20% increase in participation rate for social events during Christmas season leading to Lunar New Year

This is the last interview of myself by Shin Min, a local Mandarin press on the increase in interest for social events during Dec and Christmas season leading to Lunar New Year.

There is generally an increase of 20% in participation rate for most social events. This is due to the fact that many are clearing leaves, winding down for the year end and in anticipation to more questions from relatives on when they are getting married.


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“New Way to find Love” – Urban – 291010

My good friend Gladys Chung from Straits Times’ URBAN did a great job today by producing a great story on 5 types of singles:

1. Not-so-desperate singles
2. Stuck-in-a-rut singles
3. Budget singles
4. Busy Bee singles
5. Clueless singles

Along with 3 other dating agencies’ owner, my comments as a Relationship Coach were published. Check this out!

20101029-Urban Pg 16

20101029-Urban Pg 17

20101029-Urban Pg 18

My another good friend – Ezen Ho was recommended for Styling Makeover. Gladys did a great job again!

20101029-Urban Pg 19

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Ask The Expert : The Date Coach – Andrew Chow

STUDIES have shown that late marriage is a becoming common phenomenon in modern, developed countries. Singapore, Korea, Japan are three of the worst hit countries in Asia, and Malaysia is fast becoming the infamous  4th. The more developed a country, the higher the mean age for marriage. So where do lonely hearts go? Besides the normal channels of finding love through internet and dating agencies, now there is a new opportunity to “fish” for a partner in the high seas at the upcoming Singles Cruise Asia, happening from Dec 6-10.

The five day event organised Casa de Latinos and Scasia Sdn Bhd will take participants from Singapore to Malaysia, Phuket and back with lots of fun activities and social skills workshops to help participants find their love match.

Date Coach Andrew Chow who will be speaking on social and dating skills at the cruise, said this is the first time  they are organising it for singles from 2-3 different countries. “We are confident the content of the programme will give our singles a lot of insight, skills, and knowledge to make more intelligent love decisions in the future.”

Chow who has been a dating coach for five years said it all started in 2005 when he was tasked to manage Singapore government’s campaign – Romancing Singapore. “I see my role not so much as an event organiser, but a life coach to empower people to approach relationship the right way. I was already doing a lot of corporate match making activities like exhibitions and conferences when I started Ideamart in 1994, so doing singles events just require some skills transfer for me.”

Giving frank advice on building lasting relationship, Chow said the golden key is to seek first to understand than be understood, as the qualities of a soul mate involves the connection of Mind, Will and Emotions. “The most importance truth isn’t to “Look for the Right One but Being the Right One.”

It is fair to say one must put in some effort and consistency to succeed in the dating game. Taking time to prepare yourself to be the right person is “sowing”, attracting the right one is the “reaping.” Chow said there is always a time and season for everything, “Start early in life. Meet more people even when you are not actively looking. In certain periods, some things you do will reap more easily than usual. You shouldn’t try too hard, neither should you not try at all. However, do not spend more than 2-3 years on casual dating relationship. If you feel the relationship is going nowhere, it is time to change course.“

Commenting further on the upcoming Single Cruise Asia as an effective platform for singles to meet, Chow said: “Cruise is always associated to romance and wonderful encounters. Imagine spending a few days at high sea with the sun, sand, and surf; the stars and the scent of romance all over like-minded people? With a group of fellow singletons, you get to spend quality time with almost everyone through groups, ice breakers, games, dinners, parties, workshops, etc. It is like having a quality date with so many people over just a few days,

“With an isolated environment and external communication limited, your  focus is on people through different programmes. You get the chance to learn great life skills, self-reflection and networking. It is the best possible hybrid situation of a holiday and social interaction opportunity”.

In this Q&A, we find out why Chow is passionate about helping people find their soul mates, and what are the practical steps they can improve their romantic luck.

Q: Do you believe in love  at first sight?

Chemistry is a must in any relationship even in business. There must be a certain degree of physical attraction to each other. Having said that, you still need to learn to relate, to nurture and to empower each other in every way. Match making events are just a channel. People need to take ownership of their destiny and build on the relationship. The return on investment for love is either zero or infinite. You can’t love without the risk of being hurt. There will be pain as there will be gain. No one is too old to look for love. As long as you know there is someone out there for you, you must keep searching.

Q: If there are many fishes in the ocean, why is it a challenge to find a soul mate?

The abundance of choices make decision making for a life partner difficult. Most people do not have a true objective perception of themselves. When they do not know what they want, they end up wasting time dating the wrong person over extended period of time. Another reason is the concept of comfort zone. Some people say: “When it comes, it comes!” Singles need to be more proactive or nothing much will happen in their social life.

Q: How effective are dating agencies?

There are many experts in our fields coaching singles what to do on dates, how to impress and when to ask the right questions etc. While all these are good, they only help to break the ice and create a good first impression. However, what comes after that? Many of us are not taught how to maintain a good relationship, how to communicate, how to choose a partners, how to help each other with blind spots. Most singles will quit once they experience first sign of conflict in their relationship; and this is usually after the “honeymoon” period where the real deal of a dating relationship sets in.

Q: What are the challenges faced by women in the dating scene?

Women are more motivated to improve and be upgraded in their personal and professional life. It is only natural they want to look for men on par with them. Over the last few decades, women have progressed in their thinking and motivation. Basically, no woman will want a man whom she can’t respect and be submitted to. All of us have a role to play: The role of a man is to rise up to is potential of being the Point-Man, Protector and Provider. The role of a woman is to be the best Cheer-leader, know when to be the woman behind your man and when to be the neck that turns the head.

Q: Name some criteria in finding a right partner.

