Get on ‘boat’ for an all-in-one relationship makeover

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Get on ‘boat’ for an all-in-one relationship makeover –

Saturday October 23, 2010
Get on ‘boat’ for an all-in-one relationship makeover

SINGLES Cruise Asia is touted to be a unique platform for singles to mingle and improve themselves and their overall love lives with the help of several gurus.

The themed cruise event brings singles from all over Malaysia on a five-day four-night discovery journey packed with activities like games, dance classes, themed dinners and personal development programmes.

From image consultancy to relationship workshops, to dating tips and etiquette, the cruise is an all-in-one relationship makeover journey that is designed to empower and equip participants with the know-how and mindset to prepare them for relationships, or even to heal from one.

SCASIA Sdn Bhd PR director Timothy Low explained: “It is a vacation-themed personal discovery cruise aimed at providing a platform for the growing singles population to meet ‘real’ people and see what they are like in ‘real’ situations.

Getting to know you: The Singles Workshop, which was held as a preview ahead of Singles Cruise Asia, kicked off with an ice-breaking session.

“It is often difficult to determine what someone is like until you interact with them outside of their normal routine.

“Fun activities are always the best way to get to know someone, make some new friends, or even ignite a romance.”

Low said that the programmes were designed to transform people’s lives and getting participants to put whatever they had learnt into action.

“Our tagline is ‘Becoming the Right Person’ because we believe that has to happen before finding the right person.

Low promised that the cruise participants would get to enjoy something they have never experienced before.

Potential participants were given a preview of the cruise during a workshop where the four gurus gave them a taste of what to expect.

Date coach Andrew Chow spoke about the qualities a person would want in a relationship and partner, and essential skills in communication.

The latter, he said, included not bringing up the past (especially in disagreements), maintaining eye contact, always trying to make joint decisions, always offering the other party the benefit of doubt, and concentrating on how one’s partner feels.

Chow’s session on the cruise will include tips on making good first impressions, making follow-ups and the next date, finding the right dating site, and online communication.

Empowering and equipping participants: The four gurus who will be conducting the personal development programmes on board the Singles Cruise Asia(from left) date coach Andrew Chow, image guru Murshidah Said, love gurus and international releasers Selina and Heiko Niedermeyer.

Image guru Murshidah Said will be conducting a “personal image empowerment” programme to guide participants on how they want to “brand” themselves and how they want to project their identity.

Love gurus and international releasers Heiko and Selina Niedermeyer demonstrated the power of releasing using the Lindwall Releasing Process.

Using the analogy of the human heart being a computer hard drive, Heiko said painful experiences can be like a virus that affects a computer’s functions.

“There are good and bad experiences in life, but painful experiences are the ones that affect the heart. They exist in our subconscious mind, and continue to affect our lives to some degree,” he said.

According to its founder’s website, the Lindwall Releasing Process is for one to “allow a past disturbance to surface, confront the situation as needed, then release the negative impact and emotional content by speaking aloud relevant, affirmative statements and believing in those statements”.

Malaysia’s first Singles Cruise Asia will set sail from Dec 6 to 10 on board the Legend of the Seas by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

The route will be a round trip from Singapore, docking at Port Klang, Malaysia, and Phuket, Thailand, and back to Singapore.

It is open to single men and women aged 21 and above.

For more information, visit Registration deadline is Nov 15.

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Ask The Expert : Andrew Chow, the Date Coach (interview by The New Straits Times) – 23 Oct 2010

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In conjunction with the Singles Cruise Asia (6-10 Dec 2010), I had an exclusive interview with The New Straits Times about Singles, Dating and Relationship. We discussed the following questions:

Q: Do you believe in love at first sight?
Q: If there are many fishes in the ocean, why is it a challenge to find a soul mate?
Q: How effective are dating agencies?
Q: What are the challenges faced by women in the dating scene?
Q: Name some criteria in finding a right partner.

For more information about Singles Cruise Asia go to, and to find out more about Andrew visit his website at

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Dating 101 – An interview with BFM 89.9, the Malaysia Business Radio

On 26 Aug, In celebration of the Singles Cruise Asia on 6-10 Dec, 2010, I was invited to be the guest Speaker for In-Conversation on BFM 89.9 on the topic Dating 101. Listen to the interesting questions posed by Producer Angeline.

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Singles Cruise Asia (6-10 Dec) – Royal Carribean – Legends of the Sea

Below are the program itineraries for Singles Cruise Asia. The Organizer and all the Gurus have designed these programs to enhance and make your Singles Cruise Asia Vacation a memorable and a life changing experience.

Program 1 : Image & Your True Colours by Image Guru, Murshidah Said

Program 2 : The Power Of Releasing by Love Gurus, Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer

Program 3 : How to Attract The Opposite Sex – Male Only – A Male by Birth. But a Man by Choice by Date Coach, Andrew Chow

Program 3 : How to Attract The Opposite Sex – Female Only by Love Guru, Selina Niedermeyer

Program 4 : Get together to Attract The Opposite Sex by Love Guru, Selinar Niedemeyer & Date Coach, Andrew Chow

Program 5 : Brand Yourself and Be Attractive by Image Guru, Murshidah Said

Program 6 : Different stages of dating : Casual, Exclusive & Intimate by Date Coach, Andrew Chow

Program 7 : Harnessing Your Sexuality by Love Gurus, Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer

Program 8 : The Complete Transformation (R&R) – by Love Gurus, Image Guru and Date Coach

Program 9 : Speed Dating- Mix and Match, Meet & Mingle by Date Coach, Andrew Chow

Program 10 : The New You by Image Guru, Murshidah Said

Games :
Game 1 : Ice Breaker – Human Bingo by Timothy Low & Andrew Chow
Game 2 : Dance Workshop by James & Audrey Thum
Game 3 : Locks & Keys by Love Gurus, Image Guru and Date Coach

Theme Dinners :
Day 1 : Angel White Night
Day 2 : Masquerade
Day 4 : Glitzy Celebrity

Come join in the fun and learn together with us! See you on board Singles Cruise Asia 2010!

Book Now! Visit :
Email :

Information required :

1. Name

2. Passport

3. Expiry date

4. Nationality

5. DOB in full

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Qualities to Look For in a Life Partner

As part of the pre-event publicity for the Singles Cruise Asia (6-10 Dec 2010), I am invited to NTV7 on The Breakfast Show hosted by Daphne Iking and Hansen Lee on 17 Sep.

ntv7 first came on air on 7th April 1998 and was Malaysia’s third private free-to-air TV station. The station specialized in urban and international content and catalyzed profound growth in the media industry across Malaysia

The 4-part series started off with my discussion on “6+1 Qualities to look for in a Life Partner”

The interview is on youtube, the material is on slideshare and the pictures of the studio/behind the scene is on Flickr

This is how they introduce me at the beginning of The Breakfast Show at 8.30am


My actualy interview at 9.46am


My notes and illustration on the Qualities to Look out for in a Life Partner

[slideshare id=3632796&doc=7qualitiestolookfor-100404065441-phpapp01]

All the backstage and studio pictures taken by Jeamie Lee, my capable Public Relations Manager in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

170910 - The Breakfast Show @ NTV7 (Qualities to look for in a Life Partner)

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