Why companies are not adopting social media?

There are 10 main reasons why many companies are not embracing social media as part of their business strategy. Interestingly, they all begin with the letters which form the word SOCIAL MEDIA

S – Strategy. Companies do not have a clear game plan, not sure of their target audience and objectives of being on social media..

O – Organisation. Organising themselves internally and integrate other marketing, communications and publicity efforts require more than a change of standard operating procedure, it requires a change of mindset and culture.

C – Channels. Most corporate are clueless as to which platforms are suitable for their business especially when it is a B2B scenario.

I – Investment. Social Media platforms may be free but not for training, consultation, content preparation, measurement, etc..

A – Authenticity. Many corporate are too used to using “We”, “us” instead of “I”. People like to connect with people not organisation.

L – Listening. Most corporate do not really listen to their customers in the first place. When you have active listening, you will get a feel of brand sentiment in the social circles

M – Moderation. On social media, there is really no moderator. Unless you create a social networking within your web 2.0 environment, you will need to accept the good with the bad.

E – Engagement. Engagement is a BIG word. Everyone talks about it but few understand the commitment behind active engagement.

D – Direction. As a corporate entity, many other functions will need to be re-aligned if social media strategy is deployed.

I – Infrastructure – Monitoring benchmark and systems must be set to measure Key Performance Index. Best practices for sales, marketing, branding and other department must be continuously built upon in the Knowledge Base.

A – Analytics – Do corporate know what are they measuring? How do you utilise certain data to improve on product and service? How does trend and research affect decision making and resource allocation?

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The importance of Content on Social Media

If social media strategy is a game of chess, Content will be the King on the chest board.

Broadly speaking, There are 3 main types of Content : Original, Co-created and User-generated.

In the Web 1.0 era, all commercial messages are taken in its entirety without question.

In Web 2.0 where interactivity is the key,  the social media community no longer make buying decision based on  original content like advertising campaigns, regular promotion, celebrities’ endorsement, brochures, exhibition, etc.

Social Media has shifted the power of broadcasting to anyone who can create his unique content on their own.

No longer will companies be able to dominate the market space with original content without some forms of collaboration with the social brand ambassadors.

This collaboration gives rise to co-created content on social platforms through videos and pictures. In original content, the focus is on the Product.

Co-created Content is often produced with collaboration among different stakeholders in the social media community.

There are still some levels of control over such content.

User-generated Content is the most creative and convincing content of all as it is produced entirely and jointly by different target audiences.

A company usually have no control at all of its development and extent of reach.

In all user-generated content, the focus is on the brand’s popularity.

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6 ways to elevate your thought leadership status on social media

Andrew Chow is a Thought Leader on Social Media Strategy, DIY Public Relations and Life Coaching

Thought leader is business jargon for an entity that is recognized for having innovative ideas.

The term was coined in 1994, by Joel Kurtzman, editor-in-chief of the Booz, Allen & Hamilton magazine, Strategy & Business. “Thought leader” was used to designate interview subjects for that magazine who had business ideas that merited attention

How to leverage on social media to elevate youur thought leadership status?

1.      Streamline Your Content. My forte is in Brand Communications, Social Media Strategy, Public Relations, Personal Branding and Creativity. I make sure I choose sites which can position myself best in respective domains. Keywords must be planned carefully to ensure your come on top within your competition. Prepare a posting schedule to avoid over-crowding of information within a short time.

2.      Select Your platforms. Choose platforms for article directories with good page ranking and Alexa. If you have many presentation on different topics of your forte, Slideshare is a great platform. Twitter is a must for anyone with great inspiration to share every time.

3.      Share Your Knowledge. My own experience is the best user-generated content I can put up to enrich accelerated learning among my followers and peers. Knowledge is everywhere, why not present them your own way to establish yourself as a though leader? Conduct quality survey regular to keep abreast of latest trend within your market.

4.      Simplify Your Conversation. Gone are the days where we engage in length and senseless discussion on forums. Use Twitter and learn to comment within 140 characters. We need to think, speak and listen “140″ in social media age. Typically, if you cannot think of saying your Personal Mission Statement in 7 words, you lack a strong personal branding online.

