How to use Social Media for Sharing (Social Selling) in Business?

  1. Create the right content. No one is keen on content on social media which can be found readily in other places. We need to create content which are concise, emotional and addictive. Duplicate it on different platforms in different format. Check out OCBC Bank –
  2. Manage the overall conversation. Speak authentically, Share freely, Admit mistakes readily, inspire other regularly, Add humor creatively. Be yourself. Be Personable, not being personal. Listen more than you Talk. Agree to disagree. Check out Healing Touch Singapore –
  3. Develop your brand community. Identify your best brand advocate. Request them to practice the 4-step social media rituals. Like, Click, Comment and Share. (LCCS). Facebook evaluates fan pages based on the same criteria. Check out Starbucks –
  4. Collaborate with other stakeholders. Get other business involves. Collaboration is the new competition. Collaboration is about leveraging on each other’s social influence and increase mindshare. Start looking for partners, vendors, distributors and sponsors on social media. Check out Eighteen Chefs –
  5. Install the appropriate control. There is a time and space for everything. If your platforms are created for specific purposes, a house rule is necessary. Anyone who is not following the house rules can have their comments deleted or censored by you. Check out Social Media 247 Book –

Social Media will never become the ultimate replacement of any other Marketing strategies. It must be deployed alongside with all marketing mix. It is the thread that weaves every other effort by the company to reach out to more customers.


Andrew Chow is a Social Media & Public Relations Strategist, Certified Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author in Singapore. Andrew has spoken in many local and regional conferences to on Social Media Strategy, Media Management and Personal Branding, and Enneagram Personality.  His authentic presentation style made him a frequently sought-after keynote speaker. Graduated from Thames Valley University, Andrew is fondly called “ideasandrew” in all his social media connections. He has also founded several social networking portals with over 10,000 profiles.

He is the author of “Romancing the Media for Business”, “Social Media 247” and co-author of “88 Essential Secret for Achieving Greater Success at Work”. (