Three Best Seller

Three Best Seller

The three best sellers make up the Collector’s Item for 247 series. They are Social Media 247, Public Relations 247, and Personal Branding 247.

Best Seller: Social Media 247

Social media in business is no longer a choice. The advent of social media has resulted in a fundamental shift in how people communicate and interact with one another on the internet.

This has a major impact on business communication, practices, and processes. Social Media 247 is about how businesses can take advantage of this communication revolution to engage with customers, boost customer loyalty, and empower the community to be brand ambassadors.

Best Seller: Public Relations 247

Public Relations helps you build visibility, credibility and interest for you and your business. Many small business owners hope to generate buzz and media publicity, but feel intimidated or do not know where to begin. This arises from the common misconception that media publicity is exclusive to companies with big budgets to employ corporate communications specialists or engage PR agencies.

The truth is, regardless of the size of your company, you too can create media publicity once you master the art and science behind PR. It all starts with crafting an effective pitch, which is a combination of understanding your brand essence and adding a dose of creativity and flair. An insight into what is considered newsworthy and what the media is looking out for will increase your odds of having a successful pitch and generating the publicity you and your business truly deserve.

Best Seller: Personal Branding 247

“Personal Branding within your inner circle is really about what most of them will say whenever your name is mentioned in a conversation”

  • Personal Branding Audit. Personal Branding starts with knowing core value, belief and life mission. Your skills and knowledge are merely icing on the cake. Identifying opportunities and leveraging them with your strength is the first step to success. Identifying the gap between your destination and your current situation is essential for a personal branding strategy road map.
  • Personal Branding Strategy. Who are you externally and internally? What do you do best which no one else is aware of current? How should you go about developing your uniqueness? Where should you be spending more time and resources on self-improvement?
  • Personal Branding Communication. Which is the best way to display your personal branding? Social media is just one of the many avenues. Are you comfortable with writing? How about writing a blog or even a book? Are you at ease to do public speaking? Are you more inclined to serve in charity? How do you want to be recognised?
Andrew Chow 3 books : Social Media 247, Public Relations 247 and Personal Branding 247
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