5.      Sell Your Expertise. 80% of our forte would be knowledge and 20% would be our expertise. Make others want your expertise after you have shared your knowledge. Customize the knowledge to their problem with unique solution is always a sure way to sell. Selling your expertise through electronic newsletter is acceptable as long as it happens once every 5 times.

6.      Support Your Community. Be available in as many places as you can initially. You will not know where and who your potential customers will come from. Create a portal of sort to gather them in one place so that you can do targeted customer engagement in the future. A lot of marketers have no problem generating interest, but sustaining interest is another ball game altogether.

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Give some Thought to your Buzz, ThoughtBuzz will help you make sense of the Buzz on Social Media – Andrew Chow


Social Media Monitoring of your Brand

Frequently, in my social media corporate training, I emphasize the point that social media monitoring and feedback is the only function with social media strategy a company should outsource. This is to maintain objectivity and helps to broaden our scope of living in our own box and failing to observe the world around us.

Companies should engage specialists with advanced monitoring tools and targeted reporting. One such tool in the market is ThoughtBuzzwww.thoughtbuzz.net which may be your answer.

  • Be Informed – ThoughtBuzz helps determine what’s important, and what’s not. It has  analytical and segmentation capabilities so you only pick up what’s relevant to you and your business.
  • Be Empowered – With ThoughtBuzz, you can make timely, informed strategic decisions to win in the marketplace and know what customers think about your brand, and your competitor’s.
  • Be Engaged – With ThoughtBuzz, B2C Companies can actively dialogue with consumers, discussing their brand and effectively manage their online reputation.

ThoughtBuzz: Making sense of the Buzz

ThoughtBuzz enables you to cut through all the unnecessary chatter and get right to the heart of the matter – providing you with information that is specific and relevant to you and your brand. This easy-to-use web-based tool enables you to automatically sift through all the chatter that accumulates on social networking services – disregarding those that have no value, while providing you with the sentiment of each comment made, together with a detailed analysis of where most of your ‘buzz’ originated from, in terms of tweets, facebook posts, blogs etc.

The reason for such detailed reporting? ThoughtBuzz understands the power of social media and the effect, both positive and negative, that it has on a brand. Social Media is quite literally the voice of the masses and ignoring these voices can only result in a public relations disaster.

In short, eventually, ThoughtBuzz helps to shape your Business into a Brand which creates the right Buzz

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Developing Brand Ambassadors for Hong Kah Point through Social Media Journalists : Bloggers

The importance of Social Media for Business

Social media brings about a fundamental shift in communications from corporate to peers (social networking)

It’s no longer about brands crafting key messages through public relations or creating a punchline for marketing. It is about social influence and advocate from a 3rd party’s voice that bring about credibility and mindshare.

Developing Social Brand Ambassadors will be a thriving trend in marketing in 2011. It will require a serious budget allocation along with other marketing initiatives.

No longer will any advertisement be complete without the presence of social media platform for crowd sourcing or immediate response.

What are imperative for social media implementation to be successful ?

In order for social implementation to be successful, there are 8 main areas an organisation need to examine before taking the plunge :

  • senior management buy-in
  • social media knowledge level
  • existing customer engagement level
  • competitive insight level
  • staff and resources allocation
  • what are the plans and channels selected
  • the presence of process documentation
  • governance and measurement control

The Story of Heartland Fiesta 2011

Below is the case study of Heartland Fiesta (1-28 May), am initiative by Bole Business Consultancy. (www.myheartland.com.sg). It’s objective is to bring back the spirit of heartland centres’ vibrancy through Eat, Shop and Play concept. Already into its 3rd year in 2011, it can no loner create the same buzz through traditional media like TV, radio and newspaper advertisement.

Even with the creation of the fan page, there is a need to create awareness through strong advocate (aka. social media celebrities).  This problem is compounded by the fact that many neighbourhood centres in various parts of Singapore are involved. It is a social campaign and needed social celebrities to get involved.