Find out the person’s character rather than be attracted just to his or her personality; Make sure he or she is someone committed to personal growth; Choose someone who isn’t emotional shut-down; Integrity is importance, even over the smallest thing; Though chemistry is needed for any relationship to work, make sure chemistry isn’t the only thing that you have in common.

For more information about Singles Cruise Asia go to www.singlescruiseasia.com, and to find out more about Andrew visit his website www.andrewchow.sg


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Beauties date the beasts (Beauty: Blessing or curse Pt 4)

It seems more common to see beautiful women going out with Average Joes these days. Unfortunately, the reverse doesn’t seem to be happening!


The same journalist – Shi Ting posted this on Straitimes.com and amazing it was retweeted almost 30 times within 24 hours.

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What Single Women want

What Single Women want

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By Melissa Tan

Trade one’s independence for a husband and motherhood?

There are some who may scoff at the idea.

But there are also many single Singaporean women who are looking for love, but haven’t quite found it yet.

So just what do single women want these days?

35 year old Miss Goh says she will keep looking for Mr Right till she turns 40.

Although she has met men whom she has clicked with, Mr Right is yet to come by.

“For me, chemistry is very important. And after chemistry it will be the personality, the financial stability, so on and so forth. But it always turns out that the one I have chemistry with always turns out to be the wrong type of guy, who is not suitable or who is not actually looking to settle down.”

I asked Miss Goh what type of man she is looking for.

” Somebody who is responsible, capable and basically a family man.”

Some may say she is fussy, and to a certain extent, she believes she is.

“I will not get married just to get married. I think I will join and get support from my single friends. I guess friends and career does help.”

35 year old Min Zhen, who is also single, says her perception of what a stable relationship entails has changed over the years.

” At this age, I guess we are more mature, we are also more independent, so our criteria when we are looking for a life partner differs very very hugely from when we are 25.  I would say that I would prefer to depend on my man, not the other way round, or at par. So if this gentleman, he has a good heart, a good character and a stable career, then I would look forward to settling down with him. But say if he is not stable in his career for example, then I will not consider.”

A recent survey conducted by dating agency Table for Six, showed that single women are quite often attracted to the wrong men.

23 percent of the respondents felt that way.

But Miss MinZhen and Miss Goh say most of the men they meet and are attracted to are already spoken for.

” Probably at my age, most of the guys who are my age or older are married. This is one of the factors in that sense.”

“And also, talking about men of our same age, 30, 35 or even 38, most of them are already attached, because men don’t believe in marrying late I think.”

But Miss MinZhen adds age should not be a barrier.

” As long as you are not looking to give birth, at that age I think you are fine. And I think there are people, not necessarily local men, there are people who don’t mind getting married at that age, just for companionship.”

Andrew Chow, founder of Table for Six, says his dating agency has always seen a demand for single men above the age of 35.

” But unfortunately we are not always able to find the right match, for the guys in terms of age. Because most guys of this age will be looking for younger women.”

His agency advises the women to revisit their requirements and consider someone younger.

“Because women who are 35, 40, 45, at a certain age they do prefer younger men. Trouble is, we need to find younger men who appreciate older women. I think there is a trend where younger men are going with older women. I see that even in the younger age bracket of between 25 and 30 years old. It seems that the women are now on average two to four years older than their male counterparts.”

The survey also found that 55 percent of single women will give up looking for a life partner by the age of 40.

One reason for this may be they then face less social pressure to get married.

Table for Six’s Andrew.

” Honestly, if you ask me, I think there has been a shift in the last three, four years. I think the pressure to get married is not as strong as say 2005. Nowadays women they have other back up plans, they have lots of other options to keep them gainfully engaged in life, other than a life partner. Women are quite happy, even if they have to stay single. They won’t settle for second best.”

Lydia Gan is the Owner of Clique Wise, a dating agency that runs social events for singles every weekend.

” Nowadays people just accept it that if you don’t get married, then maybe it’s a choice la. But in the past it wasn’t a choice. At least nowadays we still can say oh I haven’t found the right one, I choose to be single… people still respect that.”

The survey showed that 24 percent would look to engage in social work should they not find a life partner.

Another 22 percent said they would probably work past their retirement age, and 13 percent said that would find a companion with no marriage in mind.

So with women becoming more independent financially and otherwise, perhaps it is no surprise that many say that they can find meaningful ways to engage themselves – with or without a married partner.

Just like MinZhen.

“I’m an individual who can earn my own keep. If I can’t find a life partner, then so be it. I have lots and lots of friends. Even the married ones, we do catch up once in a while, so its not a big deal.”

Click here to hear it on podcast

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Interviewed by International Celebrity Host – Ian Wright for Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel was in Singapore to do a 10-day story and the last episode is about “Finding Mr Right”.

Table For Six LLP was honored to be approached to be featured and interviewed for our singles gathering – “Extreme Speed Dating”.

The Program will be out in Nov/Dec 2010 on Discovery Channel. See how I spar with Ian Wright, one of the most beloved host in the world.

Espressoul Cafe was the proud sponsor of the event and kudos to Mr Danny Pang, the Founder of the Cafe chain

See Danny’s blog here – http://blog.omy.sg/ezprezzo/2010/05/19/coffee-and-singles/

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A Pitch for Potential Partners and Sponsors for Movie Event MarketingDi

This is my basic presentation to potential partners and sponsors of our Movie Dinner and Wine event for singles on 30 April 2010, organised by Table For Six LLP.

The main sponsors were Sony Pictures and Cathay Cineplexes

[slideshare id=3698692&doc=backupplan-100412084903-phpapp02]

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