How to implement a Social Media Readiness Assessment of your company

There are 8 key categories of 42 Best Practices each to answer before any company wish to fully embark on using social media to connect with the public. Senior Management Senior Management is interested in leveraging Social Media as a new marketing channel Senior Management understands that Social Media is a long term priority Senior […]

Social Media and Charity are made for each other

In my VCF-approved training for VWOs/Charity/NPOs, I am often told the biggest obstacle for Volunteer Welfare Organisations (VWOs) is the lack of support/approval from top management. Social Media is utilised in the west for raising awareness, encouraging volunteerism and increasing donation. The best VWO I find which is the fore-runner on the social media applications […]

What Klout says about Twitter account : Andrewkwchow

About Klout Score The Klout Score is a numerical representation of the size and strength of a person’s sphere of influence on Twitter. The scores range from 1-100 with higher scores representing a wider and stronger sphere of influence. The Klout Score is a factor of over 25 variables broken into three categories; True Reach, […]

Become a fan of IdeasAndrew, the coach for Personal Branding, Public Relations and Social Media

Become a fan of IdeasAndrew, the coach for Personal Branding, Public Relations and Social Media – a.       Social Networking 1.       Facebook – 2.       Windows Live – b.      Business Networking 1.       Linkedin – 2.       Plaxo 3.       Ning – 4.       Skype – ideasandrew c.       Social Media Sharing 1.       Flickr Collection  – […]

Interesting Statistics about the Social Media

Let me share with you some interesting statistics regarding the pervasive reach of social media in Singapore and the world. There are 2.4million facebook accounts registered in Singapore It will take you 500 years to finish watching all the videos on youtube today 1 in 8 married couples in America met through social media sites […]