The Neighbourhood  Centres:

  • Toa Payoh Central
  • Bishan Town Centre
  • Teck Whye Neighbourhood Centre
  • Jurong West N5 Neighbourhood Centre (Hong Kah Point)
  • People’s Park
  • Tampines Neighbourhood Centre 4

The beginning of the Journey : Hong Kah Point

Very few Singaporeans even for those living in the West know where is Hong Kah Point. Many thought it is a mall, or a building where the town council is. It is in fact a serious of 10 HDB blocks locating at Jurong West St 51 (Blk 501 – 510). It is also known as “Chinatown of the West”

Selection of social brand ambassadors

The requirement is simple, anyone who lives, eat, play and shop at neighbourhood centres. Social Media is about uniting people with common interest. It is no longer segmenting people based on age, gender, income level or occupation.

The offer - We invited 8 bloggers with a brief summary of Hong Kah Point, 3 weeks before Lunar New Year on Jan 9. To ensure google visibility, we prepare a list of tags to be inserted into their post. Each blogger is given $150 of ang pow to eat, shop and play in Hong Kah Point on 15 Jan from 10am to any time they wish to leave. The mission is to discover the magic and spirit of Hong Kah Point and capture them on blog with pictures, video, montage or even animation. They are free to bring anyone along but the budget to shop remains the same. There will be a competition among them to select the top 3 blog. The criteria is a) Content b) Creativity c) Vote. The prize is cash money :

  • 1st Prize – $300
  • 2nd Prize – $200
  • 3rd Prize – $100

15 Jan, 2011 @ Hong Kah Point Blk 504

On 15 jan, after some briefing with a map, Mr Kelvin Tan, Secretary of the Hong Kah Shop Proprietors’ Association gave out the ang pow to 8 happy bloggers. They are :

Their blogs for the Hong Kah Point Shopping trips are as follows:


Honorable Mention

Google Search

1. On 30 Jan 2011, 10 days after closing of submission

2. On 23 Feb, 30 days after closing of submission

Conclusion :

  • Results
    • The fan base of the page increase 100% in 2 weeks
    • Google ranking improved and stay consistent after one month
    • More than 500 pictures were added.
  • Social Media readiness
    • Senior Management Buy-in – Both the management and staff were supportive of the social campaign
    • Social Media Knowledge - All key staff are administrators of the page
    • Existing customer engagement level – Most micro business owners have yet to catch on the social media fire, but the younger generation living in neighbourhood centres are more aware of Hong Kah Point
    • Competitive insight level – In this case study, there was no competitors of a similar business
    • Staff and resources allocation – Staff planning and consultancy were needed and fund for shopping and prizes were also allocated.
    • What are the plans and channels selected – Only Facebook and Bloggers were engaged this time
    • the presence of process documentation – It is not integrated to other marketing initiatives except for press advertisement
    • governance and measurement control – As this is the pilot initiative, the governance is entirely depended on the discretion of the consultant
  • More projects are under way – those who are bloggers and keen to partcipate in the next shopping.blogging trip, please contact Andrew Chow – andrew@ideamart.com.sg
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Leveraging on Social Media Workshop

More information : http://hrmskills.com/socialmedia/

Leveraging on Social Media Workshop

28 January 2011, – Hotel Grand Pacific


Social Media is fundamentally transformative and is rapidly evolving the architecture of business, communications, and the dissemination of information and influence.

Today, there are businesses that engage in social media and those that do not. Those at least experimenting with the formidable, yet shifting landscape of intelligence and communication are learning how to adapt and connect in a new world of conversation, networking, and influence. Those that have yet to evaluate the opportunities and advantages for socialized marketing, service, sales, and branding will find it increasingly difficult to learn, adapt, and magnetize customers, prospects as well as their influencers

In this one day workshop, participants will learn about:

# The Social Media Landscape – Content, Conversation and Communities
# The Social Media Strategy Map – The Art of Getting Your Company ready for Social Media
# The Social Media Engagement Cycle – Join, Create, Share, Interact, Monitor, Listen


  • Introduction of Social Media
  • Establish your network by mastering social networking tools like Facebook & Linkedin
  • Communicate your brand by publishing on media sharing platforms
  • Share your contents through News & Bookmarking tools
  • Engaging all stakeholders through Micro-Blogging
  • Master the Art of Blogging
  • Monitor your brand through syndication and aggregation
  • Benefits of Attending

