Branding for NPOs
  • Getting Sponsorship for VWOs and Publicity for Business
  • Coaching and Developing your Volunteers

8. Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment – Certification.

From 9 Apr till 15 June, I took 6 modules, get through the assessments under Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF). With this Advanced Certificate, I am able to Develop, Train and Assess courses under WSQ framework from WDA.

7. Singles Cruise Asia

Many people would have heard of Dating@Sea since 2007 where it is only open to singles from Singapore. It was all along done with Star Cruises as our cruise partner. Finally from 6-10 Dec, the 1st ever Singapore-Malaysia social event (Single Cruise Asia), a 5D/4N cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Legend of the Seas was organised.

6. Interviewed by Ian Wright for Discovery Channel

It’s not everyday you get to be interviewed by a host from a international media, much more a international celebrity host – Ian Wright. He was in Singapore in May to do a special 10-part episode on Singapore. At the very last part, there is always the angle of singlehood issue in Singapore. I was contacted to create a social event where his team can film the entire event with interviews about myself and some of my participants.

Picture with Ian Wright & Vernetta Lopez

5. Marrying Charity with Art

I had always wanted to do my bid for charity in forging strategic alliance between charities and business entities. I am glad in 2010 I have helped my good friend Ocean Wang to launch her career by painting 3 portraits of F1 drivers : Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber. The Alonso portrait was successful auctioned silently for $4000 in the charity dinner of Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS) with the kind planning and organising service of Annie Chan.

LCCS Gala Dinner - 191110

Ocean’s blog – The Hand over ceremony is done on 24 Nov


4. 938live guest speaker for Positive Business Minute

3. 1st Malaysia media exposure

Though I have enjoyed more than 120 media and press interview and coverage of myself, business or events in Singapore and international main media, Malaysia was not one of them. This changed in August where I was invited to be interviewed on Malaysia radio BFM 89.9. From then on, i enjoyed 4 weeks of NTV 7 Breakfast show as a regular guest, 2 Newspaper features about being a Dating Coach for Singles Cruise Asia

2. Hosting 200 friends for Walking with Dinosaurs

Walking with Dinosaurs is the most successful and money-making family entertainment theatrical production in the world. For the first time ever, it came to Singapore from 1-12 Dec for a 10-day 20-show performance. My company won the tender to manage the social media marketing platform. One of my deliverables was to raise social brand ambassadors. I was given 200 tickets for the very first show and I invited charities and brand ambassadors to be the first few people to watch it. The turnout was 4000 so I had 5% of the stadium on 1 Dec.

1. Successful Entrepreneur award 2010

Since receiving the Spirit of Enterprise award as an honoure in 2008, this is the 2nd business award I have received in the space of 3 years.

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The most special cruise trip – Singles Cruise Asia (6-10 Dec, 2010)

Though I have done 4 singles cruise in Singapore – dating@sea from 2007-2009, the wonderful experience from this 1st ever Singles Cruise Asia is unlike any other.

I was first approached by Timothy Low and wife Tamie from Malaysia to be co-marketing partners in Singapore. The original idea was to gather singles from Malaysia and Singapore.

We had tremendous media support and coverage –

Our itinerary for 5D/4N can be found –

Over 5 days, we had 10 programs from 4 Guru: Heiko and Selina (Relationship and Release Coaches), Murshidah Said (Image Coach & Consultant) and myself Andrew Chow (Dating Coach)

This is the 1st cruise for singles I see everyone has a camera, very eager to take pictures alone or in groups. All of them dress for the occasion for different theme of Gala Dinner for every night. We took part 100% in all program and very proactive in discussion until 1.30am in the morning. The chemistry and bonding was fantastic. The sharing and gift exchange on the very last night was a touching moment. Tears were shed, hugs were everywhere, gifts were lovingly exchanged. I am sure the Gurus ourselves find this very fulfilling, a sense of achievement and satisfaction that money cannot buy. Everyone isn’t shy about sharing. There is no taboo or stigma, just meaningful friendship forged for a long time to come. This is something I have NEVER see in the past cruises which I did before. Perhaps I was only concerned about the events management rather than the fulfillment of the guests on board. It gave me a new perspective and mission in my future approach for giving opportunities for singles’ interaction.

I have made 4 videos for the 4 days of our wonderful experience and hope you will be inspired to join us in 2011, we will always organise weekend trips to exotic places in Thailand and Malaysia for those who are not really into cruise holidays.





My workshop presentation can be found here :

7 Qualities to look for in a Life Partner

[slideshare id=3632796&doc=7qualitiestolookfor-100404065441-phpapp01]

8 Types of Relationship which wont work
[slideshare id=2972701&doc=8typesofrelationshipswhichwontwork-100122092403-phpapp01]

5 Compatibility Time-Bomb
[slideshare id=4597895&doc=5relationshipcompatibilitytimebombs-100623231845-phpapp01]

Lastly, for those of you who wish to know how to organise your own speed dating event, check out this video of mine,


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The Most Comprehensive Behind-the-Scene videos about Walking with Dinosaurs Production

Razor TV makes a special trip to Australia to understand more about the people and work behind Walking with Dinosaurs before they arrive in Singapore to perform from 1-12 Dec 2010 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium





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Win tickets to 'Walking with Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular'

Watch the 3 videos below and answer three questions correctly.

That’s all you have to do to win 1 of 10 pairs of tickets to “Walking with Dinosaurs” at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

We’ll even let you choose from:

1) 5 pairs each for Opening Night, Dec 1, Wednesday, 8pm

2) 5 pairs each for Dec 5, Sun, 7pm + 10 Meet & Greet passes

Contest closing date is 25 November 2010.

Indicate which passes you want and we’ll try best to our ability to allocate them to you.

Winners will be chosen based on number of correct answers.

Please include these details in your email titled ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ to

Full Name
IC number
Mobile number
Email addresses


1. What are people who drive the dinosaurs called?

2. How much did the original Velociraptor suits weigh?

3. What are the 2 projects The Creature Technology Company are working on?


» Walking with Dinosaurs in Singapore
» Fit for a Velociraptor
» Star Wars vs Dinosaurs

Read also:

» Walking with Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular debuts in Singapore

Check out photos & videos on Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular

» Baby T-Rex coming to Singapore
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Social Media and Charity are made for each other

In my VCF-approved training for VWOs/Charity/NPOs, I am often told the biggest obstacle for Volunteer Welfare Organisations (VWOs) is the lack of support/approval from top management. Social Media is utilised in the west for raising awareness, encouraging volunteerism and increasing donation. The best VWO I find which is the fore-runner on the social media applications is Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS) led by Executive Director Rev Daniel Ang.

They are setting up Facebook fan pages, updating fans on their events like Charity Golf, causes, fund raising status, etc. Plans are underway to create Twitter, Youtube and Flickr pages. The latest is a campaign to auction off 2 paintings of F1 drivers – Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso

In my corporate training, I encourage them to do research on 5 international charities and these may be 5 good case studies for other charities to follow

If you belong to any VWOs and would like to explore using social media, I would be glad to design a customised training for your organisation.

[slideshare id=5690603&doc=nspcc-101106215221-phpapp01]

[slideshare id=5690599&doc=maratriangle-101106215048-phpapp02]

[slideshare id=5690598&doc=amnestyinternational-101106215022-phpapp02]

[slideshare id=5690594&doc=actionaid-101106214947-phpapp02]

[slideshare id=5690592&doc=savethechildren-101106214857-phpapp02]

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