  • Developing a social media (blogging, podcasting, wikis, etc.) strategy to drive performance-based communications
  • Integrating social media tools into your internal and external communications practices
  • Communicating more effectively and efficiently through the use of social media (blogs, podcasts, Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds, video podcasts, and much more)
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your social media strategy and determining its value within your organization
  • Gaining inside knowledge of social media and why it is a crucial addition to your communication arsenal
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    Walking with Dinosaurs – A Small step for Andrew, A Big Leap in using Social Brand Ambassadors

    Who says “Walking with Dinosaurs” is just for children? The adults love them just as much especially when they stand 9m tall with heads almost touching the ceiling of the Singapore Indoor Stadium. On 1 Dec, 4000 people were among the very first group to watch the international acclaimed theatrical production – Walking with Dinosaurs. It was here in Singapore for 20 shows in 12 days (2 days break)

    It is also the first time, a international company has budget for social media brand management and my company was awarded to manage the social campaign for 3 months. My allotment was 200 tickets, about 5% of the entire stadium on the very first night. 40% of them were given to charity (yes, I believe we are blessed to be a blessing to others).

    Some of the VIPs created many wonderful user-generated content which help to promote Walking with Dinosaurs. The show ended just last weekend will be in Hong Kong from 22 Dec – 2 Jan.

    This is the first time I have activated so many social brand ambassadors and the result has been great! Social business should leverage on social media for effective marketing and positioning.

    It was such a good show that even our Prime Minister Lee and wife went on 11/12 to watch it

    My VIP list on 1 Dec includes:

    1. Merry Riana and family (check out her youtube video on Walking with Dinosaurs)

    2. Magicbabe, JC Sum and Adeline

    3. My good friend and great portrait artist Ocean and family

    4. Joe Augustin and family

    5. Aaron and family

    6. Valerie Song and family

    7. Samson and family

    8. Annie Chan and friend

    9. Estelle and friends ( Check out her home-made “promotional” video)

    10. Willy Foo and friends (check out Willy’s wonderful pictures on Walking with Dinosaurs which I think is one of the best)

    11. Karen Goh and family

    12. Jenny Liew and family

    13. Ellian and family

    14. Gladys Chung and partner

    15. Sharon Tan and partner

    16. Valentine Low

    17. Felicia Wang

    18. Gavin Choo

    19. Gin Wong (check out her blog)

    20 Danny Pang & Family

    21. Sebestian and girlfriend

    22. Eric Feng and friend

    23. James Leong (my NLP instructor) and family

    24. Simon Foo and family

    25. Cris Lu and her mother

    26. Timothy and family + relatives

    27. Last but not least my mother


    1. Bole Business Consultancy (proud owner of www.myheartland.com.sg)


    1. Staff and client of Young Women Christian Association

    2. Staff and client of Student Care Services

    3. Staff and client of Lutheran Community Care Services + 2 lucky draw winners from 19 Nov Golf event.

    4. Staff and client of Singapore After Care Association

    5. Staff and client of WINGS

    6. Staff and client of Restroom Association of Singapore

    7. Staff and client of B Well

    Here are some of them captured on pictures


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    Andrew becomes an associate trainer in SCCCI

    Developing a Winsome Social Media Strategy for SMEs

    Date: 18 August 2010, Wednesday
    Time: 9am-5pm (Registration starts at 8.30am)
    Venue: SCCCI Conference Room, Level 2,
    47 Hill Street
    Fee: SCCCI Member-$180; Non-member-$200

    Learn about:
     Overview of New Media : Content, Conversion & Communities
     Aligning new media strategy to its business strategy
     Identifying different applications for different information
     Mastering the art of conversation, instead of campaign
     Adhering to best practices and landscape of social media

    [slideshare id=4864527&doc=20100818socialmediaworkshop-100729061035-phpapp02&type=d]

    Implementing a Winning Social Media Strategy for your Organisation

    Date: 19 August 2010, Thursday
    Time: 9am-5pm (Registration starts at 8.30am)
    Venue: SCCCI Conference Room, Level 2,
    47 Hill Street
    Fee: SCCCI Member-$180; Non-member-$200

    Learn about:
     Planning the social media presence of your organisation
     Implementing the plan with right platforms and content management
     Monitoring the feedback and on different tools

    [slideshare id=4864528&doc=20100819socialmediaworkshop-100729061049-phpapp02&type=d]

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